Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Art of Conversation Without Moving Your Lips!

Social Media Interaction
The Art of Conversation Without Moving Your Lips!
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

How do you wrap your communications around your fingers and thumbs and still be a successful communicator? 

Simple, learn to type short, sharp statements without anger or retribution.  Concise statements and questions will reach your intended and publicly receptive audience.

Fingers and Thumbs Can and Do Control the Art of Conversation!

Social media is sorting out the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and those that use anger, nonsensical verbiage or pure trolls, will fall and stumble by the wayside. Just like a true debate, those that have no viable statement cease to speak and move on.

Social media is the most excellent means of:
  • placing significant information
  • calls to action
  • marketing facts
  • product placement
  • public event particulars
  • asking those all important questions 

All to draw attention and cause dialogue.

Social Media is an Art Form that we all can participate in.  Just like a writer, painter or social wall fly, it is a precise means of exercising your points of view.

Prominently, it is free, insomuch that it only takes your time to produce.  The quality of statements is a priority and this why corporations, small business and Public Safety (police, fire, and EMS) are expanding their digital writings.

Working with your clients and community to inform them there is a ‘New Town Crier’ at your fingertips on your Smartphone, which goes everywhere with you.

Signing up your customers, community businesses, and the public to understand this, is the most defined means of communications ever! 

Fully understanding ‘The Art of Fingers & Thumbs Conversation’ is a supreme priority for us all.  We are not talking anymore, we have our heads down, pressing keys on a smartphone and is not quality time. 

It is though being used by a majority that cannot live without information.  It is like they have an insatiable appetite for facts, data, digital conversation and gossip.

Social media is the search engine of society. 

When it comes to products, travel, vacations, even which hotel to stay at, social media, Twitter, Facebook etc. are used far more than Google.  You trust your friends within social media for their opinions and experiences.

Some five years ago in the U.K., the Borough of Lambeth police agency started using social media, it was a direct change in communications skills within the borough.  Today it is stronger, although all law enforcement needs to have refresher courses on how to use social media more successfully and with compliance. 

It has changed and we can change it more for the better for you. It is not going away and only getting stronger if you can control your fingers and thumbs!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner uses social media to delve deeper into how criminals use this communications system.  It affords us more information so our crime analytics and predictive analysis are the success they are today.

Our social skill sets are available globally with cost effective coaching and mentoring for corporations, small businesses, via your Chamber of Commerce and global law enforcement.


Use your Fingers & Thumbs to connect to us and see digitally where your improvements will lead.