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Another gunman, a small town, and a supermarket...

France hostage crisis: 'Two dead' in Trèbes supermarket

As we look back at the terrorist issues...

"You could see FEAR in the people's faces''
A truck plowed into a celebratory crowd in Nice, France on the eve of Bastille Day and murdered at least 84 people known at this hour.  More are injured, including at least 50 children in the hospital.

Horror and shock have rippled like a tsunami globally.  It is a wake-up call 'if you can think it, they will do' when it comes to terroristic attacks.

This was a scenario published in an Islamic terrorist magazine 'Inspire', 'The Ultimate Mowing the Machine'.  It described how a truck or large SUV could be used to kill people on the streets in crowded places.

This now must be viewed as a WAR and retaliation must be of the highest collective global level!  

We should not FEAR what has happened, WE should recognize that they are our enemy!

There are calls from all politicians:

"We are in a war that will last, with a threat that is constantly renewing itself"

"We must declare war on Islamic Jihadists"

"The war on against Islamists fundamentalism must begin"

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is now talking about the Nice attack.

He says terrorism is a threat that is "weighing heavily on France".

Mr. Valls said: "The goal of terrorists is to instill fear and panic".

"But France is a great country and a great democracy that will not allow itself to be destabilized."

Islamic jihadists and Pro-ISIS groups are celebrating the French massacre with #Nice_Attack on secure messaging app Telegram as bodies still lie in the street.

They want the Western world dead!

The terrorist who slaughtered at least 84 people in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations was a 31-year-old French-Tunisian who was already known to police for 'acts of violence'.

A huge cache of guns, grenades and 'larger weapons' found inside bullet-riddled truck sparking fears Nice massacre could have been even MORE deadly.

Fears have already been raised the terror attack on the French seaside resort of Nice could have been far worse had the police not shot the gunman dead when they did.

As previously stated by CommSmart Global Group, the level of stress has gone beyond “take a pill and call me in the morning” days.  The frustration of people is fractured and the healing hasn't and will not even start.

If you think Dallas, Texas or Orlando, Florida was bad or the killing in Syria, then you have Turkey on the edge of another terroristic event. 

There is a 'Global FEAR Factor which must become a Comfort Zone' for us all to be able to continue as normal and not keep looking over our shoulder.

As the nationwide election protests have steadily turned against "Everything and Everyone," violent clashes with the police erupted at all of the previous Trump rallies.

The Republican National Committee Convention is underway and protests are planned within the city, which includes, The Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter to name but two.  

Not only in Cleveland, Ohio but nationally today, July 15th, 2016. (see the list)

Even yesterday Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson stated in a congressional hearing, he was very concerned about violent protests in America. As has Comey head of the FBI.

It is all about information and the strict gathering to enable our safety.  It is not just about Muslims, it is about 'Bad Guys'.  

A major concern in conclaves within society.  There is but one law in the U.S.A., not Islamic Sharia Law.  It is not recognized and needs to stop.  Certain communities and cities in the US has 'Sharia Courts' which through their courts use barbaric sentences on Muslims

Logic is a mission, the ability to understand what is going on around us.  Not build on gloom and doom, but give you the edge on your security and what we all must do.

So are you going to start listening to what is going on around you?  No matter where you live, country, nation, city or community, you must listen to what is being talked about, the concerns, otherwise, well, you know the rest of the story, or do you?

CommSmart Global is all about information, analytics, and solutions.  You cannot make sane decisions without solid information and the ability to understand what you have.

We are CHANGE AGENTS and have ears and eyes open, tuned in, listening and watching extremely carefully on what the people state they want.

Stop ignoring those that know, it is about Risk Solutions and how we can be One Step Ahead in this dire world.

In America, the Presidential election is now being fought by the political parties, who think they know what is good for the nation. 

What research is being done?  I do not mean people with clipboards asking questions!  I mean people on the streets, among the people, using their ears and honing their listening skills to find out what makes the American people tick each and every day.

Atmospheric Noise Collection, the Chatter on the Streets, analyzed, understood and packaged into what is good for the whole nation, a nation that is sadly not got all its wheels on the track.

The Forefathers of the American Nation would be so disappointed in this 240th year. 

Onward and Upward. 

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, 

“We Shall Never Surrender…”

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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