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Band-Aids and Bullet Holes Do Not Cut It!

Outsourced Proven Solutions
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, CommSmart US

You cannot have all the expertise in every field!  Admit it, there are companies that have better ideas and solutions that you do.  That is why, excellent, successful corporate owners hire better people than they are.  Surrounding yourself with expert talent and fresh eyes is the sane way to successful business.

Regarding outsourcing, specifically municipalities and public safety they are always concerned with outside companies working with their data and just how secure it will be. 

CommSmart US understands the concern,let us examine the requirements of Public Safety Departments nationwide.  From New York City to Tacoma, Washington, the need for street level information is the same and so are the realities of community and common crimes.  New York City does also have the issues of terrorism, as do other Tier One Cities, but the principles of protection and detection are the same.

Relevant time stamped facts are required and necessary to make those decisions in crime fighting, normally on the spur of the moment.  

Investigations needs are different, but in principle the same.  The data to create the reports, analysis to understand the crime patterns, the ability to track the created analysis and importantly, next event predictability is vital in our time sensitive world, every minute counts and every word in a report is a key.  Sounds hi-tech and not what most police officers are used to having in their crime fighting quiver.  It is not! 

CommSmart US has purposely created the crime analysis solutions with simplicity in mind.  Simple, down to earth and logical solution, which includes digital input from street level.  Yes, your existing information flows directly into the servers, analyzed by your analysis, with our analytic software solutions. Your command staff and officers has access to all the data by computer stations and their Smart Mobile Phones with secure communications and 100% connectivity.

Our philosophy is the simplistic approach of searchable data on entry and the manipulation in virtual real time. This has to be street level data that does not sit in a data silo until someone decides to check on it.  That is wasted information and manpower.  Resources cost money and when the clock is ticking, you better be spending wisely or the budget will be diminished exceedingly quickly.

There is no comparison in our crime analytics solutions, we do not say that as a marketer, it is our clients that tell us this.  Having the solution is one thing, maintaining, servicing and expanding with ongoing needs, is another.  Our client’s in-house analysts are like family and handholding, listening and solving the individuals’ concerns is our forte.  There is never a question that can go unanswered.  We treat all clients the same no matter what criminal activity level their cities are at.

What we achieve analytically in minutes, others take hours and days to complete. Timing is everything in the criminal world, they say the criminal has the technology edge and without first class crime analytics, they do.  What the criminal does not have, is, the Next Event Predictability factor, we allow you to be one step or more ahead the repetitive criminal.  It is our ability to have the facts of the cases in all detail and deciphering the predictive patterns, this allows for your resources to be spent wisely.  Following a suspect is costly and has risk, predicting his next move and being ahead of the curve is sensible and cost effective.  Especially to the use of manpower and budget depletion.

It is the inner workings of our team that is the difference.  Having the majority of your employees and owners being former law enforcement and analysis is the key to our success. We are not IBM or some other data company, we are the CommSmart US with a Circle of Fire that is fueled with street smarts and an understanding of the dark side of the criminal mind.

With our capabilities in crime fighting information solutions, our street level knowledge and innovation, criminals and terrorists are being caught, interrupted in their planning and stopped from achieving their goals.  

Creating crime analytic solutions does not happen overnight, nor in a software team that is, all ones and zeros.  You have to an ingredient beyond this, Street Smarts, the knowledge of the streets, the criminal mindset and be able to encapsulate this within an analytic structure that is usable by all.  Highbrow and secretive is not the answer.

When a public safety department thinks about creating their own crime database, they are restricted in the mindset, as they are looking for the inside looking out and familiarity does you no favors. It is like driving to work the same way every day, you miss things, even new buildings being constructed.  Changing the mindset or using a different route, enables a different perspective and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Look, CommSmart US has the answer and is focused 100% on effective crime fighting security and communications, today, tomorrow and in the future.  Management heads come and go, CommSmart US is constant and focused.  Management does stay in one place and that new broom wants to come in and place his or her DNA on projects, yes change it around and bring their idiosyncrasies.  This results in band-aids over bullet holes, which is not conducive to use of resources or functionality.

If you looking for the edge over crime fighting, look no further, talk to us, understand it is our business, with decades of expertise and future exciting technologies being released each quarter.  CommSmart US is dedicated to assisting spend your hard earned resources wisely.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Directness is a Virtue… No More Hit Or Miss Second Hand News!

No More Hit Or Miss Second Hand News!

Why are you still throwing mud and information at the proverbial anti-social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever was trending last night?

Second hand news does not get results, it is smothered in lies, falsehoods and conjecture!

Directness is a Virtue… Placing relevant information and facts to their Smart Phone, in the palms of the hands of the people that matter.  Sadly, this has been severely lacking?

WHY?  Simply because you listened and followed others that did not have the same purpose of communications and goals in their sights.  It was simple mudslinging hoping that some sticks!

Direct Campaign and Corporate Communications is about those that receive your facts, feelings and important information.  

The Election Campaign mirrors in-depth Brand Marketing and to each candidate nothing else matters.  All is on the line. 

Each and every statement is a life-line and requires, no, demands a two way communication street to each individual who wants to know more.  Not second hand from the news media or the water cooler gathering point.

What does Campaign Connection bring you?

Engage, Excite, Connect

  • You control the software and delivery system
  • One on One Communications
  • Personalized
  • Call For Action
  • Donation Prompts
  • “Live” Streaming!
  • No Buffering and Spinning Wheels…
  •  Freemium or Subscription

There is no other direct connection available and is exactly what is required in this Social or Anti-Social Media Landscape.

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