Thursday, July 19, 2018

It Only Takes One Mental NutJob…

It Only Takes One MENTAL Nut…
The Streets Are Lined With mental Cases

2018 and the streets of the world are full of nutcases who should be locked within the closed down mental institutions of the world.  Our streets have become the mental wards of our unfortunate past and we grasp and sigh each and every time another senseless act of violence occurs.

Sex offenders litter our society like the cast off chewing gum, peddlers of porn lay at every street corner trying to entrap our children, as if it is Las Vegas Boulevard with the handouts for the strippers and whores.

Poverty is rife in all worldwide cities, which harbor gangs, who prey on the unclean and destitute.  Woman continue to be raped and really, law enforcement, in general, have not a real care.

Guns are everywhere, including with those people that pass background checks for permitting and then, the majority that uses the gun for illegal and illicit means and leaves a trail of blood for CIS to follow and a body to be found.

The do-gooders of the world are in the minority and are normally trampled upon or bullied until they disappear. 

No one wants trouble, it is just that trouble seems to have spread in our society like a dose of the Plague. Hatred is abundant and on every street corner of every city and no matter how we try, it is multiplying at an even greater rate.

Socially, no matter how you look at it, we are in a decline of moral fortitude and are burying our heads in the sand, leaving our arses in the air, which are a larger target for all.

The means to understand and predict is not something of the future, it is here now and has been here for some time.  CommSmart Global knows what is going on, has the capabilities to share its knowledge and assist in the prevention of the decline in our world. 

This is not some marketing hype or fictional movie script, we logically have the approach to be the change agents with our Risk Solution Partner, Lexis Nexis

Our success and history precede us, our private concerns are just that, we do not pit one country or corporation against another, we pit sensible proven solutions against the diabolic problems.

If you are wanting stability in your life, whether it is in your own family, where you have forgotten the art of parenting and your children are running wild. 
Your corporation, where keeping your head above the fray of hiring and keeping personnel, competition and successful marketing are consuming your ability to continue.

As the nation, you as leaders, have forgotten who you were elected by and for what purpose.  In fact, you have stopped listening to the electorate, the people and what they want out of life.

We can and want to help…

The world has lost trust in each other.  Every continent is rife with conflicts, large and small.  It is the ignorance of all that is driving the social wedge between us.  The simplest of things spark adversity and then become insurmountable or so it seems.

It is not!

The lesson to be learned, as in all events in life, is that, you can never please all of the people, all of the time, but you can when you have facts before you.
The means to know what people, the citizens are talking about is a start, listen to the social mediums on a direct level, scraping each word from inside the growing social world of thumbing

Having strong leadership with direct communication skills is an even greater advantage.  Taking the gathered information and analyzing the real-time data, which places you in a next event predictability mode, is an opportunity to be with us, as the change agent.  Not too much to ask when all the elements are at your fingertips.

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Spying, Profiling, Intelligence Gathering or Market Research, Which Is It?

Spying, Profiling, Intelligence 
Gathering or Market Research, 
Which Is It?

No matter who we are, what our station in life is, we are all inquisitive.  It is the voracious appetite for information and the methods we use to attain these facts and the methods we use to satisfy our hunger.

CommSmart Global Group,  are the conduit for the gathering of facts.  We start right at the beginning, the street, among the people of the world.  There is more information that is being missed more than ever.  Just look at the murders by the knife that have plagued the streets of London.  What happened to "Stop & Frisk', with the information gleaned being documented on each individual?

It is the Atmospheric Noise Collection or the Chatter of the Streets where harmless conversation, insider trading information to government anarchists plotting an overthrow of their politicians by violent means takes place. It is just plain down to earth talk, words with different meanings and outcomes.

It is our ability to collect, analyze and report through our proprietary analytic capabilities, which include Next Event Predictability, that has assisted in many differing ways.

From stemming or stopping violent events before they start, to finding out the concerns of the shop floor workers, so management can address the situation before it becomes a major issue that will affect the bottom line.  We work with all, from world governments to corporations on gathering the true facts and reporting.

When you have invented a product or a manufacturing technique, you will protect it via a patent or just by holding the processes as secret information. The inventor has every right to protect their interest.  Others see it as an opportunity to find out more and glean more information regarding your secrets and take a shortcut to their own success.  Yes, attempting to steal your information by any means they can.  It is human nature, just like a dog is never satisfied with its own bone when among a pack, it wants other's bones and will steal, any which way it can.

What rights do we have for information?  Is not what we know, ours and private?  Not according to what is going on in the world today. 

The BBC previously reporting the reports of actions by the good old USA have gone beyond down to earth information gathering, spying!

The BBC stated over the years:

France, Greece, and Italy have been the "targets" of US spying operations, according to the latest files leaked to Britain's Guardian newspaper.

Citing a document by the National Security Agency, it says America's non-European allies were also targeted.

The claim follows a report by Germany's Der Spiegel magazine saying EU offices had been bugged. EU leaders have demanded an explanation from the US.

Fugitive ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden is said to have leaked the documents.

Mr. Snowden - a former contractor for the CIA and the NSA - has since requested asylum from Ecuador. He is currently in Russia, marooned at Moscow's airport after US authorities cancelled his passport.

In response to the allegations in Der Spiegel, senior EU officials, France and Germany have warned warning that relation with America could suffer.

The NSA said the US government would respond through diplomatic channels and discussions with the countries involved.

A little hypocritical don’t you think?  I am not justifying the actions of the USA, but every nation in the world is in on the spying actions, even so, called neutral Switzerland.  Nudge, nudge, say no more, a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man

Yes, it is true every human being has listened to other people’s information, most do nothing about it, but some, well, they will attempt to either sell off to the highest bidder or use for their own gain.

Throughout history, everyone has spied on everyone and it is not going to stop!  When Great Britain was building its new embassy in Moscow, the construction workers, Russians, planted more spying and listening bugs in the building during the construction that everyone thought was possible, the Brits never moved in!

France, stop it, during the French Revolution and World War II you had more spies in more countries than imaginable.  In fact, the French Resistance Movement completed some of the most incredible feats during that war and the outcome would have been so different if it had not happened.

The European Union is shocked at what the American NSA has been doing on spying on the organization.  How naive can you get?  

Mind you, it is an organization comprising of some 28 countries who have mistrusted each other for hundreds of years and now trade with each other.  Has the inter-country spying stopped by them as individual countries?  I think not!

Information is King and will continue on and on…

Shared Information means shared success!

Thank goodness it does, keeping us in business!

Without Listening to the Chatter on the Streets This Can Happen:

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

CommSmart Global Group has the solutions and will discuss how we can assist in all facets of your information security.

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