Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Fourth! - Bring Out the Body Bags and Toe Tags...

Happy Fourth...
Bring Out the Body Bags and Toe tags
By Nick Ashton, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The level of stress has gone beyond “take a pill and call me in the morning” days.  The frustration of people, working class people is fractured and the healing hasn't even started.

If you think Orlando was bad or the killing in Syria, then you have Turkey on the edge of another terroristic event. 

As the nationwide election protests steadily turned against "Everything and Everyone," violent clashes with the police erupted at all of the Trump rallies.

So are you going to start listening to what is going on around you?  No matter where you live, country, nation, city or community, you must listen to what is being talked about, the concerns, otherwise, well, you know the rest of the story, or do you?

CommSmart Global have their ears open, tuned in, listening and watching extremely carefully on what the people state they want.

In America, the Presidential election are now being fought by the political parties, who think they know what is good for the nation, but do they? 

What research is being done?  I do not mean people with clipboards asking questions!  I mean people on the streets, among the people, using their ears and honing their listening skills to find out what makes the American people tick each and every day.

Atmospheric Noise Collection, the Chatter on the Streets, analyzed, understood and packaged into what is good for the whole nation, a nation that is sadly not got all its wheels on the track.

The Forefathers of the American Nation would be so disappointed in this 240th year. 

Onward and Upward. 

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, 

“We Shall Never Surrender…”

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Soft Targets Means YOU... Terrorists & Cyber Criminals, Want YOU!

Soft Targets Means YOU... 
Terrorists & Cyber Criminals, Want YOU!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The events of the last few weeks globally and yesterday's series of mailed packaged bombs shows that terrorism is alive and as sick as ever.

Let us remind you of what is transpiring and why a resilient attitude is required. 
Violent Terrorism has been part of all my life and is about inflicting FEAR and attempting to stop you in your tracks in your everyday life.

Neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, entertainment, and sports venues, shopping malls and transportation are just some of the physical locations/entities which are just some of the soft targets worldwide.

Cyber wise, it means any company or a large database of customers, clients or users.  Loyalty programs, universities, Big Box Companies, online shopping, and social media, anyone that you have shared data with, especially financial and personal information.  Cybercriminals/terrorists want what is rightfully yours and you have entrusted to others.

Both groups of vile miscreants use FEAR to attract media attention and to disrupt life as we know it. Although you are just a human, YOU are a valuable, usable asset to them.  YOU are just more collateral damage that instills more FEAR.

Dead or maimed, you are headlines! 

Soft targets, surround you and our law enforcement has been doing a tremendous job in stopping these attacks.  Your assistance is required and the 'See Something, Say Something' has never been more top of the mind.  

The police need YOU more than ever.  

We must fight fire with fire...

We must take a leaf out of the British Public book used during the bombings by another group of terrorists, the Irish Republican Army.  Bombs were being left in pubs, restaurants, retail stores and in public places.

Even so, the British Public still went about life normally, but aware.  If someone saw a package without an owner, they raised their voice and asked whose it was!  If no one knew or owned up to it was theirs, everyone evacuated immediately.

Snitching is important, anyone you know is radically changing, making statements and their activities are suspect, inform the police, they want to know!

See Something, Say Something, WORKS & SAVES LIVES!

Taking the proactive approach pays dividends on all fronts.

Hacked and Phished, meaning your information is stolen right under the entrusted eyes of those corporations who you shared this information with is of great value to the Cyber Criminal.

Regarding Cyber Terrorists, YOU have the personal responsibility to secure all devices you use to surf the web, check emails and share financial data with.

The Internet is a Sewer of Thieves and must be guarded against.  Passwords are not enough and are laughable in their usage.  Your Smartphone is the most dangerous item you own for assisting the Cyber Terrorist in stealing from you.

Any company you do business with that uses your personal and financial information, must protect all that you supply them.  

From the daily headlines of hacks, you know they do not!

CommSmart Global have a foot in both camps of the threats being leveled and fully understands the issues. 

Having been on the frontline with Disruptive Technology, both physical and cyber has allowed us to reduce the FEAR FACTOR and INCREASE the COMFORT ZONE.  

Cyber attacks hurt immensely in the aggravation of financial denial, social issues and years and decades of looking over your shoulder regarding someone using your identity.

Let us assist you in reducing the FEAR FACTOR and Increasing the COMFORT ZONE!

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