Friday, July 19, 2019

As the Heat Rises...

As the Heat Rises...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group

The heat is on in more ways than one!  Blistering temperatures that cannot be controlled in the weather conditions or in the political rhetoric.  Neither is good for society and only one is absolutely controllable. Politics is in a mode of hatred globally, creating through agitation and 'in your face' opposition.  

Now we have societal mayhem!

Open transference of information is the only way society will have vital information which is required, all the facts to see why decisions are being made and implemented.  Give citizens more credit and stop worrying that they cannot handle it!

Stop Dumbing Down People!  There are more intelligent people than you think!

Don't get me wrong, there are idiots on both sides of the fence also.

Why would you ask the advice of citizens and then ignore their answers and wishes? 

Do you really think ignoring them is going to get you a gold star in the popularity contest?

People don't want more questions, they want implemented answers, honest answers!  The facts are they can handle it in the majority.  Sure there are those that you can never satisfy or appeased every single time.  

Negativity is at the forefront in the public's eyes and it has increased the concerns which are only resulting in violence against each other.

So much has changed, instant information is in overload and comprehending is even more complexed than ever.  You have your opinion, friends comments and then the media spin from a limited collective perspective.  No wonder we have indecisive fearful decision-makers who are afraid of doing their job correctly. 

CommSmart Global Group has no fear! 

Straight talking is where it is at, in crime-fighting and predictive analytics, which productively enhances law enforcement's capabilities to protect, serve and solve crimes.  It is the proactivity of both of these crime-fighting tools combined with social media interaction that is the proven key!

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Monday, July 15, 2019

The Threat Detector States: We Are All Under Various Threats 24/7/365

The Threat Detector States: We Are All Under Various Threats 24/7/365
By Nicholas Ashton, Police Best Practice

The increasing threat of terrorist activities, rising territorial conflicts, and geopolitical instabilities have led to the rise in the demand for threat detection systems. Also, increasing the need for large-scale surveillance systems at public and commercial places is driving the demand for necessary threat detection equipment and ground-level solutions.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) was first used in Germany in 1942. German scientists developed the technology so that they could monitor the launch of V2 rockets. Later, this kind of video surveillance was seen in use in the United States during the testing of Atomic Bombs. 

A future in which people are monitored continuously was suggested in George Orwell's 1939 dystopian fiction 1984. And although he may have been off on the date, he was definitely onto something with regards to security cameras. Most of us don’t think anything of video surveillance these days; they’re at the bank, on street corners, even in schools, but cameras weren’t always so ubiquitous.

November 5, 1960: Metropolitan Police in the U.K. used two temporary cameras in Trafalgar Square to monitor “Guy Fawkes Day” activity. 1961: Video surveillance system were installed at a London Transport train station. 1964: Liverpool police experiment with four covert CCTV cameras in the city's center.  Just a few of the early days of uses of this everyday technology.

Continuous auditing of CCTV video footage immensely changes the landscape regarding detect threats. Threat detection does not necessarily have to be real-time, and also does not always need costly equipment. For example, during a daily video footage audit of CCTV, one may detect a survey of facilities by individuals which would help in preventing an eventual threat and incident.

It is not just CCTV; it is a myriad of security measures, even as simple as an overheard conversation, reported documented incidents, and actioned.  A real-time network connection of all staff via information sharing and notification with a device we all carry, the Smartphone.

Now, in 2019 it is necessary and demanded to protect us all, especially with so much unfettered access to public and private facilities.  We must know who wishes to enter our buildings with or without permission or an appointment.  Having the ability to know that someone is who they say they and have a set meeting.  It is your Duty of Care to ensure the safety of visitors, employees, and vendors that have access daily.

Sadly, so many CCTV systems have been installed and forgotten.  They are only referred to when an incident happens, and it is a reactionary ‘after the fact’ cumbersome investigation.  Proactive opportunities are presented daily and are missed, which is costly and deadly.

Video surveillance systems are expected to lead the overall threat detection systems market and are expected to grow at the highest rate between 2019 and 2022.  The increasing need for surveillance at commercial places, hotels, event facilities, casinos, cruise lines, industry premises and public avenues is the prime factor, which is leading the demand for CCTV video footage auditing/surveillance systems. Video surveillance recordings are also used for the investigation purpose in many crime scenarios, which is even driving the market for video surveillance systems.

The threat detection systems market is led by the public infrastructure, which is further segmented into airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, shopping malls, education facilities, religious venues, pilgrimages, and others

The high demand for threat detection devices from airports and shopping malls, especially for explosive detectors, video surveillance systems, and biometric systems, is one of the major factors driving the growth of the threat detection systems market for the public infrastructure application. The commercial sector is the second-largest market, and the threat detection systems market for the commercial industry is estimated to grow at the highest rate between 2019 and 2022.

North America holds the largest share of the threat detection systems market, followed by APAC, Europe followed by Canada and Mexico.

What was lacking was a means to be ahead of the curve, or so it was thought!  Not so, CommSmart Global Group and its partners have had available a CCTV Video Footage Auditing Solution and an Interactive Real-Time Information Sharing Solution that has been successful in use for law enforcement for the last three years.

For the security of all being soft and hard targets, the combination for all commercial operations is here, successful and importantly, an investment you can afford. 

An investment you cannot afford not to have!   It is Your Duty of Care Responsibility.


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Sunday, July 14, 2019



No matter which way you turn and no matter what the subject matter, NEGATIVITY Abounds!

Opinions are one thing, that is where you allow both sides to discuss the event or situation, not slam your opinion on the table to silence your detractors.

Politics is a prime example, everything but the truth, and never logical solutions. Anytime you attempt to put down your opponent, using force, that by the way seems to be the method of choice, even if it is accurate or untrue!

Community crime never is the communities problem; it is always how the police have or have not handled it.

The media love and embrace negativity, it makes great headlines and the media or so the called journalist, give legs to the lies and encourage the rhetoric which ends in violence.  Those pictures sell news and make profits in the wrong area.

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