Thursday, September 13, 2018

Not Your Lucky Digital Day - Digital Policing - The Criminal's View

Not Your Lucky Digital Day
Digital Policing - The Criminal's View

We can all think from a law agency perspective that we have control, we do not! 

Planning for the future is a must, but planning is working in fantasy land as an accountant or marketing guru will tell you.  

The speed of CHANGE is more necessary than you know and establishing a starting point NOW is a priority.  Law agencies have been working the digital, cyber world since the early eighties, spending millions and billions and not even on par with private enterprise/commerce.  

Then there are those that have meetings and more bloody meetings with cups of procrastination with resistance on the side.  Do not take this a personal attack on any one person or group.  

It is a fact of life, we all resist CHANGE!  It is that we are straight talking and know the needs, demands, and timing better than most.  The importance is simple, we converse, discuss and then show what you are asking for is already here and we can partner to make the plans far less than a fantasy and here today, not ten years down the road.

CommSmart Global Group is passionate about bringing the proven CHANGE NOW and to continue to enhance the ever-changing digital topography as we all move forth together.

As the lead team in law enforcement digital policing globally, working as a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner is knowing that we have the capability of major data access, both local, regional, national and of course, globally.  

Crime does not happen in a two-block area anymore and the pub is not the center of crime chatter, it is on social or anti-social media.  There is the start of information in the Atmospherics of Life.  Yes, the simple Link Analysis programming and software that is usable at all levels of the agency.

Think of how we will change the issues on Heroin and Human Trafficking, we know what we are capable of and understand that even on those issues, the battlefield is littered with problems that require attention NOW!

So Now For Something Completely Different
The Criminals View on Digital Policing!

The Privacy Powers Act 

Social Media Monitoring & Crime Predictability

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Time To Listen... Florence is Coming...

Part of America Is To Be
Picked Up and Laid To Rest

Compared with Mother Nature, we mortals have no control whatsoever.

Florence is about to hit!  Keep up to date by clicking here: or scan the EQR Code

In the blink of an eye, life is picked up and smashed back to the ground, taking the very breath from our souls. 

In this technology-driven society, nothing can be compared to the helplessness of this moment.  All the questions can be asked and we will never have the answers and will be left with a void as black and dark as the clouds that leveled the buildings, decimated infrastructure and tossed humans like rag dolls.

A strong will is at work to locate those that are missing.  Building and infrastructure can be rebuilt, families and loved ones cannot.  Those that survived to need your attention and love, words really cannot express the inner feelings of those that are dazed and now facing the reality of picking up the pieces of their lives.

Please use your commutative skills to be focused on prayers and works that will be used to assist in these tragic times of need.

Listen to the emergency management at this time, do not let your immediate thoughts be, to go there.  Supplies for these occasions are on their way, through the likes of churches and the Red Cross.

Those that are still within the path of these storms and potential tornadoes, take heed to your local television and radio stations weather departments.

Be prepared and listen to the local instructions.

Our prayers are with you all.

We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Next Monster Attack...

The Next Monster Attack...

The safety of individuals of all ages is linked directly to the problems that are within human nature.  The failure to see, hear and act on the information that is right in front of our eyes and inaudible receipt of our ears!  Creating the right mix of security, societal reasoning, and acceptable standards will be argued upon by a mixture of thoughts, ideas and pure fantasy by all.

Mental Health Problems are out of control and yet, we do nothing about it.  The lump under the carpet is being tripped over by us all and we do nothing to clean it up.  The mental institutions are the streets, shelters and our own homes, in some cases.  Meaning that we know who this person is and blissfully ignoring their insanity, the unknown quantity of their next actions, making them the headline of tomorrow.

How will you feel with that guilty on your hands?  Informing of a mental problem of someone is not being a noisy neighbor, a tattle tale or a snitch, it is a protective service to all! 

Guns are seen as the killing problem by people who think they know why people use and purchase guns.  If there was not one gun in the world, the knife, rock, piece of wood or even a length of rope would be used to carry out the deadly deed.

The gun in any wrong hand is a lethal weapon and we have seen this happen in many a household by forgetful parents who have allowed a child to have access and play with a deadly implement, with dire consequences.  Banning guns or types of guns will not stop the carnage.

Security techniques for the protection of human life in today's society are as archaic as a simple gatekeeper system.  The creation of the Air Marshall Program after 9/11 is a prime example and was put in place with no forethought whatsoever, just a knee-jerk reaction by those that use political instinct to all our detriment.  

Arming commercial pilots was thought to be the best idea, few pilots even considered the option.  The best part of the plan was the hardening of the cockpit door and stopping access.  It is a gatekeeper mentality that has to be the crux of all systems.  Knowing who you are getting into the hen house, so to speak.

The secondary problem is the hens... you must know your students, teaching each individual to have their wits about them and report possible problems. The ground rules have changed and with our technology, we can isolate impending problems and have a visual of all that occurs within. 

Education facilities, which include K thru 12, colleges, universities and vocational entities are centers of learning and we, the public and security professionals must learn from the mistakes and thoughts of the past failures.

There is never 100% security and we cannot expect that.  Nutcases will penetrate walls of security and it is our job to minimize that possibility.  Once you understand that fact, then we can move forward with all options on the table.

The streets are full of ticking time bombs of homeless and street people that are ignored by the masses as loonies and bums.  The streets contain the outcasts of society and conceal hidden problems.  It does not just occur on the streets, in your own families, friendship circles and the workplace have as many, hidden, in plain sight and never openly spoken about.  This will change!

It reminds me of a very old television commercial for a tonic water.  Schhhh... Swept out of sight and out of mind, until the next monster event.

Tracometry People have the internal and external qualifications to resolve these issues.  It is our criminal analytics, tracking, next event predictability at street level that has given us the edge.  It is not just the digital collection of the data, in-house analysts, created algorithms, patterns of concern, which we then have infused with our worldwide law enforcement understanding and counter-terrorism knowledge going back to the 1960's.  

Technology is a key part of moving forward with provisions of capabilities. You can never underestimate your opposition and having dialogue at all levels is an extreme must.

This is the time for talking, examining and planning... 

We Are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

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By Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group
Strategic Development - Perceptive Intelligence (LENSS)

I will never forget the morning of September 11th, 2001, as the very personal attack of terrorists took place on American soil.  The fear that gripped the faces as they ran from the clouds of debris of the collapsing towers, not knowing if it was their last hopeless steps.

Running invigorates the body and brings on all sorts of emotions and triggers the senses within.  The Good, Bad and the Ugly surface and take over our emotions as they did, that awful day.

The sense of fear has never left many and is triggered by other acts and events that occur around us on a daily basis.  If you let terrorism be one of those triggers, the insane morons have won.  Easy for me to say I know, believe it or not, I do have a heart, emotion, triggers too and control.

I was watching a segment on BBC television regarding the killing of the soldier and two eminent professors making some simple statements that I have always have rolling around in my head.  To some, they are stock answers on terrorist attacks and the feelings of people.

A simple one is:

You are much more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.  (Might need to ask golfer, Lee Trevino that question)

The jihadist is wanting and succeeding to instill fear by a dreadful attack on the human race and by any means that brings the attention of groups, individuals and importantly, the media.

Making the front page of the local rag and #1 story of the local evening news on television is the goal.  We humans, bow to their wishes, each and every time.

fear factor

Main Entry: fear factor 

Part of Speech: n
Definition: the extent to which a person's fear keeps them from doing something; any feeling of fear that prevents an action 

In November 2001, I completed a series of How to Reduce the Fear Factor and Increase the Comfort Zone lectures and seminars in the United States.  Massively successful and addressed many audiences of Public Safety and Corporate America.  Never had we addressed this issue before, as no one believed it could ever happen in their lifetime.

All security has, and rightfully so, concentrated on the explosive and the gun as the weapon of choice of the jihadist.  Technology and sophistication of bomb-making and being able to beat the system of detection devices, from the simplest, the canine nose to the extreme of technology, electronic sniffers and x-ray devices.

The killing has come full circle once more.  The knife, a simple piece of steel that is so cold in the killing of another human being.  They say history repeats itself and we never learn from our mistakes.  Complacency is always the underlying factor and we are extremely good at letting down our guard in times of need.

The CommSmart Global Group with Perceptive Intelligence (LENSS - Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution) is embarking on a new series of seminars next year to bring to Public Safety departments and Corporate America, the need to be communicating from within and setting higher standards for leadership and understanding.

We must never forget those that have laid down their lives for us to live today.  We must remove the fear factor and increase our comfort zones, one and all.

Reports over the years have told us: 

In the years after the 9/11 attacks in America and the 2005 London bombings, there was fevered speculation that Al Qaeda might soon belabor the West with biological or even nuclear weapons.

Our forefathers who braved two World Wars and the Cold War would be bewildered and, I think, dismayed that such an action could generate such turmoil.

The spectre of an ‘enemy within’ is bound to be more disturbing than any foreign threat.

While most Muslims wholeheartedly condemn the killers, we know from bleak experience that a significant minority will tell opinion pollsters they actually endorse what was done.

We must nonetheless sustain a sense of perspective. Racially aggravated murders, claiming victims of all races, have been taking place for many years.”

It will go on unless we increase our comfort zones and stop the madness…
We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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