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Update... After a storm, Homeless do not have to be Homeless for long!

by Nick Ashton, Tracometry People

Typhoon Haiyan feared to have killed TEN THOUSAND Filipinos as Vietnam and China now prepare for the worst.

Fox News Update:

Take the latest storm that just struck the Philippines, it has left hundreds of thousands homeless and even ten thousand dead!  A situation that will take years to resolve.  

It does not have to! 

Most of us will never know or feel the desperation of being displaced by a disaster, in losing our homes, goods, chattels and the shear enormity of having lost everything is mind boggling.

Imagine being in the eye of the storm, tornado, earthquake, flooding, fire or a catastrophic terror attack, never being able to go back to the life you had, losing your home and all that you possess. It is happening more and more and empathy is not enough!

No matter what the situation, the Fear Factor has to be reduced and a Comfort Zone established for all to be able to move forward.
The above video will give you the insight of how we achieve that goal.

Tracometry People developed a program to bring Disaster Readiness to an acceptable level and integrate the necessary elements to increase the comfort zone of housing, social comfort and employment to communities.  This includes manufacturing, erecting housing, employing local labor within days and hours of a disaster.

The uniqueness of our Disaster Readiness Housing Solution is simple and logical.  When disaster strikes, no matter what type, housing is a priority, bringing the comfort of a personal roof over the displaced individual’s heads.  This alleviates so many other complex issues and brings back a substantial comfort zone.

The Emergency Housing, which can be permanent or short term is a unique situation as CASTLE – FT Structure USA, the Disaster Readiness Housing manufacturing plant is housed in what we call a Factory in a Box, which can produce approximately 50 Disaster Readiness Housing units per week.  Using local labor it is giving employment to those that need it and gives them a feeling of helping the community in its time of need.

The Disaster Readiness Solution is a proactive method that effectively increases the value of the emergency support and leaves a residual value in the needed housing.

Our Normal Buildings Information:

CASTLE FastTrack design, manufacture and install the structural fabric of buildings up to 13 storeys high.  Our fast track, cost effective environmentally friendly, construction process has been extensively used worldwide for over 20 years.

The CASTLE FastTrack Panel is a truly modern method of construction providing factory-manufactured structural walling solutions.

Our innovative panel is designed and manufactured odd-site, eliminating any on-site cutting!  This results in zero on-site waste, a big plus for any waste management plan.

CASTLE FastTrack Housing do not believe in limiting our offering to the structure.  We also deliver a wide of floor, roof and facade packages to ensure each project meets the unique requirements of our clients.

The CASTLE FastTrack Panel provides:
  • ·      Greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • ·      Easy installation of services – which are surfaced, ensuring the integrity of the panel is not compromised.

The benefits of using the CASTLE FastTrack Panel
  • ·         20 years history of development and construction
  • ·         Air permeability 0.7m3/hrm2 @ 50pa
  • ·         Cost effective
  • ·         Simple structural solution
  • ·         Modern methods of construction
  • ·         Lightweight construction

A Flexible System
  • ·         Suitable for different building types and layouts
  • ·         Designed, manufactured and installed by one company
  • ·    Each unit is an engineered solution with the consistency and accuracy of CAD/CAM factory technology
  • ·         Lightweight construction means less expensive foundations and a less adverse effect on the water table
  • ·         Enables larger building to be constructed on sites with poor ground conditions (i.e. Brownfield Sites)
  • ·         Easy to extend and adapt in the future
  • ·         Speed of installation
  • ·         From design, freeze and order, your panels are ready to be installed within 6 weeks  (Emergency Housing in days)
  • ·         Up to 500m2 can be installed per team, per week
  • ·         No drying out time required with the panel
  • ·         Can be installed in all weathers

Key features
  • ·         Engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality
  • ·         Significantly simplifies on-site construction
  • ·         Zero site waste
  • ·         Installation of panel is not weather dependent
  • ·         Improves construction health and safety
  • ·         Dramatically reduces time on-site
  • ·         As there is no drying out time with the CASTLE FastTrack Panel, internal finishes can be applied sooner
  • ·         Panels can accommodate floor spans of up to 10m
  • ·         Accommodates a wide range of external finishes and cladding – any lightweight facade options can be included
  • ·         A modular system that is easy to customise and extend
  • ·         Fully demountable and reusable
  • ·         20 years proven history and development
  • ·         Life expectancy of 60 years
  • ·         Nationwide network of directly employed workforce
  • ·         The CASTLE FastTrack low rise structure supports concrete floors, beam and block floors and precast floors

  • ·    The most cost effective building system when compared with timber frame, SIPS, cold rolled steel frame systems
  • ·         Rot proof
  • ·         Does not compress under load
  • ·         Insulation does not sag or drop within the panel
  • ·         Unlike timber based systems the CASTLE FastTrack Panel is not affected by temperature or moisture
  • ·         Panel does not move, reducing cracking and nail popping
  • ·         Annual maintenance costs reduced
  • ·         Up to six times quicker to install when compared to traditional block-work
  • ·         Lowest embodied energy versus traditional construction
  • ·         60% reduction of carbon emissions in manufacture and installation compared to traditional block work.
The benefits of working with CASTLE FastTrack are vast. You will be in contract with one company that designs, manufactures and installs! We provide you with one point of contact, one point of responsibility.

Remember, the CASTLE FastTrack system excels in:

Keeping costs down 

  • It’s more cost effective that other SIPS panel systems, timber frame construction, cold rolled steel structures, concrete frame structures and hot rolled steel frame systems. 

Waste Reduction

  • It produces no on-site waste, saving money on skips and giving you the best waste management plan, resulting in cleaner and safer site. 


  • It is the quickest form of construction when the manufacture and installation period is considered. 

Public Disruption Minimum

  • It causes the least disruption to the public in close proximity to the site giving you the best and safest traffic plan. 

Sustainable Building Codes

  • All of the above factors help with achieving the relevant Sustainable Building Codes.
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