Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Gathering Place… Do We Still Communicate?

The Gathering Place…
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group - Digital Dialogue

Where people gather, for whatever reason, to converse about things and how times have changed.  This dialogue allows the flow of ideas, concerns, opinions, passionate heartfelt feelings and strong convictions that we all feel can change the world for all mankind.  

This is the Gathering Place!

Yesterday I was at an art festival in Des Moines, Iowa, it was a Saturday and I had arranged a series of meetings with some clients and to shoot some additional video for the documentary on social community gatherings, knowing that the art form has always been at the forefront of attention.  Whether it be in a gallery, someone’s house, a magazine, museum or during the summer months where all and sundry bring out their created wares and share their passions for you to participate in within their world, purchase, then allowing the artist to continue his or her dream with your financial reward.

I was privileged to meet a man, Chaden Halfhill, who built the VIP center for the art festival and in fact I interviewed him.  It was the architecture and design that interested me, having been to some of the most famous VIP centers of the sports world, Wimbledon, US & British Open Golf tournament, America’s Cup (sailing), Formula One Grand Prix (racing) and the list goes on. All ‘gathering places’ with individuals who have some sort of influence on their fellow man and womankind.

It turned into more than that!  It was during the interview that we both realized we had the same objective of the ‘Gathering Place’, he was solidly grounded as for the building for the sponsors of the art festival to gather, eat, drink, merriness and importantly meet each other and converse.  

That is what we do with Digital Dialogue, with a slight difference, we are not confined to a building or VIP center, and we are socially local and global with digital social media interaction!  People can join in and share their opinions, likes and dislikes and reach millions and billions with their passions and ideas. 

This is a creative proven marketing tool of the NOW!

The one centric commonality is simply this, ‘SOCIAL IS LOCAL’.

Importantly the Art Festival VIP Center contained the one centerpiece each and every one has a table. 

Look at the passionate discussions that occur each holiday season with our wonderful families during harmonious gatherings!

We all search for answers and today those answers are in the palm of our hand!  The Smartphone connects us to people, even standing next to us and we converse with our minds, fingers, and thumbs.

The Google search engine does diddly squat for real information we trust, it is the posting of friends and connections on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that we trust more dearly and use for local experiences.  If ‘Betty’ says it is good then you will try the builder or a construction company, shop at a particular store or stay at a hotel that they recommend and have used before.


The Gathering Place is any place where people are able to congregate. Gathering places may be public; for example, city streets, town squares, and parks; or private; churches, coffee shops, stadiums, and theaters. That is how it use to be when we actually verbally spoke to each other eye to eye, and face to face. 

Gathering of one or more has changed, supposedly we have improved from the days of our cave dwellers with their famous ‘grunts and groans’ or Native Americans with the ever visible ‘smoke signals’. Have we though?

Go to any restaurant and what do we see? Two people or more sitting opposite each other and on their Smartphones, talking with their ‘Fingers & Thumbs’! I wonder if we turned off the blaring ‘background music’ if there would be absolute silence?

The Gathering Place is now the world itself, with interconnections in milliseconds for news, views, and opinions to arrive in the palm of our hand. 

Mardling was another name for sitting and chatting, each village in the United Kingdom had a village Mardling Seat where the locals would gather during the day, exchanging opinions via gossiping or telling a good old yarn.

With the speed in which change is occurring, we must not get lost in focusing our thoughts, ideas, and passion for each other to involve ourselves in. Time is of the essence to interact and guide others for all our sakes for who we must cohesively change for the betterment of!

It is productivity perfection, all personified!


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