Saturday, February 8, 2014

It Is Not If You Will Be Cyber Attacked, It Is WHEN!

It Is Not If You Will Be Cyber Attacked, It Is WHEN!
by Nick Ashton, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies
Secure online access for data in motion is a reality with KeyTalk
KeyTalk uses Public and Private Crypto Keys on the Enrollment! 
The easiest to manage digital certificate product on the world market

Heads of corporations have so much information being directed at them, how can they expect to know every nook and cranny of their company?  They have to though.  The liability and weight of the shareholders’ investment rests fairly and squarely on their shoulders.

All sorts of corporate attacks are happening every single moment of the day, by terrorists. No, not gun toting, suicide vest wearing unknowns or even car bombers.  These are cyber terrorists dressed in jeans and fashion T-shirt, drinking Latte Frothy Coffee and a Biscotti on the side.  Sitting in a cafĂ© with their laptops, smart mobile phone at the ready with a Bluetooth connection delivering all they need to know.  They can operate from anywhere and at any time.

That is what a CEO or board member needs to know about the reality of our social or unsocial world.  He or she also needs to understand how the corporation can stop these expensive cyber-attacks! 

Hang-on that is why you have a head of IT to deal with these gigantic annoyances.  Sadly, all the corporate IT action is retroactive and expensive to boot. The IT budget is being depleted at a rate that you never expected or prepared for. These are unknown territories that are ever changing.

As the driving force of a corporation, the board members and CEO are the people that everyone turns to when it all hits the fan!  It is a bit late to ask the questions as your IT Department is in meltdown and you expect it to be fixed in the flash of a hard-drive!

So, proactively let us assist and keep you away from the corporate cyber-attacks and media disasters which affect your bottom line.

In plain English here is Slamming the Door on Cyber Attacks to protect your databases and importantly your customers, the life blood of your company.  Failure of computer security is a total nightmare, ask Target, Michael’s, Neiman Marcus and others in the retail trade that need to come forward and not be ashamed that hackers came in the front door without their knowledge.  It is time for a solution and security that will change all that.

Automated certificate enrollment and crypto keys
KeyTalk seamlessly provides your client devices with a non-fake-able X.509 certificate, a standard since 1988 and known to every computer device.  KeyTalk uses Public and Private Crypto Keys on Enrollment. 

Even that statement is too much for someone who only uses his or her smart phone, tablet or laptop and the most used key is backspace button!

Let us give you the confidence that we are so transparent, that we cast not even a hint of a shadow.

Securing your sensitive data-in-motion
With every computer system supporting X.509, and having the standard option of securing your server with an SSL certificate, one can easily enforce server side the requirement of a connecting client device to have a valid client X.509 certificate. Effectively creating a Man-in-the-Middle intrusion proof 2-way-SSL tunnel over any non-secure network connection.

As a result only users and/or devices you trust can securely connect their client to your target server over any non-secure network or Internet environment. This includes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which is unheard of and will save you even more heartache and concern.

If you are a retail operation, your shoppers can at all Points of Sale locations, swipe their debit/credit cards to their hearts content, they are secure from having their personal information from being stolen and their life turned upside down.

Client X.509 certificates cannot be faked since a malicious party doesn’t have your primary private keys as stored in the KeyTalk server side product. Mathematical hashing ensures that no data in a client certificate can be altered.

Using the principles of a-symmetric encryption, i.e. one can only encrypt data with the public key of the recipient, and decrypt the data with the recipient’s private key, and the identity of the device and/or user being part of the certificate, ensures non-repudiation, and integrity of data, ensuring your company’s privacy compliance.

In plain English, your vendors are secure, even if their passwords are hacked or stolen.  We have disconnected the human side of the equation and removed the fault factor of the ever present human error.

This is all proactive, placing your systems, POS locations, online shopping and vendor databases locked and secure.  Removing the heartache of failed customer service and media hounds knocking your door down and playing the Blame Game!

I hear you, at what cost you are asking.  It is as simple as an Abe Lincoln, yes five dollars per device or less, depending on volume.  No changing out expensive bank card readers until necessary when smart bank cards arrive.

KeyTalk is overlaid on your computer servers and each entry point.

I know, some computer Gobble-de-Gook slipped in, but that is unavoidable.  It is now for you to have that conversation with us and ask your CEO and board member questions. 

You know we speak your language!

Straight Talking, Key Talking…  Key Talk!
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