Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Checks & Balances in a Digital Society

The Checks & Balances in A Digital Society
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmarrt Global Group

How sore are your fingers, thumbs, and vindictive mindset?

Come on, the anger, I must admit also humor on the Social Media Trail is beyond Alexander Graham Bell's first statement over his invented telephone!

The Digital Age is roaring and is a plethora of golden information of whatever ilk you wish.

It is a gutter of inner truths, sordid language, unsubstantiated facts, lies and then there are politics and corporate inside information. All can be used and misused for whatever purpose. 

Once it was just words that dissipated in the air, never got recorded and could only be recalled from those that had good memories.

Now we have organizations who specialize in hacking information and spreading the good, the bad and ugly facts of the innermost secrets.

Then even government in this Digital Age, believing they can create means to have the knowledge of the streets and policing an anxious society, who has become so violent, abusive and uneasy on where society is heading.

It is already here, working for twenty years with continuing upgrades to maintain the capabilities to keep us in the know!

From the days of Sir Robert Peel, some 187 years ago Peel used then modern capabilities of awareness, with the tall hat, the whistle to communicate and his street-level knowledge of the increasing criminal elements on the streets of London. 

Peel did not make the hat or engineer the whistle, he used what was available and proven at the time.  Of course, Peel’s people oversaw the availability and standard of the purchases and what and why they were the choice, he did not in any way re-invent the wheel so to speak. 

Peel used commercial enterprise to achieve his goal, security of the public and control the out of control situation of the moment.

Just like today, we have managed how we do business and what is necessary to achieve those same goals.  The difference with policing now is it is global and a lot more people, techniques, and technology that has been added to Peel’s extremely relevant Nine Peelian Principles.

There is no argument that we must improve and improve now!  Criminals have so much more in their technology savvy felonious toolbox.  It is not just picking up information by physically sitting in a smoke-filled pub, supping beer and listening to the criminals bragging about their criminal deeds. 

Today, it is about technology, the social or unsocial media, running their fingers and thumbs instead of their mouths. 

This is the Atmospherics of our world, yes CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, has decades of collecting and analyzing both public and law enforcement data that is amassed in its billions of records daily.  

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That is where we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner shine, we have the global knowledge and have honed our skills, listen to all and have the proven solutions to deal with all situations in the ability to know what is going on within the public.

It takes Social Media Monitoring, Public Data, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Predictive Analysis and a strong listening ear.  It is not about marketing services, it is about the passion we have for making our social world more acceptable, safer and this we commit to you.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

You Don’t Want Your Bollocks Shot Away!

You Don’t Want Your Bollocks Shot Away!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Remember we have a new President in Donald Trump!

Sadly the old administration is still in people's minds.

The headline everywhere is terror and even Syria still, plus other places of course. 

Geographically most Americans cannot even find it on a map or even Hoboken, New Jersey for that matter.

What are these war mongering salesmen who are trying to sell a war really trying to tell us?  6754 miles between the two countries and more important issues on America’s own doorstep as we are seeing in the news over the past few days!

A race card is being played into this issue still has Obama as a first Black President and those that supported him, in voting in the first place, still do not want to let him down of shame him!  

Total Baloney! 

It is business as usual for this former Democratic administration, failing in planning strategies and the long range picture.  Remember Obama Care and his Bailout Bills, total failures beyond belief.

Strategy of War is a fluid program with planning for all eventualities.  John Kerry had not one inkling on this whatsoever and was and is a total lying mouth piece for Obama and his failed structure of an attack and the ramifications.

The true concern is beyond Syria, Iran is fueling all, and terrorism is a growth factor because of Iran’s involvement.  There is the issue and every military man knows that!

Now, look at North Korea and the nuclear threats!

What is this new Trump administration going to do when Israel, Great Britain, France and the United States break out the body bags and bury their dead?  All because a former egotistical moron who made an executive decision against the wishes of a nation.  If a CEO does that in a company, he is fired on the spot!

Shall we start singing “Oh What a Lovely War”?  No, we shall not…

America has more pressing issues at home, poverty, education, racism, murder rate, drug use and pure catastrophe of society.

I don't want me bollocks shot away…

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