Sunday, July 16, 2017

Plan For Your Rise, Not Protect From the Fall...

Plan For Your Rise,
Not Protect From the Fall...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

When the world economy is taking a solid dive, tanking, if you will, there is not a damn thing you can do about it, financially, marketing wise or by worrying about.  

It is wasted energy!  Come on, you cannot stop a runaway bus by standing in the middle of the road waving your arms!  It is a collective nightmare that we never plan for, or even want to think about.

You must!

Facts are facts and recessions are a part of life.  Some of us have seen many and survived, in fact coming out in better shape.  Others have given up, rolled over and cowered in a corner, expecting others to help them or give them a handout.

Yes, the world economy is in decline and you cannot blame anyone but yourself. Don't tell yourself it is the Chinese and Russians or the terror activities around the world, it is all about YOU!

Do not wait, all the indicators point to a sharp decline on all fronts.  Even the weather is working against the world and food will be in short supply unless we do what is right, now!  

No, I am not talking Global Warming, as Mother Nature will do whatever she pleases, whenever she wants!  Just one volcanic eruption or a series of forest fires screws up the carbon data records for decades and no matter what you attempt to put in place on carbon reclamation is not going to make one iota of difference.  Only line the pockets of the likes of Al Gore and his naysayers.

No matter what business you are in, 
the common denominator is the Internet!

Staggering as it might seem, we are all relying on the one connection between all of us, the Internet of Things, (IoT).  It is crippling all of us through the insecurity and our ability to work together to beat the cyber terrorist foes. Some by the way, young enough to be your grandchildren. 

The plan is in reality, an attack to maintain, stabilize and win this electronic war which has more fronts than you can imagine.  Each day, more and more devices are using this absurd gateway to each other with no real security in place.  The bigger picture is ignored and the bottom-line of the almighty profit keg blocks all other sensible thoughts.

Firstly, we must engage in an entryway that is a protection for all we do on the Internet.  A Dashboard, a secure and trusted gateway that assists you to be protected and have peace of mind.  

The human element of leaving windows and doors open or the light burning brightly, attracting all the cyber moths and miscreants is over!  

The key locking method of passwords and computer certificates are long gone, but you will not let go!  You Must!

Using your Smartphone both as a telephone and a browser must cease.  The conflict is simple and logical, the Hacker, Phisher, and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker are gaining entry to your personal and corporate data via the Internet, which resides on your Smartphone.  

So, by separating the two, especially for corporate business will reduce the risk and the exorbitant costs of IT departments working around the clock to fix the cyber terrorist issues, that is, if they have a budget allocation from the C-Suite!

This will mean CHANGE!

It is not if these abilities exist, because they do, as we have developed them!  

It is which end of the battle do you wish to start?

Change and frustration cause more sleepless nights, broken marriages, partner dissolvements, increased alcohol and illegal drug sales then you want to know about.

The writing is on the wall, even on your device screens and you know that the media is hyping it all the way to the bank for rating leadership.  Even the politicians are talking loud, but not telling which end is up, as they do not want a Fear Factor to upset the proverbial apple cart.

Starting now will cost you far less in money terms, increase your security satisfaction for yourself, employees, customers, and clients.

So what will IT be?


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