Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stop Flopping Around!

Choosing Strategic Partners 
that Really Do Partner UP!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Ever feel like a six-armed disconnected flopping octopus? "If I only had two more working arms, I could undertake so much more!" Every entrepreneur strives to be a master multitasker, always doing numerous things at once. Strategic alliances are the finest way to extend your reach and accomplish so much more.

Listen, you cannot do everything on your own, can you?

The definition of a successful strategic alliance is a long-term partnership, it has to be a win-win situation in order to be justifiable and mutually advantageous. No one has all the answers, it is the ability to see others expertise and how you both can take advantage of each other’s merits.

How can you choose wisely? By beginning with conducting a strategic full analysis of the marketplace sectors that you current revolve in and firmly target the audiences that makes the most sense for your ability to conduct your business.

  • What are the most lucrative zones?
  • Where is the greatest opportunity for growth?
  • Understand clearly where you are, so that you can find the partners that best balance you.

Once you've done the right analysis, contemplate the following questions:
What's your gut feeling about the partner you're considering?
  • Is there “real” interaction?
  • Is there a natural fit in terms of principles, veracity, and character?
  • Do your potential partners "get it"?

That is, do they have a solid understanding of your objectives and goals, and are they genuinely excited about joining forces for an alliance and vice a versa? 

Thankfully they do! When you have team that all work from the same page and from various positive angles, still arriving at the correct and agreeable decisions, ending in the complementary results, you know you have made a wise and solid choice.

This is why the Tracometry Group of Companies has such a well-rounded relationship with all, partners, staff and clients. Our skills do not bog us down, we use our individual skill sets for the benefit of all. In our case, it is about circles, the circle of fire with all elements complementing each other.

Digital understanding of data collection and real time transference. Using the Penamatics, digital pen and paper, which is ubiquity personified. Knowing that information sharing is vital to be a success and ahead of your competition and in our crime aspects, ahead of the bad guys.

The ability to analyze data with proven unique algorithms for use in crime statistics, allowing for crime analytics, tracking, Calls for Service Data, Next Event Predictability and importantly first class results. RAIDSonline, powered by BAIR Analytics, is that complete difference in fighting crime with tools that the criminal does not have.

Data capture is one thing, criminal apprehension is another!

There are more communities nationwide that are in dire social trouble. Violence, teens killing teens, drug use and selling, domestic and child abuse, unemployment and total social-economic decline. It takes more than entitlements to reverse this disgusting landscape and pull them back to productive involvement. The Pied Piper Project does just that, we make the change, together.

Projects and services cost money, they take investment and when the coffers are reaching near empty, you must recognize what needs to be enacted and now. Collections of outstanding debts, from court imposed fines, property taxes and fees, monies owed to the community is the key to refilling the coffers with what is rightfully owed. With over twenty years of successful collections in Europe, recoupeit – reuniting revenues, has brought it’s expertise to the U.S.A. 

Municipalities and cities need all the help they can get and not even think of filing bankruptcy. It does nothing for the citizens, they are the life blood of the community with enough on their plates. It only adds a stain, increasing the blight and social distaste to all.

This is us, a core of success, with a team that is connected. The majority of the team are former members of law enforcement with analytic and computer expertise. Others are the creators of digital system, solutions and have the answers you require, no, your citizens demand! Join our circle of fire and burn off the problems and increase your social and economic status.

The Tracometry Group of Companies simply removes the FEAR FACTOR and increases the COMFORT ZONE. Revitalizing your municipality, neighborhood, communities and importantly, your citizens. 

Time is of the essence… 

There is so much that you and your partners can do together to extend your reach. 

Oh, with these workable ideas, you should be able to find strategic partners that really partner. And you'll discover that you are just an eight-armed octopus after all.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW… 

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Do not be fooled, start the month with a lesson...

Learning From Our Teens
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Fifteen years in this world is nothing, unless you have made a positive change or seen what you think, needed to be addressed.  That is Kayanna Lovett has done.  We met her this last weekend on a "Stop the Madness march in Indianapolis, In.

Take a look and see if her words make a difference.  Kayanna is also a fellow Linked In subscriber.

Oh, the Stop the Madness March was a success too!

While we are on good causes, Jeff Alexander is Tee'd Up For Hunger, those in Indianapolis come tee it up too!

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