Thursday, August 3, 2017

Parking Garages & Grand Prix Racing Attitudes

Parking Garages &
Grand Prix Racing Attitudes
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

When one lives downtown and owns a car, you need a parking space, which is a premium.  Our building has no parking, but across the street is this monstrosity of a parking garage and office space.  Price per month, just over a hundred bucks.  Compared to New York City, cheap!

Remember buildings are funded by investors who want every ounce of blood money return from the footprint of the building, fair, right?


Not when you design the building with floor corner turns that are nothing more than dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.  

Even Lewis Hamilton would have an issue!

Drivers who use the parking garage arrive in the morning and circle the floors at high rates of speed, thinking Sebastian Vittel on their rear end, which is brought on by the frustration of driving in heavy traffic on the 'freeway' and congested downtown streets.  They are fighting to get to the coffee pot or smoothie bar to calm their exasperated nerves.

They fail to remember that they might be going up and others are maneuvering from their parking spots to leave the parking garage. I just hope the twain shall never meet! 

The failure of the 'ME Syndrome' on wheels!

The architects are also to blame for bad design of these parking garages.  The county or city building departments that approved the final blue prints are also at fault as they are contributing to a higher risk of an accident occurring as these tight, yes, oh so tight and spacing lacking turns which are driven each morning and evening are attacked.

Now in the evening as those that parked earlier are leaving, are forgetting that people are entering the parking garage as well as these are their 'home' parking spaces.  Those exiting now in a state of 'get me out here' mode, drive the same way as they did in the morning, but more frustrated than the morning by 25% or more.

Anyone who is trying to park in the parking bays is seen as an obstruction to their exiting journey.  Breaking and 'near misses' are witnessed daily!

Just an observation on our attitudes behind the wheel and how we enter the workday.  I wonder what the attitude is from behind the desk of those drivers when they come in contact with their first 'face to face' of the day or phone call?

Parking garages are not an extension of Formula One Racing!

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