Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nothing More Than A Bunch of Sick Scamming Bastards Which Collectively, WE Shall Stop!

Nothing More Than A Bunch of Sick Scamming Bastards 
Which Collectively, WE Shall Stop!
Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The Phone Call Scammers are back with avengence and so are we!

The 'I'm an IRS Investigation Agent' Scam is back on and targeting Cleveland, Ohio and other parts of the USA.The calls yesterday targeted Cleveland and they called a series of Federal mobile phones, not knowing these were Federal Agents.  The call, which to start with, is a quality recorded message stating you have an IRS issue and should call them. 

To some of the public they will be concerned and call the number.  If they do, it is answered by an Indian or Pakistani voice with heavy 'boiler room' office noise in the background.

The 'sleazy bag scammer' asks for your name and zip code and then returns with information that you are under investigation and a warrant is being issued unless you submit the payment to them.

The Federal Agent challenged them on all statements and obtained the following information from the 'scammer', which the only true part is the telephone number in Washington DC, which is a VoIP number:

Telephone Number: 202-394-4647

Scammers Name: Joshua Wilson
Fed. ID: 369511
Emp. ID: 432212

Firstly no one from the IRS id ever going to call you by telephone and make those kind of statements!

In my call to them, they asked my name and zip code, which I gave, although a false name the zip code was correct.  He then stated that I had a problem, which of course I challenged.  He went back to the script they must read to the caller.  I told him he was a scammer in extremely choice English words and have his IP address and location, which we do.  He continued to ask me for my zip code over and over again.

I detest these people and collectively the news media and in your corporation, we must inform all employees to give NOTHING to ANYONE in a phone call.  

Tell the scammer, 'As you have all my details send these questions in writing to me forthwith'.  They will not, hang up the phone and report to the FBI Hotline.

Report an online scam or e-mail hoax by filing a complaint online with their Internet Crime Complaint Center or by using their online Tips and Public Leads form.

So pass this on and I mean to all your employees, which in turn should tell all their family members, old and young!

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