Friday, January 18, 2013

The Fix Is In...

Do You Hear The People Call... 
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

In the euphoria of success, the all smiling faces and celebrations, we lose sight of what we must continue to do and achieve.  The battle has been won and we move on to the next challenge.  That is the simple problem of corporate CEO's, marketing V.P.'s and the lawyers.

So you won the case, made the sale and onto the next solution to solve and what has occurred in the past has nothing to do with your new workload, clients, product sale or court cases.  It is like you have no rear view mirror, it is just onward and upward!  Who is minding the previous accomplishments and that it really happen?  

It is not you!

That multi-million dollar win in the patent case, where you spent massive time, money and effort to achieve the success, but who is making sure the money is collected?  

It is not you!

The city officer who issues a parking fine or a code infraction, once he or she has issued the paperwork, they move on to the next problem.  The fine collection is not up to them.  It should be, as it is all part of the story or cycle of events.

Citizens and employees expect promised services, a pay check and a budget to perform their duties.  If monies are uncollected and believe you me, it is massive and just waiting for the collector, there are deficiencies.  Most cities and corporations do not collect for a simple, but stumbling reason, they don't know how to go about it and farm it out and then believe it will happen.  

In most cases it does not happen.  Yale University stated in a report last year that only 4% of all monies owed to the government, states and municipal courts was ever collected.  You know what I am going to say? What!

recoupeit, has one mission which is revolutionary, we reunite revenue$ and people like to see and hear that.

Cities are always scrambling for money and inevitably turn to increasing taxes, they do not have to.  The monies are in the hallways and streets of your city and we shall find and release them back to their rightful owners, the city and the citizens.

Corporate America, continue on with what you do best, manufacture, market and innovate and leave the task of bringing home the uncollected bacon to us.

Making recoupeit, your strategic partner is the revolutionary difference.  Our management team is human, successful and has decades of completing the task at hand.  Europe knows what we accomplish and why we are so Street Smart.     

Your original purpose to make sales and collect the cash can continue with your strategic partnerrecoupeit

See our previous article and let us bring it home:

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Worked For It, It Is Yours...

It Is Earned, It Is Yours,
Reuniting Revenue$
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry  

Why would you slave in a courtroom to win a case, using exemplary research, decisive phone calls, perfect witnesses, attention grabbing graphics, fine video and the passion to prove the truth, win the case and be awarded a financial amount, then celebrate the success and never collect the money?  

What is wrong with this picture? 

A company provides professional services, invoices and chases the client for payment.  Through time, gives up.  Look how much they are out of pocket!  The original time, parts, office work, collection agency fees and frustration to end up with nothing but additional costs!

A city issues parking tickets, boots/clamps vehicles, fines individuals for moving violations, code enforcement issues and criminal acts.  These are just a few of the ways revenues are generated by a city on a daily basis and go to the financial infrastructure to pay the city bills.

The city lawyers have done their job with an administration staff that works hard to prove the cases in a solid and integral fashion.  The next piece of the puzzle is for the violator, the guilty party to pay their fines and in a majority of cases, does not.  Leaving the municipality or city in a financial bind that they always attempt to rectify by raising more monies with their only recourse, raising taxes, to increase revenues to satisfy the citizens and continue needed services.

All of the above can have a far better and more efficient outcome, manner and method of paying the bills.  Collect the missing revenues!  I know, your accounting department is understaffed and it really is not in their job description to chase after locals and friends to pay the owed monies.  It is a fact of life, money is the root of all evil when it comes to paying the piper.

recoupeit, does just that!  We are in the business of reuniting revenues, not as an outsourced connection, more of a statergic partnership.  Both having the elements and needs, reuniting those revenues to allow the monies to stream back to the rightful owner.  It is not just about the money, it is about what is right and how a company/business, city and citizens can rightfully pay their bills on time and continue to provide the required services.

Uniquely, recoupeit, has proven in-house utilized techniques to provide the success from their European and international operations.  Management, that for decades have been collecting and reuniting revenues for their clients.  This is a very confidential professional service and respects both the owed and the owee. In times of economic difficult, there is more money left in th hallways and streets of AnyCity USA and it is lonely, needing to be reunited with its rightful owner.

It is the way we handle the information from decades of digital input, analytics, tracking and next event predictability capabilities. 

We have taken the old fashion human focused approach, overlayed with new technology. Never forgetting the reality of the situation. Simple, precise and professional...

Our associates and partners, include, Tracometry, who are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

So, you have the needs to be reunited and recoupeit, will be your stategic partner with the ability to grant that wish.  Whether it is unpaid invoices, service fees, civil financial unpaid awards or any type of legal debt, we have the ways, means and ultimate success.

It takes some use of your fingers, dial our number and increase your numbers.

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Time to Reunite those Revenue$

We are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who Is High This Morning?

Who is High This Morning? 
(Still using those Business Enhancement Drugs are YOU?)
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

Come on, it is fess up time!  You have come to work as high as a kite and made decisions whilst under the influence, that maybe were not the most perfect decisions in your live and some how got the deal.  Come on, own up!

As CEO, you sat in a meeting worst for wear due to a few extra drinks the night before and could not wait for the meeting to be over.  You said yes to everything, just to get the meeting over with and to go take the hair of the dog, to try and get back on track.  Admit it, come on!

The headache would not go away, so you popped some extra Naproxen, way above the normal dose and basically dozed through the meeting and voted, not knowing what was really going on.  Is that more of the truth?

As a police officer you served a warrant on citizen whilst high on cocaine and felt the rush, as you cuffed him hard.  Imagine if he had resisted, what would you have done in that drug empowered stupor?

In surgery this morning, you were still feeling the effects of those cold medications that you doubled up on and it took you twice as long to finish the surgery.  Just how is the patient doing?

Sitting there in your Florida courtroom in your black robes covering your golf shorts, still reeling from the "shots" of rum from the night before, you are ready to pass sentence on a drunk driver.  What was the outcome?  Did you admit, you are an impaired judge who is still high and not in a position to make a sound decision?

In the council meeting, you are falling asleep during an important planning decision, which will shape the communities future.  Was it the extra Ambien that you popped last night or something else?

There is not one of us out there that has not for one reason or another been out of touch due to some sort of stimulation, which impaired our judgement and decision making process.

Even worse is the fact you know you did wrong and when questioned, you evaded the truth and moved on and continued to take the same daily actions.  If you are doing this, are your co-workers doing the same thing and it is one big accident waiting to happen?

So this morning around the water cooler, outside the back door, whilst smoking a cigarette or in general chatter, are you judging a man on two wheels who supposedly has come clean about his performance enhancing drug use, to become the greatest cyclist in the world and then be found out?  

If you are mocking his decision to do so, slamming his ethics, think again!  As you are just as guilty of the same actions and in most cases worse.  Driving to work drunk or drugged out of your mind on over the counter medication, texting while driving and heaven forbid, talking on your mobile phone without using a Blue tooth headset.

Within your company, it is time to fess up and admit you have got problems, the purchased kind, let alone the mental instability of some of your employees or even yourself.  Faking it has got to stop!  

I do remember the two martini lunches back in the early days and I was as guilty as the next person. They said it was the price of doing business and we all laughed, joked and the clock was still turning clockwise as it counted down to an impending disaster. 

So I ask the original question again:

 Who is High This Morning? 
(Still using those Business Enhancement Drugs are YOU?)

Your answers will be a start and can change your life 
and your whole company, just a thought...

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