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Disagreement and Rejection Might Be For Solid Reasons That Become Known With Intelligence.

Disagreement and Rejection Might Be For 
Solid Reasons That Become Known With Intelligence.
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

In any room on any day, people will agree and disagree and in some cases come to blows.  Passionate opinions are not always the right answers.  Leadership and a final decision maker will upset some and Grumpy might not agree with Doc.

All decisions are serious and our world has issues that focused experts will attempt to influence those that do not have that expertise and cannot see the wood from the trees. 

To name a few is simple:

Bahrain is suffering from a divide between leaders and followers.  The island nation has a royal family which is in the minority as Sunni and the majority of the population is Shite.  Yes, religion again!  Violence is emanating from a very small group of an unhappy few and using their religion to attempt to prove their points.  Sadly they have resorted to violence of the bomb and bullet and have been directed by outside sources from Iran and insurgents.

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, another island nation steeped in history and suffering with gang/insurgency violence.  Believe it or not, it is all about work contracts, drug territory and commercial and political corruption.  What a shock!  Even worse, both the politicians and police have no testicular fortitude to solve the situation.  Why, you may ask!  Graft, payments and a lifestyle they, the top echelon, wish to continue living in.

The concerns are that even outside sources are infiltrating the island and the shipping lanes are still a main highway for smuggling and insurgency.
Ask the former Chief Minister Norman Saunders of the Turks and Caicos Islands, how I worked to close down their cocaine business and resulted in the arrest and conviction in what then was the largest cocaine bust.  (As reported on CBS 60 minutes).  It was all the result of intelligence gathering and following the money trail that resulted in that arrest.

Tracometry People have the street level information, expertise and ability to resolve their issues with them.

Syria and the rest of the Western world.   Atrocities will not be tolerated!  The Assad regime is under extreme pressure in being charged, but yet to be proven in the gassing of its own people.  Some are stating that warmongers, Great Britain the United States of America are too quick to send an attacking force to teach this manic a lesson.  It is not a lesson that is required, it is the extraction of the problem that must be completed swiftly. 

Syria is a nomadic nation and not to be confused with a Western civilization.  It is tribal as all the Arab world is and will always be.  It is disgusting what Assad and his Generals are doing to their people. Is it the Generals that are leading the charge of genocide?  Assad’s family have been refuse exit visas over the last few months and we must wonder what is really going on.

As of last night the British Parliament voted against the wishes of Prime Minister David Cameron and said no to any action against Syria.  President Obama thinks he has the power to say yes to action against Syria, technically he does not.  This though has been used many times by previous presidents who have not garnered the support or vote of congress.

Just like the board and marketing rooms of all corporations, when a rival makes waves we make challenges and take evasive action that we believe is the right decision that will change the situation.  War is not like that and the ramification on an attack on Syria, no matter how distasteful their actions are, we must look and gather all intelligence on what it could or would start as a ripple effect in a retaliation to surrounding nations. 

When dealing with what is deemed an out of control country, Syria, you must cut the head off the snake and stifle their effectiveness on dealing harm to their own people and surrounding neighbors, such as Israel.  This is not some Parker Bros. board game and it is not all in the wrist action on how you roll the dice.

It is knowing what is going on in the streets of Syria and what the people want.  There is a further power struggle on who would take over when the Assad regime is gone and in the case of America, we have a track record of backing the wrong horse in so many war races.  Afghanistan is the perfect example!

So, as we move into a Labor Day Weekend, none of you will have Syria, their citizens or any of the other problems of the world on your minds.  It will burger, hot dogs,  beer, wine, obnoxious family members and what the hell happened to the price of gas again that will dominate your 3 or 4 day break.

On your return next week the world problems will still be there and further escalation will have occurred while you partied.  And so it goes…

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