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You Deposit, They Withdraw…

You Deposit, They Withdraw…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Once upon time the words, “You Can Take It To The Bank”, meant something.  You completely trusted your bankNot today!

Having been in the computer industry since 1976 I have seen it all.  Warned many and secured millions who have listened.  High profile security financial breaches and the resilience of advanced persistent threats from Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers have those that care on more than their guard.

Do you use the mattress or the bank?  Which is safer to store your money?

Risk of Data Loss
Losing customer or client data due to lax security or insider misconduct has plagued banks and other businesses for generations. Since the dawn of cyber communications and the electronic centralization of all information, these risks have risen by leaps and bounds, are radically increased, because breaches can involve millions of victims, and fines or judgments against the offending institution can soar into millions of dollars.

The risk isn’t only for large banks. Smaller community banks/Credit Unions are subject to the same regulations as larger institutions and often don’t have access to enterprise security the way a Bank of America or Citicorp might.
It all starts with something you believe is the only way the bank and yourselves can protect your account, a PASSWORD!


Passwords are shared, lost/stolen and openly advertised for use within companies and the family circle than a personal viral disease. Why do we still use a password?  Simple those in the supposed know with financial house and the retail trade have ignored the risks and believed that they insured against it and why should they have to worry as someone else will pay!

I can assure you, it is not the bank that is paying out anything, the insurance company is left holding the bag and the customers and clients.  By not securing your information which is in their care is careless and disgusting. 

By Negating their Duty of Care and Corporate Governance is a travesty and the insurance companies will have no more!

CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s their minions and the Board of Directors have nowhere to hide any longer. The hired help, that is what they are, are personally liable for the security failures if they did nothing to protect your valuable information and put you though the financial mire.

It is strange that you have locks on your front and back doors, an alarm system, which really is a retro device, as it tells you they broken in.  Outside you have a shed, housing the lawn mower and garden tools and a lock on that as well. Is it you think more about the security of your lawn mower that your personal information and financial data?  It seems so.  Then again, we have been conditioned to think this way, which to be stopped!

Why do Financial Institutions and “Big Box” Companies ignore front end security and focus on the after-event?  Simple, that is all they know and have no forethought for Proactive methods which would stop the back-end issues which are costing masses of time, effort and money, your money, chasing their own tails.

Proactive security methods and solutions do not have to be invented, created and tested, they already have and are working every single day.  Under CommSmart US, our security foundation is solid for the weakness of a secure connection and obtaining that important step that is essential for all enterprise data in motion for that end to end security.

It has taken over twenty years of solid work to create KEYTALK, your secure connection.  Ten years of writing, testing and creating first for Windows based computing and then expanding into all platforms and Mobile needs, requirements and demands.

Some say that the Internet is trying, very trying in most cases and HTTP Strict Transport Security which came out in November 2012 is a partial solution.  As yet it is not available on all browsers until next year.  This is typical, just like all security updates, they are issued after the fact and the damage has already been done!

Under CommSmart US’s KEYTALK secure connection none of this is an issue or even needed! 

For any company to have a full proven enterprise security program has proven impossible.  When you do not involve the IT Department in a full information experience of the company, the likes of the Target Retailer situation will cripple you every time.  It is not a second cousin, or the Gumshoe under the staircase of the hotel you only call on when an issue occurs.  Reactive actions are always many steps behind and you never catch up to the real time issues or efficiency.

IT is the Life-Blood of a company and you better believe IT!

We must state though, many managers and departments are way behind in keeping up with the changes that occur on a daily basis.  Proactive measures are hard on us all and that is why we created a standardized and automated PKI based solution with a twist.  The twist is the short lived certificates with full automation that reduces costs beyond what was expected.  PKI is expensive and difficult to maintain.  KEYTALK is not!

The FACTS... KeyTalk, a 2 factor authentication, acting as PKI in a Private domain at nearly zero management!

KeyTalk, a two factor authentication, using your device as the second factor generating a break-through 2SSL peer to peer communication channel over any untrusted (internet) connection.

The user automatically receives a short lived device certificate using a corresponding key pair in the range from 2048 through 4096 bit encryption which changes automatically every next time. The authentication is via Device DNA, made up from the device components.  Short lived access keys configurable from minutes thru hours, completely transparent to the end user and standard server configurations.

KeyTalk generates an intrusion proof data in motion channel to protect your data.

This is the solid foundation for our solutions within CommSmart US philosophy.

When you can state that all information transmitted via the KEYTALK solution is totally secure, even in a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, then you had better have the goods to prove it and we do, for over twenty years and billions and billions of bits of data being absolutely secure.  Importantly, it is not us that is stating this, our "pen-testing”, which happens every single year proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

This is the basis on all we do!  It is the CommSmart US Total Recall approach to all we do today and in the future.

So let us take Total Recall to a whole new level, the ability to document in real time events, situations and visual facts.  All from the palm of your hand, no additional expense of buying new equipment, in the majority of cases you already own it.

Eyewitness is the ability to send "live" video, images and audio to your Command or Fusion Center from either a Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop.  Real time and with the ability to share with others on their devices instantly.  It is a mobile CCTV surveillance system in the palm of your hand!

The transmitted information, video, images and audio are totally secure through a 2048 - 4096 RSA bit encryption connection and then inside an invisible tube that is totally anonymous to all. 

It is saved and resides only on your dedicated servers and is secure for use in a court room, as the data in motion is held within for a total chain of custody.  The originator, date, time and GPS location are part of the information and no residual information whatsoever is left on the device.

Eyewitness has a myriad of uses within the Public Safety sector, including the FBI for all interviews, Video, audio and images and is available on a monthly and annual basis.

Commerce will not be left out either, from survey field information to Loss prevention, the uses are endless and all in real time and secure.
Connectivity is vital in this world today and having all communication signals in one device, which continuously selects the strongest and effective link is a must.

CommSmart Multi-Connectivity Hub (CMCH 24) is our so called black box, everyone should have one!  In fact there is one country that does, in all their police cars, most fire trucks and some ambulances too.

It uses either four mobile phone carriers or three and one satellite feed.  It literally enables a strong connectivity to send the information, data, video and telemetry and has no issues. 

It creates a 1000 foot Wi-Fi Hotspot around its location and is useable by authorized devices only. Excellent for Crime Scene Investigations, major events and sports stadiums for mobile CCTV.

Our technology works in the field every single day with exceptional success.

Available for office, mobile for vehicles and command centers, military rugged use and housed within a briefcase for field use with battery or mains power.

CMCH 24 uses the KEYTALK secure connection for use with data and video.  It can be used in the field, even at an event or stadium for ground level handheld crowd surveillance.  Never has there been a solution orientated company as CommSmart US and we do not stop there!

In the next 45 days or less biometrics will be introduce for all.  As you know, with KEYTALK, we believe in DEVICE DNA, that is removing the human element of failure.  This will of course always continue as humans are never going to change!

Biometrics to CommSmart US is a logical two step process as it does not have someone thinking up a password, which gets lost, borrowed and stolen!  So what we are talking about and is in trials right now, is audio, facial recognition, finger print, iris and signature, from any Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet and Laptop. 

Add this to KEYTALK Device DNA and you have all the elements for secure information.

Finally, paperless has always been a dream and reality.  It is here with DocUmatic is the ability to use an iOS or Android tablet to complete on scene information, sending this securely with photographs to a server.  Reducing the double handling, transference and increases productivity and reduces cost.

CommSmart US has the solutions and will discuss how we can assist in all facets of your information security.

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