Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silent Blues

Silent Blues
by Nicholas Ashton. CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Silence has never ever been just good news, no matter what of part of life you exist in. 

It can be knowing something and saying nothing because you do not want to get involved.  Maybe, it is a wise move, so you think, as you don't want your bosses to know your real opinion.  

A 'Fear Factor' on your behalf as a human, wanting to keep your job. Brushing it under the carpet or turning your back might be a decision that you felt right at the time, but as the situation evolves, you know you should have spoken up and out.

From the title of this article you might think I am directing this at police officers and management, if you think that and the cap fits, wear it!

Blues are a fantastic form of music and also a feeling of remorse, sadness, and a sick feeling.  When you choose to ignore and turn your back on something you should speak out about, think of not just your consequences, but those it affects directly and are around you.

There a myriad of possibilities and scenarios of success and failure, the latter is not acceptable. 

You are a member of a community and through the employment, you have the charge to protect and serve.  Just because you wear a uniform and badge does not make you superhuman with extra powers to weld among your neighbors. You as much a community member as the scoffers of the law.  The difference is simple, you are paid to uphold the laws and not be a judge or jury in your actions.



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Friday, November 18, 2016

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Slams The Face of Former Home Secretary In The Dirt!

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Slams The Face 
of Former Home Secretary In The Dirt!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The audacity of the man in such a position and moreover, how the hell was he selected in the first place?

Not only an indecisive double-barreled last name but a double shot agenda as a passing final volley over the heads and in the bellies of both the public and police agencies!

February is not soon enough for the departure of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, tThe Scotland Yard commissioner.

It is most elite of you, this face-slap and then rubbing the public's faces in the same dirt you have ground Sir Robert Peel, former Home Secretary's face in. The man who created the formation of policing and the Nine Peelian Principles.

Naturally, there are times that all information on a murder suspect, terrorism or a national plot would logically be withheld from the media and in turn the public, that is common sense. It would all be released when cleared in civil and timely manner

As stated in the London press:

"Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said officers should release only the bare minimum of information when they take a suspect into custody.

The Scotland Yard commissioner, who stands down in February, said police should simply confirm they have made an arrest, with no further details.

His comments are the latest evidence of how chief constables are using the Leveson Inquiry as an excuse to launch a draconian crackdown on information.

Critics said the move would be reminiscent of a 'banana republic' in which people can disappear from the streets without a trace. One contrasted the proposed crackdown with the openness of the US judicial system as an MP called for the plan to be debated in Parliament."

This is NOT the Peelian Principles in which Peel laid out and is the Policeman's Bible!  

Ask Bratton, Beck or Ramsey, who are  thousands of miles away from the British shores but understand policing a damn sight better than Hogan-Howe!

As Peel stated: "The Public are the Police and Police are the Public"

Nothing more and nothing less.  Secretive agendas have no place and have only dragged the Trust & Respect for police officers and the agencies they work for, down a sordid path of shame.

Failed Witch Hunts and cover-ups spring to mind.  This is not some sort police agency clic for the special club!  Transparency is the key and it seems Hogan-Howe does not like this.  

What else are you hiding Sir?  Who are those that have and are supporting your policies and proposes changes?

Being trained in the policies of law enforcement is one thing, putting on a uniform and being issued a warrant card or becoming a sworn officer, does not make you any different to a member of the public and community, from whence you came.

Policing is about "Rights and Laws on the Books", not your personal agenda or opinion.

You have insulted us all, police and public and placed an undue pressure and spotlight on every officer doing their duty.

Today will not be soon enough for your resignation and departure!

It is about being a public servant, not a Dictator!

Sir Robert Peel with have the last word on this matter and it is contained in his Nine Peelian Principles and a New Tenth Principle which brings technology and policing to the forefront.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who Knows What is What? History - Invented Memories - Factual Disconnections

Who Knows What is What?
History - Invented Memories
Factual Disconnections
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The stories, fiction, and the total invention of news is now the norm!

Thank goodness there is a baseline for information and all interlinked data. Something we cannot live without and no matter how you feel about privacy, we must have a full understanding of facts and not invented fiction.

You may believe it is a very social world with people connecting, sharing information and enlightening each other of global and local events, bring us closer and closer.  

It is not!

We, socially are more insecure than ever.  The expression, TMI (Too Much Information) is so factual, the criminal can collect so much about for the stupidity of your social postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other unsociable finger and thumb communications.

On the other hand, I thank you!  Your unashamed postings tell us so much and public and criminal data allows us to paint the picture that we require to solve a crime and stop major concerns regarding terrorism.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner know how data can be used productively to protect us all. 

Let us introduce our Accurint® Virtual Crime Center.

Accurint® Virtual Crime Center is a tool for command staff, analysts and investigators that combine billions of public records with agency-provided data in a cross-jurisdictional data exchange to provide law enforcement with unprecedented linking capabilities. Creating a complete picture of a person, location or incident will help law enforcement agencies solve more crimes and obtain hard to find information. 

Criminals have no boundaries. Accurint Virtual Crime Center will provide agencies with a view beyond their own jurisdictions into regional and nationwide crime data. Each year, about 12% of the population moves a statistic that is even higher for young adults. To predict and solve crime patterns, you need visibility not just to the jurisdiction next door, but across the country. The ability to view information such as crime incident data, CAD, offender data, crash data and license plate readers in the same place will assist in resolving and preventing crimes in a timely manner.

The success of our professional services from the coaching and mentoring perspective is second to none.  Understanding where it all started back in 1829 with Sir Robert peel and his Nine Peelian Principles which we have expanded to ten.  Yes, the inclusion of a tenth principle which brings the technology factor into play and still maintains the basic principles which are known as the Policeman's bible. 

Times have changed and police agencies and communities must not be left behind or more vulnerable from a security factor.

As Peel stated: 'The Public is the Police and Police are the People'.

Stop second guessing and taking too much to solve crimes, contact us now.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Is The Bully In Your Company or Personally? Ours Is Named...

Bullying, It is All Around You!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Some bullies have got away with blue murder for decades and it is stopping when you stand up to them, expose them and use the legal system to halt them in their tracks.

The likes of Rex Brown is a personal example and there is more to come for Mr. Rex Brown in the court system! 

His smirky smile will be wiped from his face at long last!

Convicted already of Criminal Trespassing, his next court date is November 29th, 2016 and it will go on from there.  There is more in-store for Rex Brown and other bullies out there. 

I have met Rex Brown three times only, once on a Christmas holiday two years ago when he was downing more alcohol than should be consumed on such a family occasion, the day he dog-napped his ex-wife's dog and criminally trespassed on the property to do so and then court when he was convicted.

We are far from obsessed with this man, we wish to stop his continuing actions of bullying against other people, including his children, who cannot see the issue whatsoever.  It is also a lesson for others to stand up to those who are bullying them.

This is an obnoxious man... 

Here is Direct Message to Brown

The Internet and social media are a playground of concerns and as we see, if we Google the subject matter at hand, it is deep, dank and very gloomy within the seedy side of life.

When most people hear the word bullying they automatically think of bullying in schools. However, there is another kind of bullying that is happening every day and all over the country. Bullying in the workplace is all too common and it is a very frightening and an isolating experience for those who suffer at the hands of the bullies. 

I remember being approached by the school bully and being told that I would pay over my lunch money every day and if I didn't, he and his so-called friends would beat the crap out of me.  Oh, I got the first punch and kick, who said you had to fight fair!  

Workplace victims are made to feel frightened, useless, and full of shame and embarrassment. Being bullied at work can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, complete loss of self-confidence, panic attacks, withdrawal, many various health problems, and in some cases suicidal feelings or as we are witnessing, actual suicide.

A boss, a colleague, or another member of staff may suddenly start picking on someone for a variety of different reasons, none of which are the fault of the victim. They may do it when no one else is around, making obscene comments, threats, or gestures, ensuring guilt and shame and therefore silence. The use of social media is more prevalent that you know and embarrassment of the event stops the individual from showing others of the situation. The bully feels powerful, strong and in control. On the other hand, they may do it in front of a group of people, belittling, shouting, or even completely ignoring the person. This makes the bully feel big and powerful in front of others and makes the victim feel isolated from the group, worthless and very often, stupid. Other members of the group may realize what is going on, but feel too frightened to speak up or defend the victim, in case the bully turns on them.  It is a fear factor that feeds from within.

Bullies can work in other ways too; they can pick on someone in less obvious, but equally as hurtful ways. Responsibilities may be taken away; deadlines may be brought forward at short notice, entitled leave may be denied, or forced to work longer hours without any reward. It may be that hard work is ignored, or as soon as a tiny mistake is made they are jumped on immediately and ‘disciplined’. Every day is full of dread and fear. Some people don’t realize that what is happening to them is actually bullying, as it is done so discretely, and so it is allowed to continue for some time. The victim is made to believe that what the bully is telling them is actually true. It may seem that there is no way out, no way to stop this monster, and no one to tell.

If you are being bullied at work here are some points to remember about bullies:

• Bullies are in reality total cowards, and they need to feel that they are better than you, the only way they know how to do this is by bullying.
• Bullies are frightened that they will reveal to others that they are actually incompetent at their job and other areas of their lives, so to stop this from happening they pick on someone else.
• Bullies are control freaks and need to feel that they have the upper hand.
• Bullies are cheats, liars, deceptive and manipulative.
• Bullies are incompetent, jealous, bitter and angry.
• If a bully tells you that you are useless, incompetent, lazy, weak or any other negative aspect, they are actually talking about themselves.
• They will pick on your most vulnerable asset and make it out to be ten times worse than it actually is, this is to make you feel bad about yourself and it also makes you believe what they say.
• Bullies can be charming and very deceitful, making it difficult for the victim to be believed by others.
• Bullies thrive on fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment and most of all, silence.

Being bullied can have devastating effects, which can last for years after it

has taken place. If you feel that you are being bullied or where bullied in the past, please don’t hesitate in getting help. Remember: it is the bully who is in the wrong, not you.

Stop the Bullying and reach out to others you trust and slam the Bully into the void of silence and shame they deserve.

Do not retaliate with violence and if you feel threatened, go to your local law enforcement and speak with them.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…
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Monday, November 14, 2016

How Well Did You Sleep Last Night? - Are You Really Running At 100% To Execute Your Job?

How Well Did You Sleep Last Night?
Are You Really Running At 100% To Execute Your Job?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There are those that just cannot get the right amount of sleep and it is not always at night.  

Shift workers who rotate through three different shifts complain regularly that sleep deprivation has ruined their marriage, social life and presumed quality of life. Science proves it and logically we all know it!  

Sleep is the most important part of life's cycle.

As nearly of all Americans crawl into bed for what they want is a good night's sleep, more than 2.5 million people are just reporting for work, punching the clock to start a graveyard shift.

Police officers, hospital workers, truck drivers, and factory workers are among those working the "third" or "graveyard" shift that maintains and keeps the country moving along 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

They make up 3.4 percent of the workforce, and they expeditiously toil at night because it's a dream job or they get a little more pay. They have found that a vampire's schedule is more apt or convenient.  Maybe it is the only work they can find.

Night workers or third shift workers may feel they've turned their lives upside down to work on a schedule that departs from social norms and works against the body's natural circadian rhythms. It is what they do and can directly tell of the diabolical issues it causes in the chaotic lives.

Some employment demands a 24/7 schedule to the determent of some.

Shift work has its problems and it is what methods some take to maintain a sleep pattern, yes sleep aids.  Prescription Pills, illicit drugs and of course alcohol to name the tri-fixes.  Dangerous to say the least but it seems acceptable for businesses that use the shift employment system.

The one area that concerns us the most is law enforcement which is a demanded 24/7 necessity.  There are many different variations of shift work used within agencies and none are perfect whatsoever.  

Management and staff know it and are only now slowly understanding and offering solutions.  The 'Open Door' policy of coming 'clean' about addictions is still not working and a societal nightmare.  Having the ability to meet with your supervisors and leadership and admitting you have a drug or alcohol issue without being fired is marvellous if a good percentage were doing so.  

They are not!

Admission and then being supported with assistance to 'kick the habit' is excellent and does show that there is a managerial admission of the problem. Who though is going that route? Risking keeping mum and hoping they do not get caught and then fired!

Having an officer who has to be 100% at all times to do his or her duty to the community is vital.  Sadly there is a major percentage of officers who have issues through sleep deprivation and turned to both prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol are growing.

Fellow police officers know the problems and deal with it daily and nightly, having your buddies back or (6) is vital in all situations and if an officer is not functioning on par, that is a major liability concern.

So the next time an officer comes tour home or place of business to serve papers, inquire a situation or just to general police a community are they 100% on the ball or are there issues?

We must be more open to this growing concern now!

All the technology in the world with Digital Policing is useless when the operator is impaired.

Sir Robert Peel had to deal with the use of Ale by the public back in 1829 when he gave us the Nine Peelian Principles.  Times have changed and the Nine Peelian Principles stand firm with an addition of the Tenth Peelian Principle.  

Which, over the next few weeks, we will introduce and reintroduce to you.

Are our expectations set too high?  


It is a society admission that is lacking and the liability is too great to ignore anymore!

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