Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Procrastination is Killing Business. Indecision Leads Nowhere!

Procrastination is Killing Business.  
Indecision Leads Nowhere!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Why are decisions taking so long?  Is it fear?  Should you even be in the job or position in the first place? 

Never has the phrase "Time is Money" been so relevant!

Meeting after meeting with a flimsy agenda and hot air from those that either are ignorant of the issues or are fearful of their bosses and do not speak up.

Which is it?  Oh, I forgot, you are a procrastinator and can't make your mind up in a timely fashion.

Information is at your finger tips if you take the time and trouble to seek it out. If you were looking for a lover, it would be a different matter would it not?  The objective is the same, mutual satisfaction in all departments and there is a process to achieve that goal.

No, do not bring flowers to the meeting or use too much perfume or cologne. Use your skills of attraction in other ways to highlight the issues and your ability, with solid facts to make those in the meeting fully understand the solution to the problem or new marketing ways.

John Cleese and Video Arts said it best some forty plus years ago, "Meetings and More Meetings" and the "Meetings and More, Bloody Meetings".

Run more effective, efficient meetings. Covering both face-to-face and virtual meetings, you will have the ability to better prepare, structure, manage and control effective meetings.

Are your meetings a complete waste of your organization's valuable time? Are they lacking in effectiveness and efficiency? Meetings that lack direction and focus are all too common.

Declare independence from the pain and suffering of rudderless meetings, stand your ground and divest yourself of procrastination and Indecisiveness.

That is your First Change Order of the Day!

Now Commit! 


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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Internet Stinks! It is Infested Worse Than A Sewer..

The Internet Stinks!
It is Infested Worse Than A Sewer..
 by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

When your drains clog, Who You Going To Call?  Companies like Roto Rooter, who will charge you major buck$ for your predicament.  Nine times out of ten, it is the grease that is pour down the sinks that builds and clogs the flow. 

Majority of the time Roto Rooter, do it blind, placing a rotating snake in the pipe and breaking partially through the blockage. You can have the blind method or for an extra couple of hundred bucks they have an out-of-date camera system that supposedly sees it all.  Most people do not use the camera system as they feel it is too expensive.

This the same way we are using and polluting the Internet.  What with all the data in motion, Spam, wasted marketing emails and a myriad of new Internet connected devices, it is a Super Sewer that smells and nobody is really out there to fix it.

The Internet is just like your drains, it is what YOU wash down them, that is causing the problem!

Corporate IT departments cannot cope!  The management is behind the times, the allocated budget is so pathetic that all they can afford is the putting out of the fires.  Malware attacks are directed at the servers and on a minute by minute basis, time is spent circumventing the issues and never really fixing them.  

The C-Suite of C-Level of a company, including the Board are out date and out of time!  Either do something now or die!  Not an overstatement, just think if you lose all your data on clients, customers, financial records, process designs and it is gone.  

The idea of the Internet at conception was brilliant and never envisaged as a multi-level vehicle laden highway.  It is one step away of breaking and breaking us all.  The reliance of the World Wide Web for all we do is alarming, to say the least.  

Now the latest surge of more traffic is crowd funding.  Funding of some of the most useless enterprises to man and woman.  Come on, an Internet connected umbrella, just in case you leave it somewhere?  

The Internet is being clogged by Apps that are only being created to make a buck and at no cost for the traffic flow. The more devices added exponential increase the risk of being Hacked!  

Home security systems touted by cable companies is a prime example, so easy to hack and learn so much about all of your life.  It is a simple means of thievery and you all are signing up for own demise!

We have been telling you about the hacking of cars for over a year,  cars are not hijacked they are hacked!

Simply there are more doors being left open for the Cyber Terrorist to enter!

I mention YOU once so far.  YOU are the key to stability if YOU will realize what YOU are doing on a daily basis is making it even worse.

Really, YOU are the real safety net.  Look at how use to do things and then use logic to see how we are working today.  Yes pure, simple logic will show YOU the answer.

The Internet is tool used by the Hacker, Phisher and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker and by limiting the access points and shutting the doors quickly will save us all.  Your individual actions will assist us all.

Smartphones which are used for both personal and corporate work are an absolute vulnerability.  In fact, they never leave our sides, do they?  If we separate our voice, (phone calls), emails, texts and document sending and receiving from a device with the Internet enabled, we would be going a long way to stopping the cyber thieves in their tracks. 

If we place all devices that are connected to the Internet with more than a password, the world would change overnight.

Passwords are more than obsolete!  2SSL which includes device DNA and one other form is the only way to protect yourselves and employer.

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, simply, the way to a man's or woman's most intimate information can be through the baby camera system, Internet connected refrigerator, the big screen television and your child's X-box, oh, and your car!

We do not want to go back to pen, paper 
and typewriter or do we...?

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