Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Sleuth Away!

By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Something to ponder over the weekend, solving crime is never as easy as it is portrayed on television. The murder happens, the case is solved and the individual is arrested, tried and convicted, all within one hour, which includes some 15 minutes of commercials.  Oh what a world!

I was thinking of the phrases we have heard and used over the years in crime fighting and wanted to have a twist with a graphic that made you stop and think.  The above graphic should be doing just that.

So with your power of deduction, a twist of Perry Mason, NCIS, Law and Order, Elementary, Persons of Interest and even Dixon of Dock Green thrown in for good measure, what are we looking at?

A bright light, nine cords, a person, who we do not know any background on, who is pulling the third cord.  The byline of "Take The Light Out of Crime..." Those are the visual facts of the case, solve it!

Use your skills to give us the answer, in any amount of words, but not a novel.


I look forward to your answers and give you 'till Tuesday May 7th, 2013 at Midnight ET (USA).  Results of the best will be posted by the Pied Piper.

So sleuth away!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Society & Community Refurbishment through Proactive Reinforcement with Education & Criminal Checks & Balances

Inner Focused Attributes to Succeed in Analytic Crime Fighting
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When it comes to crime fighting, there is not another quiver out there that can match the significance of the Circle of Fire with Tracometry Group of Companies Digital Services and Analytics.  

It is about PROACTIVITY, not reactive, late to the party actions.
  • Atmospherics Noise Collection (Chatter on the Streets)    
  • Crime Statistics
  • Tracking Analysis
  • Point to Point Tracking
  • Calls for Service Data
  • Next Event Predictability
  • Social Media Real Time Tracking
  • Digital Street Level Data Input in Real Time - Penamatics
  • The Pied Piper Project – Rejuvenating Communities & Eradicating Crime
  • Recoupeit – Reuniting Revenues (Successful Debt Collections)
Gathering insightsTracometry Group of Companies, being a digital input, anthropological fused, down to earth, street smart, analytic core based company.  It is obvious that we use analytical systems, workshops with our front line staff and customer focused groups, ethnographic studies and in-depth interviews to garner our expertise. 

It is a daily routine for us to be researching in the specific field of Public Safety worldwide and is a qualitative research design aimed at exploring cultural phenomena, which we know is ongoing.  That is the core factor for all our successes.

Redesign – we have and do work with our clients to develop a series of community service blueprints – improvements to the way tasks are carried out and what operational changes are needed – changes to IT and to operational infrastructure, and to the way staff can save on the resources that are part of the waste in public safety. We can help you stay ahead of the criminal element by ensuring that you are taking advantage of new crime fighting techniques that really work – and avoiding ideas that are merely fashionable.

Atmospheric Noise CollectionThe unique Atmospheric Noise Collection is the start and then has to be analyzed to bring the information into usable data to protect, all in real time!

Atmospheric Noise Collection provides insight into local perspectives, indicates opinion trends, identifies emerging community influencers, measures messaging effectiveness and puts disparate intelligence reports in context.  Atmospheric Noise Collection would have easily and accurately predicted each of the Middle Eastern countries’ populaces’ unstoppable move to revolution.  
Predictive analysis is a fundamental feature that is required and delivered by us, across all agencies and is a vast assist feature to reduce wasted resources and increase productivity.  Next Event Predictability saves so much manpower and by repetitive data streams we can predict the next event of the culprits, with having to spend man hours following or staking out the suspects.  It comes the human patterns and we have broken into the DNA of predictability for real!

Constant innovation is the norm these days and it can be difficult to distinguish between the superficially attractive and the genuinely valuable. Perpetual Beta Phenomenon is not!  Never allowing a product or feature to touch the user’s hands and tweaking it all the time reduces productivity and needed results.  Our skilled analysts assess what’s available and identify the best of the important techniques we have developed that should be made available to you.

At the same time we can call on our crime analytical specialists who use their imagination, skills and experience to come up with fresh ways of doing things, tailored for all your crime fighting and analytical needs.  Knowing the dark-side is an absolute advantage for your former law enforcement personnel and allows them to show your in-house analysts the productive shorts cuts for success.

But innovations will only deliver benefits if they’re implemented properly, by people who understand in depth what they’re doing. When it comes to applying new ideas we ensure that the innovations you choose to uses from us are embedded properly in your analytic capabilities.  Training is the key and with the Internet, we are always on call 24/7 and video backup of solutions can be made available to you.

We have turned great ideas into practical benefits that give you a solid return on your investment.  With over 44 years of law enforcement experience and 20 years of crime fighting analytics, we have solidified the course of action required and demanded by all.

Data analytics and insight involves taking data and using it to turn a variety of information into insights that can drive specific actions to benefit you:
  • increased effectiveness – focusing your operations on mission readiness
  • increased efficiency – through learning how to deliver increased productivity and avoiding waste
  • increased speed in delivering the necessary high quality analysis to support decision making
  • support for continuous improvement – analyzing how performance may be improved
   We listen, We create, We deliver for your targeted needs

We have helped deliver more efficient ways of working, found ways of saving costs and developed more agile ways for you to serve the public with simplistic analytic solutions.

Transform the existing needs – into new productive results

We adopt the right approach for the circumstances: transforming and managing existing services – or creating completely new service infrastructures. We have the right balance of law enforcement/analysts, algorithmic skills, street smarts and technology to achieve all – and the experience to recommend the best course of action.

Looking after your technology and support services – leaving you free to focus on what matters, crime fighting which with the Tracometry Group of Companies is cost effective.

We help you improve services, save money and resources.

Our approach to delivering the services you need is highly flexible. We can provide individual products; or we can take on the management and delivery of fully outsourced services. Having analysts on staff for you and guiding the initial day to day solutions.  Our breadth of experience means that we are in a position to recommend and introduce innovative ways of achieving your goals – offering the opportunity of making even more resourceful savings.

The pressure to deliver better for less is an ever-present challenge and it’s clear that this is not going to change. We can help you get the most out of your budget with an unbeatable combination of useable innovation, long-established sector experience, unrivalled skills, scale, flexibility and resourcefulness.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of crime fighting solutions and services to meet all your IT needs. At the heart of each is efficiency, security and effectiveness.

We work right across both the private and public sectors and our proven track record delivers the IT that brings you the demanded results.

Better IT

The right information technology can bring your organization to the peak of performance – faster service, lower cost, higher information action levels. We work in partnership with  public safety agencies, the DoD (Department of Defense), and world governments, bringing together people, processes and technology to transform the way they fight all levels of societal crime.

We harness the most appropriate technology to transform your service delivery. Because we’re independent of IT manufacturers, like IBM and other database operations, we can select the solutions that’s exactly right for your organization’s needs.  Our expertise is directly in your field of operations, so your ramp up time for implementation is weeks, not months or years.  Our annual server fees are far less and more secure.

Pricing, training and implementation can be discussed once you have seen one of our Webinars, book your 45 minute introduction to the Tracometry Group of Companies World of Digital Solutions and place a Circle of Fire around your city or municipality.

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