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Just Like The Hackers, We Have Target In Our Sights…

Just Like The Hackers,
We Have Target In Our Sights…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When you know you not only have the answer, at an investment Target or anyone can afford, you shout from the highest mountain top!

We know more about smart card/chip debit/credit cards than you know.  As a European company and now with an operation in the USA, we have had the smart card for decades and use them every single day.  We understand the pitfalls and issues of computer data security from all aspects.

Don’t get me wrong, the smart cards still have their problems, but less of them.  If they are the total answer to the hacking/phishing issues, then why is one of the largest manufacturers of smart cards and the chip, discussing using KEYTALK to be an overlay on the chip for perfect protection?

Yes, we have the answer to all retail, in fact, for all the public that use either a debit/credit card for solid protection.  

Not next year, not in 2020 as was announced yesterday in Washington D.C., 


KEYTALK is not just a company selling their wares, the message is absolutely clear, we have the solution and are passionate about the millions of dollars we have poured into research, development and marketing, solving these hacking, phishing and Man in the Middle brutal attacks on the undeserving public.  

Yes, the answer is real and here now!

Installation is in hours, not weeks and months and the IT Department still has control, as they like.  The security budget is not being reduced by reactive workload and is now moved to a PROACTIVE status.

Companies today cannot afford to be supplying laptops, smartphones etc., so, with KEYTALK we can protect all data flow with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  Even your vendors are secure, especially if their password is stolen as we are not totally password reliant.

Online shopping protection, those ghost delivery purchases will be gone! KEYTALK gives full protection when your customers use KEYTALK and all are protected.   

It is up to the corporate Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s and those in the position of decision making to contact us.  It is you folks who need to understand, the protection of your customers is not that difficult and extremely cost effective!  No matter what you have been informed.

You have no reason to purchase new card scanners, even your local corner store or bar can have this total solution for less than an Abe Lincoln per month.  Yes, less than you expected! 

If you are the size of Target or Marriot Hotels, we have a volume discount program on the amount of Points of Sale (POS) you have.

This is a great investment for your customers, to be able to fully protect them now, for under five dollars a month?  Think of the reduction of customer service nightmares that Abe will stop!

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