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Really Knowing Those That Want To Live In the Western World

Really Knowing Those That Want To Live In the Western World

It seems that the majority of terror attacks are carried out by foreigners, who been granted to enter a country or they have come in illegally.

Immigrants and refugees are so different from the first that came through Ellis Island, New York back in the day.  They came for a future and fulfill their dreams of success in the land of the free.  Yes, freedom and acceptance of what America stood and stands for.

All religions, classes, and creeds entered our shores with checks and balances, which were slim but relied on family information, ethnicity, skill sets, and their humble means to move forward.

Today, the Western world is hated by a whole group of fanatics who have taken a religious ideology with twists and lies to force their ill-gotten mindsets to change the world with disgusting violence, mayhem, and fear.

There is so much written on the ideology of jihadists, especially those associated with the Muslim faith. 

There is a fundamental quarrel advocated by jihadist ideologues and leaders which are that the Muslim world is inundated by objections and injustices, many of which are caused by the Western world.

According to their misguided logic, the United States with the corrupt, oppressive Muslim regimes are two sides of the same coinage. Jihadist leaders warn Muslims not to fall for Western “deceptive” ideas such as democracy and human rights because they are designed to divert the umma (Islamic community) from jihad and ultimately paralyze it.

Ayman al-Zawahiri asserted that the United States has only achieved its interests “by spreading oppression and terrorism at the hands of its allies.” According to al-Zawahiri, Western civilization sings the praises of human rights and liberties as long as such singing serves and benefits its interests. Jihadists have thus determined that jihad is the only path toward sincere change in this world and divine reward in the hereafter. Their jihad, they claim, is to fight to make God’s Law supreme on earth. Only then can all Muslims, rulers, and citizenry, be equally accountable to God’s Law.

A little different to those that have come to America and the Western World before them!

With the prevalence of “Islamic” expressions in contemporary political discourse, it is critical to distinguish between Islamists and jihadists.

Islamists who share with jihadists the belief that Islamic teachings of social justice are the answer to the malaise Muslims face today.  They operate within the political procedures of the state; they often form political parties and advance their agenda through contesting elections. By contrast, jihadists reject the world order of nation-states, believing it to be a continuance of Western expansionism through other means.

This extends to their rejection of political notions such as national sovereignty and any regional or international institutions (such as the Arab League or the United Nations).

Jihadists have instead opted for an exemplary exclusively defined by religious philosophies. Given their rejection of the legitimacy of national and international political norms and institutions, a religious paradigm allows the jihadists to find alternative sources of legitimacy that would make it lawful, in their eyes, to transcend and indeed violate the laws of their home regimes and those of the international community. Such an ideology, as articulated by its adherents, has its strengths, but also harbors within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

To allow anyone into a country we must look at why they want to come in the first place and have in place a method for checks and balances.  Egypt and Australia both have strict guidelines and are quoted by so many.  Sadly they do not go far enough on what they are reviewing of those that wish to enter.  It is a demanded necessity to drill down far deeper on who is who, what are their views, thoughts, and connections. 

This is not being implemented or addressed by anyone in the manner we, CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, have been using since our entry into the second Iraq conflict or a war on terror.

Why is it not in place right now?

Atmospherics was developed by us in war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, CommSmart Global Group has honed the initial skillsets capabilities and expanded the effectiveness and success of these analytic tools, making us all Street Smart

The key concept requiring further examination is that of the atmosphere. Social Media Monitoring is an absolute key today, but categorically useless, unless you have vast data repositories to analyze, both public and of local, regional and national crime data from the arrests and events, that we have and all have to access to.

Additionally, there is few comprehensive, police information sharing consortiums in existences, even after 9-11, that share local police contact data (non-biometric), integrated with RMS/CAD, Jail booking and Criminal Histories (biometric-based) together. To build these systems and participate in multi-agency networks have taken years and many millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of time to develop.  

Furthermore, public data is a level of information that has immense strengths.  Using compliant data and social media allows so much more information to assert positive decisions.  That is we have the repository for enormous use.

In the Arabic or Muslim world, personal information is so limited it is farcical, even for most today!

Arabic names are historically based on a long naming system; most Arabs did not have a given/middle or family names, but a full chain of names. This system was mainly in use throughout Arabia and part of the Levant.

Almost all Arabic-speaking countries (excluding, for example, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain) have now adopted a Westernized way of naming. This is the case for example in the Levant and Maghreb, as well as some North African countries, where French or English conventions are followed (an effect of European colonization), and it is rapidly gaining ground elsewhere.  The database aspect is still way behind in updating the information, which is a total hindrance unless you have been amassing this information.

Also, many Arabs adapt to Western conventions for practical purposes when traveling or when residing in Western countries, constructing a given name/family name model out of their full Arab name, to fit Western expectations and/or visa applications or other official forms and documents. The reverse side to this is when Westerners are asked to supply their first name, father's name, and family name in some Arab visa applications.

The Westernization of an Arab name may require transliteration. Often, one name may be transliterated in several ways (Abdul Rahman, Abdoul Rahman, Abdur Rahman, Abdurahman, Abd al-Rahman, or Abd ar-Rahman), as there is no single accepted Arabic transliteration system. A single individual may try several ways of transliterating his or her name, producing even greater inconsistency. This has resulted in confusion on the part of governments, security agencies, airlines, and others: for example, especially since 9/11, persons with names written similarly to those of suspected terrorists have been detained.

No More!

Proven capabilities for governments and law enforcement to know who is who and what and whom we are dealing with.

Verification Information Portfolio (V.I.P) is the underlying vetting procedure with all known data and information on persons.  Registered, public and social attributes all connected through our Link Analysis.

It is a Virtual Center, in fact already used successfully by law enforcement as a Virtual Crime Center.  It goes so much further than what is in place today and is operational in an extremely effective time frame, with an investment factor which is acceptable by all.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers & management, U.S. Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders on staff with a compliment of analytical and social media staff.

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.
Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement or government agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can discuss and demonstrate.
Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand, afterward, you will understand why.

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Co-operation of the Public is for the Safety of All

Co-operation of the Public
is for the Safety of All

Sir Robert Peel's, Nine Peelian Principles

#4         To recognise always that the extent to which the co-operation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives.

Consequences in life are never-ending and this #4 Peelian Principle is that everyday use of force and coercion by police is an indication of the degree of public support or lack thereof.  
The majority of police agencies in the U.K. and North America have adopted policies that employ a use of force continuum.  The continuum lists the various use of force options available to police and the accompanying policy outlines the process police should employ to determine the appropriate level of force to use. 

The range spans possibilities that range from the initial verbal instructions or commands to the use of deadly force at the other extreme of the gamut.  

Between those two options fall a variety of other alternatives depending on the training and policy of a particular police agency.  The continuum can include soft empty handed control, joint manipulation, pain causing techniques, non-lethal weapons such as batons, pepper spray, and conducted energy devices, and then, a deadly force which involves the use of firearms. 

What this fourth principle lays out is that a lack of public cooperation will demand not only more frequent but also an advanced level of force and pressure by police.  

The more frequent use of Tasers and other ‘intermediate’ weapons has been adopted by agencies, with many police officers now on the streets having never policed without such options.  It may be a mindset reinforced by training. 

Current training may prompt officers to resort to Tasers more quickly than police officers would have resorted to physical force or the use of a baton in the past. 

The question asked so many times over the years and more so now, is why are more people shot dead by police officers?  No, they are not ‘gun-happy’!  

Those that break the law and go to the extreme of violence whilst being arrested or challenged are endangering the officer and many law scoffers of this ilk, carry guns and knives.  

Officers are highly trained for these situations. 

The fact is training is not a reality!  In the real world in milliseconds, decisions have to be taken and made. How many times have we heard, “we did they not shoot him in the arm or leg and kill him”?  

Those type of shots are luck shots and not typical in the heat of the moment. 

Even the Taser does not stop all!

The public has to understand that a police officer when commands you do something, obey under the letter of all agreed laws.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner believe firmly that Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today after 189 years of existence.  Of course, there are differences and the main one is the use of technology alongside these principles.  That is why we will introduce the 10th Peelian Principle at the conclusion of this series.

Social media interactions are so important and CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner understand the finger & thumbs approach of communicating using for calls for action of the public.

There lies a massive improvement in the approval of the public, they have a direct link without dialing digits.  They hide behind a Smartphone or tablet/computer screen and the dialogue is honest, deceiving and all with information that was never there before.

Here lie CommSmart Global Groups abilities to know all that is being said and stated via social media with compliant social media monitoring, with crime/predictive analytics and community crime mapping.  This can be enabled within your agencies now!

This, not something that has just been invented and so new it is still in a ‘beta phase’, we have 21 years of creating, refining and success, second to none.

What is our difference and why we can bring back the Trust, Respect, and Honor to policing is virtually simple, we converse, coach, mentor and enable through our software, global databases all with full professional services that work alongside you to fully understand the methods and you attain results immediately and grow a whole new way of public interaction and accomplishment.

Working hand in hand with warranted and sworn officers in all departments, enabling information at the fingertips on the street, improving officer safety.
Let us not forget the important analyst who can share your information and glean even more information to solve those crimes.

Make CommSmart Global Group you Crime Link Analysis across the board with our Virtual Crime Center Solution.


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What Does Being "KNOWN' By The Police Really Mean?

What Does Being "KNOWN' By The Police Really Mean?

Today's incident in London shows yet again that the attacker was unknown to the police.

Last year (2017) we talked about this man, the 'Bucket Bomber' was known and released several weeks ago!  Society has changed and deals in slipt second decisions without all the facts!

It is a digital age and not one of 'Go Fish' for information, law enforcement MUST change to a data/information repository as we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner have developed and is in effect in the USA!

It is Now!  LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution)  More information than ever on subjects who have been linked with law enforcement, via a traffic stop or some criminal activity.  Instantaneous information like never before!

The Triangulation of Digital Policing & Crime Fighting (Read)

This killer also was also known but had broken no laws. he legally purchased guns and ammo and had been visited by law enforcement for discharging a firearm at his house.  He had broken no laws but is daily actions for months were strange.

Is being strange against the law?  Depends on what you mean by strange! People must report concerns there is no time to evaluate when guns and bombs are going off!

Confirmed reports of at least one of the Islamist terrorist from the London Bridge Murders was "KNOWN" to the local police and Counterterrorism Units. Simply meaning a connection to others, events, conversation or writings associate the individual with known terror or criminal sympathizers.

Even documentary footage has been found and his words of support for Islamic ideology have now been uncovered.  


The police forces of the world cannot and never will be everywhere and all knowing.  It is impossible, that is why we must have our SNITCHERS, GRASSES, and INFORMANTS

The world turns and revolves on an information and a communication chain. Right hand knowing what the left hand is doing, you know the routine.

There is a major concern that we must be "Politically Correct" in our actions and words when it comes to Peoples Rights.  Wrong, when life and limb are concerned, whatever means necessary must taken to protect all.

Words of politicians such as "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" or "THE BLOODSHED MUST END" are all well and good, but do nothing for the real issues of those that are inciting and recruiting others to carry out terror attacks on human beings globally.

Religious leaders who preach hate and death to others must be stopped, removed from their pulpits and charged accordingly to the laws of the land. They are as guilty as the suicide bomber, knife welding jihadist or bomb maker.

Political Correctness has no place in today's bloody world!

So being "KNOWN" is common practice among Islamist Terrorists, just like the "KNOWN" figures in the IRA (Irish Republican Army).  Back in the heyday of IRA bombings, we knew who was in the leadership and responsible for killings and were politically gagged in doing the right thing.  Some of those today are now in governmental leadership positions and still organizing!

Fighting terrorism with both hands tied behind your back is not ever going to be successful.  The hands must be "FREE" enabling proactive sequences to stop these morons with their supposed righteous ideology and cultural messages of hate.

These are not empty words of some "do-gooders", we speak with knowledge and proactive authoritative successful actions.  Knowing both sides of the issues and what works and does not work.  As communicators who listen to all and collectively have the abilities to place into action the necessary next moves are available and working already in over 1,000 police agencies.

WE call it ATMOSPHERICS, the Art of Communications and have proved the success in Iraq & Afghanistan in gleaning and gathering solid information and acting upon.  Today, the USA is benefiting from our successes.

For twenty-one years we have been at the forefront of analytics, both criminal and predictive with the full understanding of the social aspects of today's communications tools, "Social Media Interactions".

The time has come to throw away the "FEAR FACTOR" of making the decision on allowing those that have proven track records, for collective criminal and public data.  The third part of the triangulation puzzle, social media, the world of "Fingers & Thumbs", which is how Islamist terrorist communicate.  They must be brought into the daily spotlight of Atmospherics.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has more data at hand, it is billions of records with full link analysis, negating the "go fish" approach of police agencies today.  The U.K. can have full capabilities within months.  Allowing for all information to be securely at the fingertips of those that need to know.  Ensuring more productive actions in these times of reduced budgets, staffing, increased population through refugee movements and overall crime.


These are grave times and need immediate proactive moves, of which we have the solutions and importantly, necessary where-with-all to accomplish the end goals.

We stand in the spotlight, not sharing all that we know in the public view, as the enemy has ears, eyes, and spies.  

So Do WE!

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If You Are Totally Economically Secure, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS!

Where is the Money? 
Recoupeit, Financial Anthropology

We all know it is the make-up of a company, the creators, leaders, designers, daily management and the pure fact, that passion lives within all the staff and their daily tasks, results, and enthusiasm for the client's ultimate objective.

Recoupeit has at its base, the working knowledge from a law enforcement and military perspective of a uniform proactive approach. Understanding human nature in social situations and next event predictability, by using our statistical expertise is at the heart of our success. Knowing the "dark side" and having the empathetic ability to view from the inner perspective has given us the affordable ability to have professional shortcuts and paths to success, in a far more secure manner. It is an art form that is framed with our client's accomplishments and the knowledge, our street-level data information collection, tracking, communications and social techniques, that we stand alone in the financial collections arena for municipalities and commerce. It is about reuniting revenues!

Let us examine the underlying factor of why R
ecoupeit has been so successful and dominates the financial collections market. It is the logical stealth means of assertive collections by using our proven, close to the chest approach, which keeps us under the radar of the debtor. Recoupeit utilizes all governing existing state and federal laws to accomplish our tasks at hand. Recoupeit uses anthropology to garner our and ultimately, your success is far higher of collections of debt. This enables you to supply the services promised to the citizens of your municipality or corporation, completing the financial task at hand.

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of the financial cultures across all of human history, anthropology draws and builds upon knowledge from the social humanities and physical sciences. A central concern of 
Recoupeit's anthropologists is the application of knowledge to the solution of financial human problems. From the first communication with the debtor to the receipt of payment, our concerns are for both parties to the agreement, the debtor, and the debtee. Reputation is of the utmost priority as we represent prestigious clients and have set a standard practice for all.

Recoupeit anthropologists examine social patterns, financial understanding, and practices across cultures, with a special interest in how people live in particular places and how they organize, govern, and create meaning in their lives. A hallmark of socio-cultural anthropology is its concern with similarities and differences, both within and among societies, and its attention to race, sexuality, class, gender, and nationality. Research in socio-cultural financial anthropology is distinguished by its emphasis on participant observation, which involves placing oneself in the research context for extended periods of time to gain a first-hand sense of how local knowledge is put to work in grappling with practical problems of everyday life and with basic philosophical problems of knowledge, truth, power, and justice. Topics of concern to Recoupeit's socio-cultural anthropologists include such areas as health, work, finances, ecology and environment, education and social change.

Recoupeit is part of a group of companies that have for decades been using digital technology, software, and analytics to be ahead of the curve. This means, our clients have the best and innovative services for success.

If you are suffering from economic distress, and who isn't in these arduous times, contact us and share your problems and 
Recoupeit will review your situation and plan on how we can work successfully together for the common goal of reuniting revenues to those that are owed.

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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