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Another gunman, a small town, and a supermarket...

France hostage crisis: 'Two dead' in Trèbes supermarket

As we look back at the terrorist issues...

"You could see FEAR in the people's faces''
A truck plowed into a celebratory crowd in Nice, France on the eve of Bastille Day and murdered at least 84 people known at this hour.  More are injured, including at least 50 children in the hospital.

Horror and shock have rippled like a tsunami globally.  It is a wake-up call 'if you can think it, they will do' when it comes to terroristic attacks.

This was a scenario published in an Islamic terrorist magazine 'Inspire', 'The Ultimate Mowing the Machine'.  It described how a truck or large SUV could be used to kill people on the streets in crowded places.

This now must be viewed as a WAR and retaliation must be of the highest collective global level!  

We should not FEAR what has happened, WE should recognize that they are our enemy!

There are calls from all politicians:

"We are in a war that will last, with a threat that is constantly renewing itself"

"We must declare war on Islamic Jihadists"

"The war on against Islamists fundamentalism must begin"

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is now talking about the Nice attack.

He says terrorism is a threat that is "weighing heavily on France".

Mr. Valls said: "The goal of terrorists is to instill fear and panic".

"But France is a great country and a great democracy that will not allow itself to be destabilized."

Islamic jihadists and Pro-ISIS groups are celebrating the French massacre with #Nice_Attack on secure messaging app Telegram as bodies still lie in the street.

They want the Western world dead!

The terrorist who slaughtered at least 84 people in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations was a 31-year-old French-Tunisian who was already known to police for 'acts of violence'.

A huge cache of guns, grenades and 'larger weapons' found inside bullet-riddled truck sparking fears Nice massacre could have been even MORE deadly.

Fears have already been raised the terror attack on the French seaside resort of Nice could have been far worse had the police not shot the gunman dead when they did.

As previously stated by CommSmart Global Group, the level of stress has gone beyond “take a pill and call me in the morning” days.  The frustration of people is fractured and the healing hasn't and will not even start.

If you think Dallas, Texas or Orlando, Florida was bad or the killing in Syria, then you have Turkey on the edge of another terroristic event. 

There is a 'Global FEAR Factor which must become a Comfort Zone' for us all to be able to continue as normal and not keep looking over our shoulder.

As the nationwide election protests have steadily turned against "Everything and Everyone," violent clashes with the police erupted at all of the previous Trump rallies.

The Republican National Committee Convention is underway and protests are planned within the city, which includes, The Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter to name but two.  

Not only in Cleveland, Ohio but nationally today, July 15th, 2016. (see the list)

Even yesterday Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson stated in a congressional hearing, he was very concerned about violent protests in America. As has Comey head of the FBI.

It is all about information and the strict gathering to enable our safety.  It is not just about Muslims, it is about 'Bad Guys'.  

A major concern in conclaves within society.  There is but one law in the U.S.A., not Islamic Sharia Law.  It is not recognized and needs to stop.  Certain communities and cities in the US has 'Sharia Courts' which through their courts use barbaric sentences on Muslims

Logic is a mission, the ability to understand what is going on around us.  Not build on gloom and doom, but give you the edge on your security and what we all must do.

So are you going to start listening to what is going on around you?  No matter where you live, country, nation, city or community, you must listen to what is being talked about, the concerns, otherwise, well, you know the rest of the story, or do you?

CommSmart Global is all about information, analytics, and solutions.  You cannot make sane decisions without solid information and the ability to understand what you have.

We are CHANGE AGENTS and have ears and eyes open, tuned in, listening and watching extremely carefully on what the people state they want.

Stop ignoring those that know, it is about Risk Solutions and how we can be One Step Ahead in this dire world.

In America, the Presidential election is now being fought by the political parties, who think they know what is good for the nation. 

What research is being done?  I do not mean people with clipboards asking questions!  I mean people on the streets, among the people, using their ears and honing their listening skills to find out what makes the American people tick each and every day.

Atmospheric Noise Collection, the Chatter on the Streets, analyzed, understood and packaged into what is good for the whole nation, a nation that is sadly not got all its wheels on the track.

The Forefathers of the American Nation would be so disappointed in this 240th year. 

Onward and Upward. 

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, 

“We Shall Never Surrender…”

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock - The Time Is Now! BOOM! THE BOMBER IS DEAD!

Complacency Regarding the Security
of the Nation is Killing Us!





For it is written in Proverbs 1:32
For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them
English Standard Version (©2001)
For the simple are killed by their turning away, and the complacency of fools destroys them;
When Homeland Security was formed and it encompassed all those departments after 9/11, I knew and stated back then, the Alphabet Soup Agencies would take at least ten years to integrate, converse on the same level, share information and even acknowledge the existence of a connection between all of them.  I was wrong!
It has not happened and never will.  It is the childish mentality that is leaving local public safety, law enforcement, Fire, EMS and importantly the public who they serve vulnerable and unprotected.
Tom Ridge, our first head of Homeland Security knew it when he was announced as the leader, that the job he had been handed was an impossible one.  Porter Goss, a former neighbor of mine, only served one year as CIA Director, for the simple reason, the multitude of agencies under one direction was doomed and he could see no point in being associated with a failure.
Large conglomerate’s fail because the right-hand does not know what the left hand is doing.  Perfect commercial example, Comcast.  I bet the hands are raised on that one, failed service, bad customer service, and more excuses than Susan Rice on a Sunday morning news program.
Thank goodness we have Public Service Director, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Commissioners of Police, Emergency Management Heads, Public safety Policy Directors that are aware of who they serve and why.  Protecting the public is a thankless job, you more boos than applause, but you keep on doing it.  Complacency is not in their dictionary and never will be.  They sadly are at the end of the Federal chain of untrained animal trainers within the Alphabet Soup Agencies.
I remember being with the Arkansas troopers, who were the security detail for Governor Bill Clinton, they explained to me that their team was called SWAT, which stood for, Servants, Waiters, and Animal Trainers.  The most they ever did was give the Governor one of their ties when he dripped sauce on this tie.  Or, block both ends of a road so the Governor could play some sort of backseat game in the Limo with someone he meets that evening.
Yep, complacency is causing more problems in more cities than are being spoken of on Capitol Hill right know.  Rep. Michael McCaul only touched on the inner problem during the Homeland Security hearings.  If you want to know the true state of security in this country, do not ask the Federal Government.  Our street level management and officers know it best and are having to attempt to keep you safe with cut budgets and resources stretched beyond their limits.  
The government is using outdated technology, weapons that remind me of the Civil War and communications between agencies that basically look like two tin cans and a piece frayed wool connecting them.  Even children today have Smart Mobile Phones and can use them better some adults!
It is time to realize it is the 21st century and the Jetsons are a cartoon!
Is it too late?  No!
7/7, the worse bomb attack in Great Britain where 52 people were killed is a prime example of what is going on in America today regarding miss-information.  It comes down to a lack of resources prevented security services from intercepting the 7 July London bombers, a key report stated.
Two of the four bombers were known to security officers but the threat they posed was not realized.
But it was "understandable" the pair had not been investigated more fully, the committee of MPs concluded.
Back then Home Secretary John Reid insisted there would be no public inquiry, as he gave the government's long-awaited account of the bombings to the Commons.
Remind you of what occurred in Boston?  Agencies holding on to the information and not sharing.  Just like a child gripping tightly of its teddy bear.
Let us stop for a moment and reflect, passion for the safety of others is in my blood, our organization has down to earth expertise on these matters and are communicators that not only get our point across verbally, we are a company of action.  

CommSmart Global Group is comprised of former Metropolitan Police officers, US Commanders Change Agents and all with analytic or computer backgrounds.  No, not nerds, common sense people who can assess the situation and highlight the actions required.
Resources have not been paired down for the local departments, they have been obliterated like the Amazon Rainforest.  So what do we do together, we come and listen to your street level problems as real people and then we discuss the actions required that we can implement together.  Working and communicating on one page, without fear of upsetting anyone.  There is no more time left to pussy foot around, people are killing people.
When it comes to crime fighting, there is not another quiver out there that can match the significance of the Circle of Fire with CommSmart Global Group 
*    Crime Statistics
*    Tracking Analysis
*    Point to Point Tracking
*    Calls for Service Data
*    Next Event Predictability
*    Social Media Monitoring/Real Time Tracking
*    Digital Street-Level Data Input in Real Time - Atmospherics
*    The Pied Piper Project – Rejuvenating Communities & Eradicating Crime
Gathering insightsCommSmart Global Group, is a digital input, anthropological fused, down to earth, street smart, analytic core based company.  It is obvious that we use analytical systems, workshops with our front line staff and customer-focused groups, ethnographic studies and in-depth interviews to garner our expertise. 
It is a daily routine for us to be researching in the specific field of Public Safety worldwide and is a qualitative research design aimed at exploring cultural phenomena, which we know is ongoing.  That is the core factor for all our successes.
We help you improve services, save money and resources.
Our approach to delivering the services you need is highly flexible. We can provide individual products, or we can take on the management and delivery of fully outsourced services. Having analysts on staff for you and guiding the initial day to day solutions.  Our breadth of experience means that we are in a position to recommend and introduce innovative ways of achieving your goals – offering the opportunity of making even more resourceful savings.
The pressure to deliver better for less is an ever-present challenge and it’s clear that this is not going to change. We can help you get the most out of your budget with an unbeatable combination of useable innovation, long-established sector experience, unrivaled skills, scale, flexibility, and resourcefulness.
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of crime fighting solutions and services to meet all your IT needs. At the heart of each are efficiency, security, and effectiveness.
We work right across both the private and public sectors and our proven track record delivers the IT that brings you the demanded results.
WE are in the NOW and
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Dysfunctional Does Not Mean You Ignore The Issues...

Dysfunctional Does Not
Mean You Ignore The Issues…  

Look, dysfunctional families are in the majority!  

We are surrounded by them, you might be a member, as I am.

Normal is what?  Certainly not what we once thought.

You have been hearing the word, radicalized which is bantered by the media, in regard to the two brothers and their horrific violent act at the Boston Marathon, other attackers globally and the latest in the New York attack.  

If someone is radicalized they change and someone or all of the family noticed this change.  

They said nothing to anyone whatsoever.  Muslims know better than anyone of the effect of labeling since 9/11.  In fact, many Muslims who watched in horror the bombing and then the release of the photographs of the suspects seemed that they could breathe easier, as the bombers looked like regular “white guys” and not members of their faith. 

Dysfunctionality or traits are not just associated with jihad terrorism and we can draw lessons from these other areas of concern.  Something someone will do, that is out of the ordinary is a trigger for a future event in that person’s life.
Traits such as personality, intelligence, attitude, and beliefs are important characteristics to measure and assess. Whether you're hiring people, helping team members understand themselves and their relationships with others, or trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, it's useful to assess these types of "hidden," less obvious attributes.

We have to be taught it seems, to question and not be political correctness and accept statements by others, including country leadership. 

If you want to determine someone's attitude, you can ask the person directly, observe the person in action, or even gather observations about the person from other people. However, all of these methods can be affected by personal bias and perspective.  If you are suspicious of someone’s actions, you cannot ignore, for all our safety, we must question and share concerns as you never know what this or these persons will do in the future.

Assessing and appraising people is a highly complex and subjective process as is stated by many.  No, it is not!  Logic and common sense is the simplest way to determine the situation.  The initial stages of radicalization are when the individual tests their newly gained inner feelings and experiments by making statements, then refines the wording and statements to garner the reactions and establish the footings of their new beliefs.

Extremism (represented on both sides of the political spectrum) is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society, or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards.

Extremism is usually contrasted with moderation, and extremists with moderates (for example, in contemporary discussions in Western countries of Islam, or of Islamic political movements, it is common for there to be a heavy stress on the distinction between extremist and moderate Muslims, and it is also not uncommon to necessarily define distinctions regarding extremist Christians as opposed to moderate Christians, as in countries such as the United States).

Political agendas perceived as extremist often include those from the far left or far right as well as fundamentalism or fanaticism.

The term extremism is almost invariably used pejoratively, however, the term may also sometimes be associated with a person(s) who have a different view(s) which is not consistent with the existing norm(s). It need not necessarily imply that the person is a threat to the society or the government or any other agency.

Power differences also matter when defining extremism. When in conflict, the activities of members of low power groups tend to be viewed as more extreme than similar activities committed by members of groups advocating the status quo. In addition, extreme acts are more likely to be employed by marginalized people and groups who view more normative forms of conflict engagement as blocked for them or biased.

Extremist acts often employ violent means, although extremist groups will differ in their preference for violent vs. non-violent tactics, in the level of violence they employ, and in the preferred targets of their violence (from infrastructure to military personnel to civilians to children). Again, low power groups are more likely to employ direct, episodic forms of violence (such as suicide bombings), whereas dominant groups tend to be associated with more structural or institutionalized forms (like the covert use of torture or the informal sanctioning of police brutality).

The terms extremism or extremist are almost always exonymic — i.e. applied by others to a group rather than by a group labeling itself. Rather than labeling themselves extremist, those labeled as such might describe themselves as, for example, political radicals. There is no political party that calls itself "right-wing extremist" or "left-wing extremist", and there is no sect of any religion that calls itself "extremist" or which calls its doctrine "extremism".

Extremism or radicalization is not only held to political events and used by terrorists.  Sexual abusers, which include incestuous perpetrators, such as abusive fathers have characteristics that vary widely from the standard profile of a pedophile.

On the surface, sexually abusive parents can be "normal" (typical) in every way. Many like children, play with them, guide them in life, teach them morals, protect them from harm, and are willing to adopt poor or orphaned children of either sex. The abusive men or women are usually heterosexual but sexually interact with both girls and boys. Objective statistics show the equal prevalence of sexual abuse in both genders and invalidate the notion that abuse of girls is much more prevalent than abuse of boys is.

The above statement may seem like an exaggeration of reality or outright nonsense. Most people believe that it is impossible for the whole society to be psychopathic and not to recognize its mental and moral corruption. If sexual abuse of children is as widespread as claimed, there would have to be an acknowledgment of the phenomenon by doctors, and there would have to be some kind of evidence of such abuse.

The same can be said on the preachings of religious leaders of all faiths.  Fire and Brimstone have always been present in the oratory statements of pastors, priests, and Islamic Imams.

Why do the individuals who are violated either sexually or by radical teachings say nothing? Is it the suggestions of the information, which has now been an indoctrination that has penetrated so deep into the individual's mind, the fear of reprisal be that strong?  It is a fear factor that is exerting the individual to execute the will of the speaker.  Following through on the request for action, hence bombings and doing harm the USA and the western world.

According to a new study published by the Association of Psychological Science, terrorists become suicide bombers because they have a “fused” personality type. Supposedly, people with “fused” personalities have a bond much stronger than just simple group identification with their group and are willing to take extreme action to protect that group, including sacrificing themselves for the group. The researchers use this “newly discovered” personality type to explain why terrorists are willing to become suicide bombers. I guess it’s easier to blame terrorism on a personality type which differs “them” from “us” than to focus on what really makes someone willing to commit a terrorist act, like not having basic human needs met for example. Before terrorists became terrorists, they were just like you and me. So let’s focus on what would make your and my personality type become a terrorist.

Instead of philosophizing about how much of a martyr we would be in a given situation, let’s look at recent history. Hitler convinced an entire nation that Jews must be killed by creating a “fused” identity of the Aryan race in Germans who were suffering from a bad economic depression following World War I. He even convinced way too many Germans to torture and kill Jews for no good reason – keep in mind that these Germans weren't even willing to save other Germans, they were just killing Jews because they were Jews.

Ever since September 11th, terrorism has been on virtually all of our minds. And now, over a decade later, our fears remain. The frustration that most people experience in the aftermath of extreme violence is largely the result of the question why.

Why would anyone want to commit so heinous a crime? How could they live with themselves? Terrorism is a widely researched topic, but it seems to be particularly salient now, as it hits closer to home. Are terrorists different than the rest of us? Are they different than serial killers? If brain equals behavior, then yes, they are. But perhaps that equation is only true in some cases.

Because the acts that terrorists execute are so disturbing, many people think they must be crazy - that there must be something fundamentally wrong with them or with their brains. There is an ongoing debate on this matter - especially since different research shows variations in the extent to which terrorists are perceived as "crazy."

If it is so evident that they have changed, why has no one, family, friends or associates said nothing?

It is the discovery that terrorists and non-terrorists are not as different as originally thought that is so unnerving to non-terrorists (the "us"). It is difficult for most people to accept that they could, that anyone could, hypothetically, commit mass genocide, use commercial jets as missiles or place bombs among a public gathering.

The path that future terrorists follow is a gradual one, for it is almost impossible for someone unaccustomed to killing, to suddenly be able to do so. The ability to kill must be nurtured over time, usually through the group dynamics of terror networks: "The terrorist has a fixation on systemic value. This means that they emotionally crave membership in the organization, group, or order to which they belong".

Terror groups are like families to terrorists, each with their role, and each providing support for their fellow terrorists. Terrorists live for the survival of their group and for the group's ideas and rules. The meaning of terrorists' lives "comes from being a dutiful soldier and member of the group".

In order for this type of blind loyalty to occur, subjects must lack any personality, individuality or sense of self - this is the mechanism that allows terrorists to kill, for, without any solid conviction of who they themselves are, they cannot understand the value of individual or collective human life: "a terrorist does not see the infinite, unique, singular value of people and therefore does not see what is wrong with killing or maiming another person".

In this way, terrorists are able to almost alienate themselves from social norms and completely immerse themselves in the ideology of the group.
Terrorists' motivation to kill is comprised of a combination of factors. They may kill for political or economic reasons, but they may also kill for the sense of power it generates. Terrorists, according to Stephen J. Morgan, "crave the ultimate power, that of power over life and death of innocent people. They believe themselves to be omnipotent, messengers and agents of God, without feeling guilt or shame for anything they do".

This seems logical, but if terrorists see themselves as being divine or immortal, then they should have no reason to believe that other nations would be able to affect, manipulate, or disturb them - unless, of course, they kill because they see the other nations and civilizations that populate the world as threats.

There is a general discourse on the nature of terrorist psychology and behavior - some researchers accept terrorists as "neurotics" or "psychopaths", while others emphasize the importance of examining "the social, cultural, political, and economic environment in which they operate" Akin to this is Khachig Tololyan's argument that as a result of terrorists' humanness, "their behavior cannot be understood by the crude - or even by the careful - application of pseudo-scientific laws of general behavior".

Rather, he claims, "we need to examine the specific meditating factors that lead some societies under pressure, among many, to produce the kinds of violent acts that we call terrorism".

This seems a logical argument, for the environment can certainly influence one's behavior. Although the acts of terrorists are hardly forgivable, they do not necessarily immediately qualify terrorists as clinically insane, for there may be some external forces or circumstances (political, social, and/or economic constructs) that may provoke terrorists to respond violently.

It is difficult to compare terrorists to other criminals because so few terrorists have been caught and those who have been caught are rarely willing to talk about their experiences. Therefore, it is hard to know whether terrorist motivations stem from abuse, trauma, or biological problems. However, although terrorists and serial killers are both thoughts of as "rational," meaning that their mental states are stable enough to allow them to organize, plan, and execute their attacks, they are certainly not sane - at least not by Western standards. In their own minds, and to their groups, they are sane - and perhaps in the future, we will be able to more fully understand their rationale.

CommSmart Global Group has involved itself though staff, to be informed regarding terrorism for over forty years.  Our knowledge is vast and improves every single day that goes by.

At our core is the ability to sort through street-level information, it is the ability to place this information within the database and not in data silos, hidden away until a request on a subject is received.  Real, live data is needed now!  This allows us to be predictive in our information and not behind the times.

Allowing public safety departments to be on top of the situations and utilizing resources in a more profitable manner.

Information is bombarding us every single millisecond and humanly it is impossible to search through so much without spending thousands and thousands of man-hours.  With the human element, things will be missed, it is human nature that things get missed.

The media reported, Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was radicalized in the United States by someone who brainwashed him — and roped his younger sibling into the despicable plot that killed three and injured more than 180, a relative charged.

Ruslan Tsarni, an uncle of the two Chechen brothers who planned and executed the worst US terror attack since 9/11, said Tamerlan, 26, had fallen under the thrall of a religious leader while living in Cambridge, Mass.

Tamerlan — killed in a gunfight with cops — took the “path of God” after losing hope because he didn’t have “any point in life,” the uncle said, recalling a 2009 conversation.

My point is made, someone
knew something and did nothing!

Dysfunctional Does Not Mean
You Ignore The Issues…  

We are in the NOW and
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