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Can You Excuse Us For a Few Minutes, Thank You...

Leadership of Yesteryear and the Diluted Version for Today
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Now it is just us, leadership is surely about knowledge, wisdom, strength, and that outgoing personality, communications, patience, visionary perspectives?

Are you a leader in the sense of the words?

Do you even consider yourself to be a leader?

All in all, what qualifies one single, solitary person to be classed as a leader in the true sense of the meaning?

The term Leadership is it a characteristic for anyone?

I was always told I was a great communicator, a leader if you like.

Me? Are they talking about me? I never said ‘No way’! I knew I was not quiet, reserved, certainly not a person with very little to contribute! Yet, my friends and colleagues consider and think of me as a leader. I always considered myself a listener, not a follower and certainly not to be followed. I have no dislike for leadership positions, and I did avoid them, it was others that propelled or pushed me to the position of leadership in whatever form it took.

John Quincy Adams words later in life in America did change my opinion and opened my eyes and importantly my mind to what real meaning of leadership is about.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."--John Quincy Adams.

Hmmm, if our actions complete these four statements, then that makes us a leader?

Very hard to believe? Perhaps so, but the truth is intrinsic, leaders are ubiquitous. From political parties, government officials, to families, each institution, society, and communities have leaders.

I was told that I am a quite leader. I have a strident mind, and a heeding ear, that is open to all sides of a debate and for these reasons that make me a noble leader. I am always willing to lend a helping hand, and be there to coach, mentor, listen, guide, and give advice to folks and clients in need. I may not lead a nation, but I do lead those around me in some ways.

Not all leaders hold influential positions in society. Having power, money, and authority doesn’t qualify anyone to be a great leader. Many of today’s political “leaders” have failed us, and rightfully so with this type of attitude and labelling.

Society expects too much from our political leadership. We want them to change the world while we sit back and watch them fail and then complain about what terrible leaders they are. If our great political leaders don’t inspire us, are they really leaders at all?

No, they are NOT!

It is those from a business background that have a far better perspective on life and society. If those that have had failures and now the success. It shows their metal and ability to pick themselves up and move on.

Historical Leadership

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill are recognized around the world as two of the greatest leaders in history. Why? They were courageous fighting for what they believed in, yet they took the time to bring in others along the way.

Abraham Lincoln was known for listening to all viewpoints and learning while on the job, he was capable of change in himself as well as in others and ultimately the world. Although, in my personal opinion, not a man I totally admire.

Winston Churchill cared for more than just for himself and his country. He cared about the world and fought for it, leaving the everlasting effects in his place.

Why were Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill so successful then when it seems like so many of today’s leaders are being ridiculed, panned, and disparaged?

Back then, people supported their leaders, through the good and the bad, they believed in the power of change and imaginings. It wasn’t this ‘every man for himself’ attitude.

When things go wrong, we fault the leadership and find someone new, there is no commitment, nothing that ties us to what we once wanted. It seems we cannot think for ourselves!

Today we struggle with control, coinage, and the ability to lead for ourselves. As a society we don’t want to be told what to do, we certainly do not listen, rather we want to tell leadership what they should do. How they should lead. Even when our comments are out in left field and argue for argument sake.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders require people to follow them, to step out and change the world with them. It is not enough to elect a leader and say go ahead we picked you now transform all the bad and find the good. Leaders need our help, and we need leaders who we fully understand.

Whether you're a politician, staff at a church or at work, parent, teacher, etc. we all need to carry ourselves as leaders of tomorrow.

It's important to listen, encourage, and be capable of change and accepting that change. Our children need leaders of today that can be leaders of tomorrow and ultimately leaders of a lifetime. Draw encouragement and wisdom from the world’s greatest leadership and never importantly, give up hope.

I truly think back to all the times when my actions disappointed others, let others down. Leaders are absolute human beings too and make mistakes. It’s the times we get back up, brush off our guilt, shame, fear, etc. and strive to pick ourselves up and start again. Not everyone is going to be an Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill but like them, the qualities can be found in us all.

All you have to do is believe in yourself.

Yes, this is a Change, a change that is for the betterment of all.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The face, your eyes, nose, lips, even your ears, what is behind it all?

The information and data behind your face are massive and we have the keys to it all!

You are not just an image in a crowd, we can know all about you in seconds and be alerted by those that have criminal problems or on a watch list.

Anywhere there is a camera or Smartphone, we have eyes and information on YOU!

We do not need a person sitting behind a screen, our proprietary software works 24/7/365 and alerts us of the issues about YOU!

Do not even say the words 'BIG Brother', if you want to know you are safe, then we are your answer.

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to be concerned about.

Global Law Enforcement, the answer to solving the crime and being proactive are here...

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solution Partner, is the leader in Social Media Monitoring, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Predictive Analysis and Successful Global Facial Recognition.

All from a Smartphone, IoS or Android, existing camera surveillance systems, including crowd video, bars, sporting events, public gathering events, retail stores, banks, airports, malls, yes anywhere!

Law enforcement officers can be far more proactive with our full facial recognition and analytics by using their Smartphone on any type of traffic or street stop.  Field Interviews have been changed, you now know who is behind the face!

This is not just security marketing, all within CommSmart Global Group are former global law enforcement, we know the streets, communities, and importantly law officers mindsets.  

Yes, this is a Change, a change that is for the betterment of all.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stop Telling Porky Pies (Lies) About Not Knowing That Something Was Not Right!

Stop Telling Porky Pies (Lies) About 
Not Knowing That Something Was Not Right!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

"I never saw this coming".  
"He was just a normal kid".  
"Never, never did he show signs of being a radical Muslim".

How many times have you heard those or similar comments from people when some nutjob does a dastardly deed?

The Mall stabber, "he was just going out to purchase a cell phone". Really!

Do you take a kitchen knife to AT&T?  

What to get a better deal?

Going to extremes it seems is normal in this day and age.  Mind you, what is normal?  These individuals show signs that are witnessed, forgotten or ignored. 

Whether a bomber, murderer, rapist, or some other act against society, there are glaring signs, which are only remembered after the fact.

Then it happens!  

Just like this last weekend, the stabbings and the bombings.

Stay tuned, there are more to come...

A tragedy, to be sure. But for many parents of children or friends, struggling with a possible mental illness -- a social wrenching experience in itself -- it can be a truly chilling scenario.

In this societal ever-changing bubble and the so-called pace of life, people think you are not expected to challenge others.  

You must!

The question is always, 'why didn't I do or say something'?

Serial killers show outwards signs, even small changes or comments that are glaring factors and signals.  They are missed or purposely ignored.  Is that we don't wish to think the worst of someone?  Is it that simple?

Not wishing to pry or be labeled a 'snitch' or a 'busybody'.  Being told to 'mind your own business'.

It is your business!

Any bang, clatter of noise or boom immediately in your mind is now an explosion.  You are walking toward a person who looks Arabic or a woman wearing a burka, immediately you have thoughts of who they are.

I can say that not all Muslims are Terrorists, but it seems all Terrorists are Muslims.

We are profiling people, sounds, actions and not stating what is going through our minds.  

We must!

Showing concern regarding someone's action is necessary for this day and age. 

Yes, Snitching has got be front and center or someone maybe will die.

See Something, Say Something by you or others could save you and families life.  

Get use to it!

No one is going to criticize you for being overly cautious, honestly, law enforcement wants to know.

This is the communications change for the rest of your life, so be aware, report changes in people and importantly their comments or actions.

You Must Do Your Part!


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Lone Wolf or Breakaway Group Use Various Bombs To Send Message. New York Mayor States No Visible Threat But Intentional?

The Lone Wolf or Breakaway Group
Use Various Bombs To Send Message
New York Mayor States No Visible Threat But Intentional?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The reactive press comments of Mayor de Blasio are political statements and no more.  He has no idea and only adds to the Fear and frustration of all. 

Comments of irrelevance abound from those that know nothing or little about terrorism, whether international or domestic.  Logically all information is reactionary and not built on true evidence or facts and should be ignored at this stage.

It is terrorism and not accidental, state the simple logical fact.  Even if it is a 'NutJob' it has instilled terror!

New York police department and other alphabet soup agencies will be sifting through evidence at the scenes and CCTV footage of the area and will not be releasing information until they have a far better picture.  

News media are feeding the Fear Factor without the substance of Why or Who did this act. 

This is not the only explosion of the day, in the morning a pipe bomb exploded in a garbage can at a Marine Charity Run in New Jersey.  Two other devices were found in the area and failed to detonate.  

The next explosion on 23rd and 6th Ave. in the Chelsea district of New York City was enough to harm a significant number of people with injuries akin to a bomb blast.

Now a second device, a pressure cooker with a cell phone attached had failed to explode and is a phenomenal find for an evidentiary purpose.  

This is similar to the Boston Bombing device and was highlighted in the ISIL "Inspire Magazine" on how to build a bomb.

There is so much more that must and can be achieved for the security of us all.

This is all after the fact information and screams out for the usage of Atmospherics! 

It is all about Intelligence and the gathering of information on a continuous basis.

Reaction to this event is like flying blind with all the instruments out of reach.  It does need to be that way.  Proactive information is always available if you have the tools to reach out and understand.

Social Media Monitoring is OUR Key!  Never have these tools been available, proven and successful in knowing all.  This is the equivalence of people running their mouths and bragging on their dastardly deeds, we know it all, photographs, texts, live video all within the event area.  

Historically and 'live', this is PROACTIVE!

Within CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solution Partner, has expertise reaching back to the 1970's and the terrorist bombing by the IRA, Bader Meinhof, the Red Brigade, Al Qaeda and ISIL.  Not only how to protect, understand the who is threaten, but to investigate and solve.  We were involved in the protection and investigations in all of these and other terroristic events globally.


Everything!  If we consider a working definition of the concept of atmosphere as the social “silent language” of a geographical, political, social or criminal circles that can transmit and contain communications that describe the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and intentions, of those within or apart of those circles, then it is absolutely tantamount, that Law Enforcement understand and analyze this portion of the social dialogue to effectively respond to and prevent crime and terrorism in this modern dynamic, silent atmosphere.  If this source of information is routinely missing from your department's planning and response to developing a method of operations, conducting investigations, developing community relations and intelligence gathering then you are only dealing with a small part of the evidence/fact acquiring equation.  This also has colossal implications for community policing and problem-solving activities within our communities as a data gathering and analytical tool.

What does this mean for law enforcement? 

Drastic changes in law enforcement are needed and demanded in leadership, technical expertise and the understanding and use of analytics, in the wake of hazardous political decisions on immigration and homegrown terrorism globally.  Political decisions to accept high-risk populations and refugees into their countries without an appropriate, effective and balanced measures and tools to mitigate these high risks, has left law enforcement helpless to respond to the influx of potential terrorist and the subsequent frequent terrorist acts that we are witnessing in Europe, America, and the Middle East.  In effect, law enforcement agencies were caught without a game plan and their effectiveness was reduced in this new environment to just what they were accustom to doing---responding to incidents and conducting investigations in the wake of many lives being lost. 

This doesn’t have to continue! 

It is the proactivity which in turn decreases the cost of operations and a harmony within when successes are at the forefront for all.

Today, recognizing this void of information, CommSmart Global Group has built upon our successes in analytics, proprietary predictions formulas and includes social monitoring techniques developed for military uses in Iraq/Afghanistan and expanded our atmospherics to include social media monitoring, crime analytics, mapping and predictive analysis, added to the existing street level human collection tactics enables greater accuracy and completeness in intelligence gathering activity.  

Predictive analysis and crime-solving activity have become more effective when the totality of criminal justice information, social media monitoring, the media, and big data sources are integrated and considered together.  Our data sources focus on what is happening in the streets now, who is doing what with who, where they gather, and the subject of interests, so our customers do not have to wait for something to happen to develop a response plan. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, we contributed to the apprehension of the Bearded Bank Robber by providing probable dates and locations of the next robbery to the local and federal authorities working the case based solely on information published in the media.  When they scoffed at the prediction and the robber hit on one of the days and at one of the locations predicted, they asked if we could do it again.  We recalculated based on the new information and this time they took our predictions seriously and were able to stake out the locations on the dates given and apprehended the robber before entering the bank.  This was using only media information, and yes the predictions are not exact, but what if we could nail down a couple of days and some locations for you, routinely.  The potential for preventing specific crimes is near.

Developed in war zones CommSmart Global Group has honed and expanded the effectiveness and success of these analytic tools, making us all Street Smart.

The key concept requiring further examination is that of the atmosphere. Social Media Monitoring is an absolute key today, but categorically useless, unless you have vast data repositories to analyze, both public and of local, regional and national crime data from the arrests and events, that we have and our clients can have access to.

Additionally, there is few comprehensive, police information sharing consortiums in existences, even after 9-11, that share local police contact data (non-biometric), integrated with RMS/CAD, Jail booking and Criminal Histories (biometric based) together. To build these systems and participate in multi-agency networks have taken years and many millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of time to develop. 

In the US, San Diego County in California has such a system and it was started in 1980 called the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) and it's still developing and adding a new query and analytical features.  How long can we continue to take this approach of avoidance or waiting for our public leaders or someone else pushes and to implement the next generation of information sharing and predictive analytics?  The cost to build this system would be prohibited in today’s market even if you could find and trust a vendor who could build it. 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers, Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders on staff, including the former San Diego Commander, who was tasked to develop ARJIS. 

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.
Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can discuss and demonstrate.  Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand, afterward, you will understand why.

Contact and discuss…

Or call…

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