Friday, March 4, 2016

What is it that the people want? EMPLOYMENT! Ask Donald Trump & Gov. John Kasich...

What is it that the people want?
Ask Donald Trump & Gov. John  Kasich...

Everyone wants to work!  That is the majority with a small amount of miscreants who want it all without lifting a finger.  Those, believe they are owed a living and will never change, unless we can prove they are all total wasters!

Connecting all parties has never really been perfected until NOW!

Employers has standards and qualifications and unless you let the world know what those are, you will never succeed in employing the right people to serve the demanded ongoing requirements.

It is about community, 'on your own doorstep' so to speak.  Having a collective community who have been educated to the necessary levels and right in the heart of the community is what is demanded.

People like to plan and know their future and that is where education, schooling if you like, with a local career in mind, makes all the difference.

If you have an education system that can identify the career paths of local students and have the correct course, degree programs with the knowledge of the growth plans of local business, you have a far better opportunity  for success for both employer and potential employee.

It is all about flexibility of services.  Talking about, discussing 'til you're 'blue in the face' does not cut it!

Politicians do not have the solutions, private enterprise does!  A university, college or training school are a private enterprise, they are a business with excellent capabilities once they understand the Corporate Key Battlefields of those corporations that surround them.  They are a service industry with immense abilities and will work hand in hand.

CommSmart Global with our worldwide partners already have a working and proven solution regarding employment for all with additional capabilities to be re-educated and trained for the wants and needs of the community corporations.

We already have the solution in the nation of the Netherlands and their unemployment system.  Our ZoooMeee solution is proven in both reducing the welfare rolls and accelerating the internal HR management success.

It directly connects the employer to the job seeker, which is a reversal of fortune for all concerned.  Knowing the competencies and passion of those who wish to work for you and your existing employees is crucial to success, we know that and have proved it over and over again.

It has to start with skill sets.  We all fully understand that there are Hard Skill Sets that are a absolutely demanded.

What about the Soft Skill Sets?  

These are more important that you give your HR department credit for.  Letting HR management be allowed to sit at the managerial table will be you additional key to success.  Planning with absolute knowledge is smart, just like the 'Smart Bios' of your potential and existing employees.  

It is not just about a job and a paycheck, although, both are important.  It is about a workforce who enjoys their daily attendance and understands the company's projected plans.  It is about working within their community with success.

Last night both Trump and Kasich embraced the need for better employment.

John Kasich stated in last night's Fox Debate the following:

"I’m the only person on this stage who actually was the chief architect of balancing the federal budget. It’s not a theory for me. It’s not — it’s not some — you have to know how to put everything together. And you know, I spent 10 years of my life to get there, and I did not do that because I’m worshiping at some balanced budget shrine.

The reason I did it is when you have commonsense regulations, lower taxes on individuals and businesses, and you have a fiscal plan that makes sense, the job creators will expand employment. And what happened? When I was there, the jobs were exploding. Bill Clinton’s tried to take credit for it. When I went to Ohio, we’re up 400,000 jobs. It’s the same formula.

But it isn’t easy. I fought the entire Washington establishment and won, because when you balance a budget, you must affect every single thing. Everything in the federal government specifically. You cannot get there with theories or broad statements, and you have to be willing to take the heat. In fact, I fought a Republican president, who I thought was not offering constructive proposals to fix this economy.

So when we talk about all this, there’s one person on this stage and one person who’s been a candidate for president in either party that restored economic strength, growth, a balanced budget, paid down debt, cut taxes, the things that people in this country want. No theories. Reality."

"See, there’s people in this country — and Ted’s right — their wages haven’t gone up for so long, they see the rich get richer, they believe, and they’re not moving. And they put their money in the bank, and they got no interest on their money. They receive none. And their sons or daughters are living in the basement because they can’t get a good job after they rang up so much college debt.

What people are hungry for is, who can fix this? People want to know who — what can you do to solve the problems in Washington, to make sure that we have stronger job growth and better wages? But you know what else they’re yearning for? They want to believe that they have the power to fix things where they live, and they want the power back, so they can begin to do things in their community.

Now, listen, this has been going on for a long time here. And I appreciate the discussion back and forth. But there are a lot of people out there yearning for somebody who’s going to bring America back, both at the leadership level and in the neighborhood, where we can begin to reignite the spirit of the United States of America. And let’s stop fighting."

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

UP for the Job?

UP for the Job?



jump starting all our futures

It is all about our environment or surroundings, as we progress in life the decisions we have to make become more and more difficult.  In many cases the preparation is lacking as parenting has radically changed or totally disappeared altogether, effecting how our young choose their future. Today’s employment and career issues are missing or misunderstood by those that have to hire, the corporations.  It has been a never ending complaint that those in the local community are not totally qualified for the posted and needed vacancies and those with the vacancies have to search further afield to fill the positions, which may only be a stopgap for the applicant.

the elements

Believe it or not, the elements have not changed.  Jobs will always be there and somewhere, the right potential employees are available.  The areas of concern are Location, Education, Opportunity and using your internal Human Resource Factors which are under used or ignored.

the reality of evolving

Technology is central, so they say.  It is!  That is when you understand the ramifications.
There must be a full understanding of the inner workings of a corporation, from the top down and understanding the implications of failure to not involve all in the vision and future.  Your Talent Capital surrounds you, you just don’t know it yet.
Your company or corporation was created by either a single individual or a tight group, their ‘real’ knowledge was limited or just a ‘guesstimate’ of what the future could bring with their ingenuity and innovation.  You hired people you knew, there was no HR department in the corner of the garage or basement, it was just YOU!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Google Asks All Of You To Make The Internet Safer - Really!

Google Asks All Of You 
To Make The Internet Safer
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTo CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

Ask all they will, Google has the capability to enact themselves. Wanting to improve education is one thing, instilling learning principles is another!
Society has been dumbed down, so others can profit from their stupidity.

There has to be a wanting to learn, to be educated and become far better in their daily lives. Will it happen? No, just look at how we are educating our children or in fact not educating our children.

So, Google, whose court is the ball in?

The search giant has just posted a "Security Advice Survey" online, asking IT security experts for their best tips and tricks about how to stay safe on the Internet—from not clicking on links in emails to not downloading files from sites that might be dangerous.

I totally agree that the public needs assistance in being involved in the use of the Internet, after all, we are all connected.  Just like the days of the first automobile, someone walked in front, waving a red flag as a warning.

Too late!  Socially the society of today believes “others” should have that responsibility.  After all, it is an “entitlement society”.  People want it all now and on a silver platter.  They do not want to lift a finger in their own protection.

"At Google, we're constantly trying to improve security for our users," wrote Rob Reeder of the company's user experience research team, in a March 26 post on the Google Online Security Blog. "Besides the many technical security features we build, our efforts include educating users with advice about what they can do to stay safe online. Our Safety Center is a great example of this. But we're always trying to do better and have been looking for ways to improve how we provide security advice to users.

People do not listen, they switch on the computer, just like their car, revving up and speeding into want is on their mind to go do.  They do not notice that there are some facts we must check before we open ourselves to a world of harm waiting to happen.  When it does, they scream, cry and ask why someone else did not protect them.

Common sense, logic and downright sensibility is all that is required.  Oh, I forgot, that has been removed for general public’s capabilities.

Transparency of security is penultimate in how we secure it for those others that will fend for themselves.  That is why we introduced Trusted Remedy, the secure, anonymous corporate security, for end to end data in motion for all devices.  No matter what, BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device), machine to machine and general exchanging of information between computers.

That is not all we do, we care, are passionate about the protection of information and stopping the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.  No one should stand by and watch others being harassed by these cyber-terrorists who prey on stupidity.  The hacker throws enough mud against the wall, hoping some will stick.  The mud that sticks are to the gullible who have left the door wide open for the miscreants to steal directly from them that private information and financial data.  Then the problems begin and the crying and whining of “why me” is heard annoyingly loud and clear.

Simple, you started on page 43 of the manual of life and computers.  Start thinking for yourselves and imagine that no one in the world cares about you or your problems.  You are on your own!

Not really true, as both we and Google do care, it is just that Google is reaching to others and not recognizing they have the power to make change from within.  In fact, far faster that having surveys.

Why not Google “security of my computer” this weekend and work on improving your connections.  
Please, you are connected to me!

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Monday, February 29, 2016

You Have an Extra Day To Get It Right!

You Have an Extra Day To Get It Right!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

This is your day to get it right!  Or, continue in the same old form, completely screwing us all...

Being politically correct, thinking you know it all and looking down on everyone, is not hacking it any more!

C-Level executives are just employees as everyone else and many need terminating immediately!

Your lack of business understanding and aloof feelings of 'you have made it' and screwing everyone else are over...

There are hundreds of thousands worldwide who need the pink slip today.  

Yes, make them LEAP back into the 'Real World'.

Like music cover bands in a club, there are thousands of them, all sounding the same and have no chance for success for themselves and the companies who put faith in them.

Linkedin, those that post, copy other people's posts and never read anyone elses posts, your days are done!  Admit it, you have never had a single original idea in your life...

Attracting new employees through your own means or using pathetic recruiters who are duping thousands with lies and Bovine Slurry about the job market and their potential.  

Throwing mud against the wall and hoping it sticks. They are playing a numbers game just like the Phishers and Hackers who bombard sad and desperate people.

Just like Weight Watchers, way behind the times in shaming people to attempt to lose weight.  There are apps for that in the privacy of your own home or office!

Even Oprah Winfrey lost over $30 million last week with the stock loss and her ability to reinvigorate an old fashion industry of shamers.

Group therapy does not work for the majority, reminds me of the supposed rehab clinics who are milking families of money once the insurance runs out.

Times have changed and many belong to outdated clubs and societies of eliteness.

It is about CHANGE...

Stop bringing outdated cybercrime solutions that you have used over the years that are irrelevant and dangerous.  Face the facts, most IT Departments are way behind the times and costing the shareholders and customers billions.

The Job market is yet another example of failure and especially those companies that suggest they are the answer.
  • + recruiters who are playing games with people's minds and lives.
They too can take a LEAP!

Folks, let the jobs find you, stop rewriting your resume to fit the vacancy.  Let the world know of your competencies and passions, Hard and Soft Skills, these are the basis of a company.

So, what are you waiting for, you some decisions to make...





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