Saturday, December 15, 2012

Have You Heard the News Today?

Social Deathly Pitfalls That Must Be Addressed NOW!                        By Nick Ashton Founder, CEO, Tracometry

No matter how many times you see, hear and read the news, you become isolated, if not removed from the reality of society.  Murder, mayhem and maniacs are an abnormal section of society.  Humans are uncontrollable, unpredictable in some respects and appear in violent headlines on a daily basis.  It will never cease if we do nothing.

You can never stop a maniac…  Security is only part of what we have in place; it is never 100% as a protection and never will be.  Killing by sadistic individuals is a worldwide problem and we cannot enter their minds in time to at least warn or stop the eventualities.  Alternatively, are there signs that we ignore, tending not to want to accept the situation.  “None of our business”, “not my place, to report this”, someone else will report it”, these are words and statements that flow through our minds, more times than you want or wish to know.

In our neighborhoods, workplace and in social settings, we are seeing and interacting with problematic individuals as they mesh into our local society and seem to become invisible.  Only because we do not want to be seen to point out the problems with these folks, nothing is being done.  It is after the fact of a major incident, that you pull from the back of your mental hard drive, the occurrences, situations and events that now are more real than ever and you start the “blame game” of “I should have done more”, the “told someone syndrome” kicks in.

Communities are so physically close to each other that information passes by in the blink of an eye or, the individual just hides behind closed doors to not want to deal with the world itself.  It is a culture change that is required and needs to return to the days of telling our children more about life from our past perspectives.  Casual violence is surrounding us; our system is socially broken from a communications point of view.  Systemic violence is beyond the realms sensibility. 

Dysfunction is rife among us all! Intervention is necessary and signs of concerns are evident to others, who are silenced by social stigma.  We are self-absorbed in our own futures and have a underlying plans for us and ignore everything around us.

Evil is not an illness, it is a symptom that culture is drifting in and out of.  Can we stop these incidents in their tracks?  Yes, but not in all cases, this is not a perfect world of “stop and go”, it is involvement and communications of concerns to the right people that will make the difference.  We must speak with people we trust to know what to do and not feel you are being judged as a “nark”, “malicious super grass” or just a “noisy neighbor”.  Doing nothing and holding the information back that can make a difference, must stop, it is of the utmost importance and must change to the positive.

Having worked in changing communities, analyzing crime, criminals, and tracking the actions brought us the ability to predict events.  Changing our mindsets is a priority in society and incidents of violence highlight the needs and requirements of communities. 

The Pied Piper Project (P3) gets to the core of the community problems.  Information on crime, drug dealings, gang infestation, bullying, domestic violence, housing issues, both tenant and property owner, animal control and community policing, working toward harmony, makes the difference, not just by words, but with positive, “boots on the ground” actions.  We have proved it repeatedly in weeks, not long arduous months or years that this works.  It is the recognizing of the problems and using the existing laws, codes and polices already on the books that are used to address the situations.  It is the deep concern to make change and maintain the accomplished results. 

Imparting trust and respect into neighborhoods and communities is the key.  Individuals, communities must build a strong relationship with law enforcement, public safety, code enforcement, including housing and animal control.  It is bringing back the Trust Factor and building a Comfort Zone that creates a firm bond with all.  It is not “them and us”!

Are you okay with this?  Are you recognizing that we cannot continue in the downward spiral of death and destruction of our society boundaries?  You can make it stop and you need to concentrate on those around you, finding out more of their problems, which, if you ignore, will affect you in one way or another.  

Do not delay in making changes, no matter how unpleasant they maybe, it may save your families lives…

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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