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Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Slams The Face of Former Home Secretary In The Dirt!

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Slams The Face 
of Former Home Secretary In The Dirt!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The audacity of the man in such a position and moreover, how the hell was he selected in the first place?

Not only an indecisive double-barreled last name but a double shot agenda as a passing final volley over the heads and in the bellies of both the public and police agencies!

February is not soon enough for the departure of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, tThe Scotland Yard commissioner.

It is most elite of you, this face-slap and then rubbing the public's faces in the same dirt you have ground Sir Robert Peel, former Home Secretary's face in. The man who created the formation of policing and the Nine Peelian Principles.

Naturally, there are times that all information on a murder suspect, terrorism or a national plot would logically be withheld from the media and in turn the public, that is common sense. It would all be released when cleared in civil and timely manner

As stated in the London press:

"Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said officers should release only the bare minimum of information when they take a suspect into custody.

The Scotland Yard commissioner, who stands down in February, said police should simply confirm they have made an arrest, with no further details.

His comments are the latest evidence of how chief constables are using the Leveson Inquiry as an excuse to launch a draconian crackdown on information.

Critics said the move would be reminiscent of a 'banana republic' in which people can disappear from the streets without a trace. One contrasted the proposed crackdown with the openness of the US judicial system as an MP called for the plan to be debated in Parliament."

This is NOT the Peelian Principles in which Peel laid out and is the Policeman's Bible!  

Ask Bratton, Beck or Ramsey, who are  thousands of miles away from the British shores but understand policing a damn sight better than Hogan-Howe!

As Peel stated: "The Public are the Police and Police are the Public"

Nothing more and nothing less.  Secretive agendas have no place and have only dragged the Trust & Respect for police officers and the agencies they work for, down a sordid path of shame.

Failed Witch Hunts and cover-ups spring to mind.  This is not some sort police agency clic for the special club!  Transparency is the key and it seems Hogan-Howe does not like this.  

What else are you hiding Sir?  Who are those that have and are supporting your policies and proposes changes?

Being trained in the policies of law enforcement is one thing, putting on a uniform and being issued a warrant card or becoming a sworn officer, does not make you any different to a member of the public and community, from whence you came.

Policing is about "Rights and Laws on the Books", not your personal agenda or opinion.

You have insulted us all, police and public and placed an undue pressure and spotlight on every officer doing their duty.

Today will not be soon enough for your resignation and departure!

It is about being a public servant, not a Dictator!

Sir Robert Peel with have the last word on this matter and it is contained in his Nine Peelian Principles and a New Tenth Principle which brings technology and policing to the forefront.

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