Friday, August 16, 2019

Heavy Mental Jacket...

Heavy Mental Jacket... 
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group

Someone Knew Something & Did Nothing!

President Trump states that the government will be looking after our war heroes the way they should always be treated. 

The issues are many, varied, and many die each day at their own hands.  They feel lost forgotten and as if they are not respected.  They are!

Mental health is a significant part of the concerns.

Yesterday it was a sword, tomorrow whatever is at hand to end life will be used. 

Will you call to ban those items too?

Discussions on such diverse subjects as gun control and mental illness do go hand in hand.  It is the assumption that banning something will make it be removed from the face of the earth and never cause a problem again.  


Allowing someone who is mentally diminished to own, use, or play with a gun is more than foolish.  The VA (Veterans Administration bans veterans of diminished responsibility to own or have access to a weapon, in fact, they cannot own new property either, that, though, is another story.

Look back at prohibition and what happened with alcohol availability and consumption.  Booze was still available and consumed by the gallon, as it was the "forbidden fruit," so to speak.

300 million + guns are owned and available in the USA, 18,000 people committed suicide with a firearm as the ultimate silencer, 8,000 people were murdered by someone using a gun as the instrument of death.  

A lot of guns and a lot of information, which statistically proves what?  Guns are out there, and no matter what, people will use them.  If they were banned, people would still have died by some other means or method.

Mental health laws are also being called over the coals as well, anti-social behavior is not listed as a treatable disorder.  

Sadly, if we look at the streets of "Any Town, USA," you will find individuals who are homeless and live wherever they can sleep, storing their stuff safely.  

Shelters are full to the brim, and many try to assist these people.  Homeless Shelters are far from safe and constitute a significant part of the problem.  Some are run by ex-criminals and drug dealers, who, take advantage of the social down and outs.  The fox is in charge of the hen house, and this is accepted by local city councils and law enforcement.

Most homeless do not want your help in any way, shape, or form.  The comprehension of their actions and living standards are lost on them.  They know not what they do and how it is affecting us all.

The straight jack of a ban will not work on guns.  The recognizing of mental health issues as a significant problem that needs solving is a priority.  Which will receive the most attention?

Watch your headlines, listen to the commentators, and see politicians flip/flop on the subject of guns.  No disrespect, but Former President Obama stated he will do all in the power of his office to make a change in the event of the school killings. Extreme well-chosen words that were and are empty in the ability for him and his former office to make a change.  It is Washington politicians that have the ultimate control of what happens in this nation, not a President.  Even we do not count!

President Trump is a Second Amendment Supporter and will be looking for gun laws in his administration.

Individuals who come across as weirdos and strange to society are people to be concerned about.  Why do we not voice our concerns about these people? 

Simple, if the person has not broken any laws, there is nothing that can be done. It is not illegal to stand in a corner and stare at people or talk to one's self.  

Wackos are among us, and we only see some of them for a few seconds and make our judgment.  Family members, co-workers, and neighbors see even more, and it is their concern that needs reporting, if they feel vulnerable, then the action is required.

Gossip is part of this problem, social media is a sad section of today's society and fuels the other side of the problem.  Miss-statements, rumors, and pure wrong information make this situation even worse. Followed by the media grasping at all information being stated, airing it before it has been confirmed and adding to the confusion.

It is the time to stand firm and help us all regarding strange individuals in the workplace, on the streets and even in our own homes.  

You may not be around to regret your missed action, and only others will talk about what you should have done and why you ignored the facts.


WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

From the Shadows of Fading Blue, The Hurt Is On Both Sides

Foresight - From the Shadows of Fading Blue,
The Hurt Is On Both Sides, Regarding Mental Health

If you believe that it is the people and the police who are at loggerheads, you are right but also wrong!

Sir Robert Peel, the father of policing in 1829 set the standards with his Nine Peelian Principles, which stand firm today. Most law enforcement personnel has never heard of Peel, let alone his principles.

I certainly have and so does Commissioner Bill Bratton.  Ask him, Google his opinion on Peel.  You will be shocked and join in our opinions wholeheartedly.

The Public are the Police and Police are the People’.  You put your pants on the same way every single day, so never forget that you are the public also.

Attitudes right now are running in the wrong direction and need to be reeled back into the reality of social standards.  I know, you think that is hogwash and it is not your job to be a shrink, divorce lawyer, mentor, and parent.  It is, as you have all the same problems and traits as the public, which you are part of.

Sadly, over the decades in your lifetime, no matter how long or short it is, attitudes have changed.  Respect and Trust in employment and on the streets is not a manner of bullying until they get the message and do it your inner social way.

We have all met those management types who attempt to dominate you in a manner that you know is wrong.  You say nothing but ‘Yes Sir, Three Bags Full, Sir’, stop doing it!  It is not your place or theirs to get you to do your job by intimidation. You are sadly taking it back to the street with the wrong attitude and there lies the problem!

Racism is used every single moment a police officer interviews or arrests someone who is a different color or ethnicity.  I did not see in any crime rulebook that color is every mentioned.  It is about criminals and criminality.  Remember that the next time you put hands on a suspect.  Not just for you to understand, it is the other public, too!

Come on, we are all racists on all sides, it is in our DNA, but the law books have no color, religion, class or creed listed.

Every day we rub shoulders with police officers from around the globe, converse, share and most of all, think of how the actions of us all can bring us back to Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles.

Nicholas Ashton
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Burying Your Head In The Sand Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!

Burying Your Head In The Sand 
Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!

Does not matter what part of the world you are in, the problems are the same.  What happens in London, Paris, Dayton, Ohio, El Paso, Texas, New York, Chicago, Monrovia, Rio, Port of Spain, Des Moines, Nashville, or Provo, the same social situations will manifest themselves at different levels, times and severity.  

Every city worldwide has a drug, gang, and murder rate with growing societal situations that are a cause for concern.  Gangs or insurgents all work in the same manner.  If it is Afghanistan or Akron, Ohio, overall it is the same issue, it is criminal.  No matter where people are crimes are committed and law enforcement has to solve the crime.  It could be called a vicious circle of fire that must be extinguished before it becomes too big to handle.

Why do some events grow to an out of control status and it takes more resources, effort and time to attempt to control?  

How about pigheadedness! Even the skill-set that does match the situation, like no experience in the matters at hand whatsoever. They are burying their heads in the sand and believe they know it all.

The failure to listen to others with far more expertise in these types of affairs is foolish, but then again we are all human and think we know it all.  Thinking that the individual knows it all is like traveling a road to doom for those that are relying on that person in charge.  

There is nothing wrong with asking for help!

Not only are they failing the people who they are there to protect, but they are also failing the surrounding team and themselves.  The aftermath is even worse when you do nothing and then you express, “I should have asked for help”.

Look, the human mind has many layers of wanton perfection and in many cases the ability to see what they, as an individual are missing is impossible, unless you look in the mirror and ask very personal questions of one’s self. 

Those that surround the individual allow them to create failure for all.  It is like the celebrity meltdowns and disgusting behavior that hits the headlines and we all say why did no one stop them or told them of the destructive path they were on.  Simple, those that surround are fearful of the individual and what the reaction will be and the consequences.  Normally it is a financial reasoning.  It is personal protectionism at its worse!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and assistance.  

CommSmart Global Group likes to hear the words “Help Me”.  Our team did not just suddenly and magically come together, it has taken decades to find the right match in all departments and each individual is part of a large jigsaw puzzle that portrays the picture of success that is required.  

No one likes failure and those that do not ask for help are exacerbating the problem.  “Can You Help Us”, is an easy phrase to say when there is a well-oiled team ready and waiting in the wings.

Ask our team for help and work cohesively to solve the situations that are at this time a bone of contention.  Tracometry People have no ego to take charge, we merely examine, advise and bring together the solutions and resolutions.

Sorry… what did you say?  

Sure, we can help you…

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Generational Male Culture, Ideology & Sexual Aggression Syndrome

Generational Male Culture, Ideology
& Sexual Aggression Syndrome

Do not believe that the male or for that matter, the female has suddenly become more sexually dominate in the last few years.  

They have not!

As we are seeing in the daily headlines, newscasts, and the Internet, generational sexual abuse has suddenly been brought to the forefront.  

Now, with a more direct means of communication, social media's reach and the instant audience are always front and center when allegations are cast.  Whether they are true or false, they make headlines and to hell with what the effects of the posting will have on the 'named individual', their family and public.

Accusatorial actions have consequences for all!  Just because it is stated by a named or un-named individual does not mean it is true, partially true or a total lie.  The accused must have their day of reckoning as well.  Silence is not a signal of truth with the matter.  There are always two or three sides to any accusations, stories or photographs.

Times have changed and this Politically Correct World is a major part of the problem!

Just what 'is' sexual misconduct?  

Am I not allowed to make a comment on how great a co-worker or friend looks in a sweater?  Has 'goosing' had its day?

None of us, only the individuals concerned know what has transpired.  All the rest is conjecture, is it not?

Step back and look at how we joke about the caveman bashing a woman over the head and dragging her into his cave.  We don't have to finish the storyline as we know what he was after!

Comedy over the years is also the record of what was and generationally accepted as something to laugh at, mock and accept as natural in our daily lives.

Yes, there is locker room banter, with men and women telling stories and jokes about sexual aggression.  We all laugh, even if we are disgusted and go along with the flow and to not be singled out as a prude.

It is stated by many learned individuals that much of what an individual is today, is shaped by the culture that he or she is born in and lives through, acquiring cultural values, attitudes, and behaviors. Culture determines definitions and descriptions of normality and psychopathology. Culture plays an important role in how certain populations and societies view, perceive, and process sexual acts as well as sexual violence.

An important element in the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of sexual violence is the use of “coercion” or force and there is a high possibility that there are cultural differences with respect to what is labeled as “forced” sexual intercourse. Various cultures describe certain forms of sexual violence that are condemned and other forms that may be tolerated to a degree, the culturally legitimized forms of violence thus giving rise to a continuum with transgressive coercion at one end to tolerated coercion at the other. 

For example, in South Africa, only the rape of white women was prosecuted under an apartheid system, while sexual violence against black women was accepted as a part of life. Childhood marriages in certain parts of rural India involve marriage and sexual relationship with a girl who is not yet an adult. It, thus, amounts to sexual coercion and is considered illegal. However, the entire issue is sanctioned by personal laws defined by individuals who partake in such marriages as condoned by Khap Panchayats who decide on marriage partners in certain parts of North India. Similarly, sexual violence is considered legitimate by young men in South Africa who also believe that mental health is negatively affected by lack of sex.

Cultural aspects of sexual violence can be understood from observations and literature on interpersonal violence (IPV) in the context of sexual acts. Higher rates of sexual violence are expected to be more prevalent in cultures that encourage the objectification of women, thus making them appear inferior to men. 

However, not all cases are reported to the respective authorities and as high as 67%-84% of cases of sexual violence may go unreported due to the sensitivity of the issue, thereby making it difficult to gather exact figures and a true sense of the problem. It has been postulated that the rates of unreported sexual offenses are higher in some Asian cultures where virginity is highly valued and a woman's modesty is of utmost importance that gives her family the much-required respect.

Within the evolutionary psychology framework, a higher male-female sex ratio (more men than women) gives rise to competition among males for female mates. This may lead to sexual jealousy and frustration among men contributing to sexual violence. This theoretical framework looks at sexual violence as a method used by men to ensure the sexual fidelity of their female mates.

However, this may also mean that this theory is applicable only to intrarelationship sexual violence as it refers to fidelity, which occurs within the context of a relationship. This hypothesis may, thus, not explain the rise in cases of child sexual abuse where there is no question of fidelity. It is, of course, entirely possible that this rise is likely with better and accurate reporting.

A paradoxical hypothesis by Guttentag and Secord argues that a high sex ratio with fewer women compared to men raises the value that men give to women thus reducing the chances of him resorting to intimate partner violence including sexual violence.

Within any sociocultural setting, the meaning of being a man/woman and manhood/womanhood may vary with masculine identity being associated with experiences and feelings of power. Paternalistic cultural models encourage the view that men protect women from harm, thus giving the impression that women are largely incapable of protecting themselves.

In addition to violence, the incident of sexual violence involves elements of control, power, domination, and humiliation. In order to gain power and control over their victims, perpetrators of sexual violence resort to practices such as abduction, isolation, manipulation, coercion, threats, and sexual abuse. Offenders may not necessarily find the act sexually gratifying but it is the meaning attributed to power for men that may override sexual goals in such acts. This is very well exemplified in sexual violence against children, which is fundamentally an expression of power over a child's life. Resisting the offender's attempts is unlikely especially so in the case of children since they do not always have the cognitive maturity to understand the wrongness of the act.

It has also been postulated that gender equality may increase sexual violence in the form of male backlash, with men being more commonly known to commit sexual violence across different cultures. It is also entirely possible that increased media attention may attract some individuals to perform these acts so that they gain a degree of infamy.

The latter is hard to believe but nevertheless stated by some!

Seems that this sexual aggression is all onesided, it is not, men shame men and waiting in the wings are many issues of women being aggressive, sexually to men.  Time will tell and so will others, just wait and see!

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Suicide Is Dangerous, More Is Coming...

Suicide Is DangerouS,

Since terrorists started using the bomb, by the way, it is much early than you think, they have been working out ways to inflict death and mayhem on their enemies.  We shall not go back to beginning yet but shall look at modern-day terrorists who use the explosive device to make sure their message is heard loud and very clear.

The IRA’s (Irish Republican Army), London bombing campaigns during the 1970s, caused considerable destruction and left many dead and injured in their wake. On 31 October 1971, a bomb exploded at the Post Office Tower in central London forcing it to be closed to the public.

It was this incident that started our investigation into how we could protect the citizens of Great Britain against the cowardly IRA bombers. 

Many around the world, especially in America have no idea of what or how terrorism and the use of the bomb started or what it caused.  The U.K. was at the forefront and cutting edge of mitigation and collateral damage resolvement.

The IRA detonated two car bombs on 8 March 1973 killing one person and injuring around 200. One of the bombs was placed outside the Old Bailey. In September that year, other bombs at King's Cross and Euston railway stations injured 12 people.

On 17 June 1974, an explosion at the Houses of Parliament injured 11 people. 

A bomb went off at the Tower of London on 17 July killing one person and injuring 41 others. 

Three members of staff were injured on 22 October when a device exploded at Brooks’s, a private members’ club popular with military officers. 

A bomb thrown through the window of a pub near the Royal Artillery Training Centre at Woolwich killed two people and wounded 28 others on 7 November. 

A bomb exploded at the Belgravia home of Conservative Party leader Edward Heath on 22 December.

After a short ceasefire, the IRA resumed its campaign by carrying out a number of attacks in the West End (Regent and Oxford Streets shopping area) during January 1975. 

A booby trap device planted in Kensington killed a bomb disposal officer on 29 August 1975. On 5 September 1975, a bomb at the London Hilton killed two people and injured 63 others. 

The list goes on and on…

I think you have got the picture! 

Hanging a bomb amongst clothing hidden within the rack of clothes, a paper carrier bag left in a restaurant or pub, a bag under a seat on a bus, all marks of the terrorist method of placement of an explosive device to do as much damage to human life and grab the headlines of the news media.  

That was and is the IRA method of operation and some of the methods used.

Others followed suit in using explosives in their quest to garner action for their misguided cause.  Planes, boats, and train travelers have all experienced the wrath of the bomber.

Worldwide we have progressed in many simplistic ways, bicycles, scooter, motorbikes, and even the ox-cart are used.  

Using human carriers of the explosives into public places, using suicide bombers is not recent and just an extension for ease of access.

A little history, with the invention of dynamite in 1860 by Nobel, things changed.  Almost by accident, Russian terrorist Ignaty Grinevitsky found that one effective way to use a dynamite bomb was to couple it to a human trigger.

Grinevitsky was a member of the People’s Will, a terrorist organization committed to murdering Alexander II, leader of Imperial Russia. The People’s Will tried on numerous occasions to kill Alexander using dynamite bombs between 1879 and early 1881. We still use the human trigger mechanisms, although successful it is riddled with faults and failures. 

Thank goodness they are not the brightest spark from the fire.

Sadly we have come full circle and in the last few days, suicide bombers have left a distinctive message.  Fear is abounding and over the last decade, terrorists in Russia are still using suicide bombers.  The rest of the world had better not stand down and needs to be on high alert as this is a message that is extremely loud and clear. 

Is the female suicide bomber is back and will be used AGAIN!

Hasna Aitboulahcen who blew herself up in Paris a couple of years ago was not the first and will not be the last! 

Aitboulahcan is understood to have activated a suicide vest during a police raid on a flat, following Friday's deadly attacks in Paris.

This is also one the female suicide bomber who joined the list of past bombers and sadly will not be the last! 

Using women as the human mechanism is not new and has been used the world over with great success for the terrorist groups.  The selection of a suicide bomber is simple, they choose a person within a family that has differing problems.  Those with mental and medical problems or has disgraced their family in some manner, such as, out of wedlock pregnancy or contracted AIDS. They are used and the terrorist group uses Islam as an excuse to resolve the family issues.

The blending of the bomber with the public is the secret.  Someone, somewhere knows exactly what is going on and this is where Atmospherics (Chatter on the Streets, comes into play.  

People talk, they cannot keep their mouths shut and we must use our expertise in listening and accumulating the collected information.  Data collection and analysis are vital.  It is from this we can perform “Next Event Predictability” to track the terrorists and their ill-gotten plans.

We have had the typical suicide bombers targets, public gathering locations such as train stations, airports, sports facilities, in fact anywhere the public is in numbers.  The second is the transportation itself, bus, trolley, train or plane.  Both have been used and from the evidence, others will follow.  

These targets use the location as a deadly means, they are a confined space.  The suicide bombers inflict their damage by a body bomb that will kill and maim those around them, approximately 30 – 60 feet is the main kill zone.  

The damage is horrific, I will not describe the carnage, you can Google for yourselves and see what is left of the bomber and what is inflicted on innocent people.

The energy of the bomb is looking for an escape route, to vent out of the confined space, taking and ripping everything in its path.

In bomb blast protection we always “harden” a building for the outside car bomb blast potential.  Over the last 45 years we, as a company, have perfected our solutions.  We have not ever forgotten the need for venting of a confined space for the possibility of a suicide bomber.  I believe we were the first to create a solution for venting public buildings in the event of a suicide bomber.

I remember my meeting and presentation in Washington D.C. on March 11th, 2004, the day Spain suffered a railway train explosion that changed each Spaniard’s opinion of terrorism.  This is a country that has been suffering from Basque terrorist for decades and that day, it was taken to a whole different level.  This meeting had approximately 50 people booked to attend at the Department of Transportation, we were informed that the location was being changed as over 200 hundred had now, that morning, asked to attend due to our subject matter and the chain of events.

I was even asked that day if we could invent a bomb detection device for bus transportation and the man was serious!

What are the targets? 

Terrorists select locations and dates by anniversaries, history, special events and their terroristic concerns.  The build-up is a major concern, there are more anniversaries both political, religious, historical and event-driven than most years. 

The research is more than a full-time job and those tasked must keep their information fresh and fluid.  It is not just what someone thinks, it is their actions that can trigger a terrorist group to latch on to the situation or concerns.

The Olympics are a major target since Munich in 1972 and the murder of
athletes. The security of the Brazilian Olympics is as important as it has been a target all along.  It is the regions terror groups who have promised to make these violent games and the Russian government is publicly showing some concerns.

Today, they may be more worried than ever before.

Drug cartels and massive gangs are the concern, the bomb has hardly ever been used by them but is an option when these people see the message that is sent out through mass killings by using the bomb.  It is the headlines of fear that drive these morons.

Proactivity is more vital than ever in this dangerous age.  We started our prevention, secure techniques and solutions over 45 years ago and our standards have not changed.  

Whether it be word of mouth, fingers, and thumbs of social media, or just plain detective work, we are the same and as diligent as ever.

Our passion is as fired up to protect those that bear the brunt of these attacks.  

People, people who work for corporations as they are the ones affected more than any other group.  Commerce is the major collateral sufferer of terrorism, it affects your business, staff, and clients and we must reduce the risk. 

You cannot afford not to be pro-active! 

We are in the NOW and

KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Friday, July 26, 2019

What Does A Weekend Mean To You? Just A Cushion To Monday Morning CACA or The Chance to Woo Your Potential Clients?

What Does A Weekend Mean To You?
Just A Cushion To Monday Morning CACA
or The Chance to Woo Your Potential Clients?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We start thinking about the weekend every time something goes awry, even on Mondays!

Friday can never come quick enough for us all.  For what reason though?

The weekend is a stalling tactic without resolution or real satisfaction to the ultimate end game.  How are we still lying to each other or how we are conning the crap out of each other, in thinking that the world around you is in peace and harmony. 

It is not!

Las Vegas is the proof!

It is about time for a realization of the failure of the Decision Making ‘Fear Factor’ of with a commitment, a solid understanding and not procrastinating whilst the value diminishes.

Damn It!  Commit with solid facts, work for it just like you did and do to capture a close lover’s heart!  Chasing your potential soulmate is absolutely an art form with a phenomenal end result that will place more than a smile on your faces.

When in the ‘chase’, you notice everything, you never take your eyes off the goal.  Every action is under scrutiny, movement, eye twitches, placement of hands and the whole damn demeanor is in the spotlight of ‘wantonness’.
Bring it to the tabletop meeting in the same manner and coo the potential corporate account in a decision-making move.

Straight talking is our game to be proactive and decisive in the ability to win the day of the corporate contract or even capturing your lover and soulmate.

Wooing is cool when you have all the corporate and human tools at your fingertips and now realize what has been missing.

Conversing with each other, not ‘telling’ in a manner that is overpowering.  You know just telling never works when attempting to date and winning over that special person. 

It does not work in business either!

Yes, the conversation is a two-way street to success.

Let’s converse, we know how to make things happen!

Oh, even our Keynote speeches mean so much more…

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

RESPECTISM Vs. RACISM - Now, a very personal experience

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Respectism there is no such word I thought, but then again, this is 2019 and you can invent whatever you like and someone did!

Sadly, I was on the receiving end of more than racism.  It has taken my friends, business colleagues and lawyers to calm me down.  

It personally hurt me deeply and I, like others including the witness who heard this disparaging statement by this corporate individual, whom I have never met, or even wish to.  

I will see this excuse for a man in court with his company and will show at all levels there are bullying and racism by individuals, whose co-workers know his opinions and issues, who should never be in a position of management with such ideology and a concerning cultural attitude.  A video will follow which is being approved by the lawyers.

It was uttered by an employee of the company I have worked beside for many years.  A LexisNexis, management employee utter words over a speakerphone that was disgusting!  LexisNexis and I, with my company, have parted ways and they thought that would silence me.  It has not!  

The crazy fact is, I am White, English and a Jew...

"RESPECTISM is the belief that a respectful society is a pragmatic necessity for survival"

We are told it was created with the following in mind: 

"When we talk about containing pollution or genocide or nuclear weapons, it is surprising that we have not recognized the central truth: 

We are the problem.

Until the truth about the universal need for a respectful society is recognized and addressed by enough of us, we will never be able to solve the perilous riddle of how to survive our weapons, our waste, and the total disrespect for the sovereignty of the basic values, our flag and national anthem.

Respectism defines a respectful society as one in which enough of us are cooperating to help each other balance the three every day, instinctual elements of respect: respect for self, others, and place.

Respect for self-honors the individual will survive and thrive, respect for others honor the humanity of all human beings and honors the life that surrounds us, respect for place honors everything from a shared table to shared earth, water, air and a common respect for each other in all that has in past.

The respectism tri-model presents respect as centering of three values that usually overlap, but which are not the same, honestly admitting that true respect is a skill to be developed over a lifetime.

Not everyone is ready to believe that a more respectful society is essential to our survival.  We saw this on Sunday with disrespectful NFL players taking the knee during the playing of America's National Anthem.

Throughout history, there have been selfish and mean leaders, those who have willingly followed them, and those who have said we will never change. 

This past event by overpaid disrespectful lowlifes is a prime example and those in senior management or ownership are just as bad!

Those of us who believe that a more respectful society is essential and possible will want to do the following:

First, individual and institutional respect for self, others and place will have to be relentlessly advertised.

Second, the abusive must be respectfully kept from power, and the behavior patterns of those who rule through fear, abuse, exploitation of prejudice and distortion of principles must be commonly recognized in order to assist in that endeavor.

Third, fair dealing, based on listening dialogue, honest negotiation, and equality must be promoted as the mechanism for creating a respectful society in public and private settings including justice for all, representative leadership and governance, economic exchange, the meeting of basic human needs, friendship, family, and love.

Fourth, the success of a respectful society must be measured by the decrease of all acts and threats of violence and involuntary detention, including those needed for true self-defense of the individual or society, as well as by the decrease in hunger and homelessness, and in the quality of our air, land, and water.

Fifth, the principles of a respectful society must be kept simple and clear enough for young children to learn, adults to believe and the weak to own as well as the powerful, so that respectism is never confused with an illusion of respectability, or authoritarianism, or made the enemy of liberty.
If a respectful society seems like an idealistic fantasy, please answer this question: "How will we survive without changing our behavior towards one another?"

No one knows exactly how we will create a respectful society any more than the inventors of the first flying machine could have imagined a space shuttle.

We must start performing countless experiments with respect if we are to survive.

We should start now.

"Love is the soul of respect, 
and respect is the language of love."
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