Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't Even Try To Be On Point & Complete Business This Week!

Don't Even Try To Be On Point &
Complete Business This Week!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

This is the Most Unproductive Work Week in 4 Years... 

The Water Cooler is fed-up with the Political Conversations.  The Local Coffee Shop is loud with opinions and getting a table is so difficult.  Walking to and from work is like a minefield of people on their Smartphones, using their fingers and thumbs to converse and near-misses are common.

It is the week of the Election at long last and lever pulling is an in-thing!

Anticipation is fervent, people are actually conversing more face to face and the disagreement aspect is murderous.  Candidates and the workers have this last day to blow their stacks and then worry, while you go and vote.

The media companies have drained the candidate's bank accounts with television, radio and Internet media buys.  It is now back to normal advertising like car dealerships, drug companies, crappy fast food ads and have you got to call the doctor as you have had an election fever for more than four hours.

Oh for normality!

Tuesday will be a fingernail biting, scotch drinking, and a wine pouring day. Tensions will be high as will most of the population, including Kathy Lee & Hoda, will be seeking relaxation in one form or another!

So you have a choice, go home, drink or sit.  You can be a people watcher at the office or mall if you wish to be so perverted.

I personally am taking a break and watching out for what our maniacal stalker is up to, cleaning the gun, munching on potato chips and later, downing a few beers. 

The television tuned to Fox News, NBC, and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, you have to a mixture of quality programming.

Just a normal day in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Actually waiting for some good news from the prosecutor's office which will piss someone off.  Will inform you of the breaking news and all the details.

Get ready to vote and vote sensibly...

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