Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's Not Just Another Tuesday & Monday Was Yet Another Tragic Day

It's Not Just Another Tuesday & 
Monday Was Yet Another Tragic Day 

Life cannot and will not be taken for granted ever again, but you never thought that, did you?

Waking up, hitting the bathroom, turning on the tap to fill the coffee pot and making breakfast that starts your day, maybe your last.  Waking the kids, getting them out the door to school and kissing your partner goodbye, maybe the last time ever this will occur.  

Guarantees and 'next events' can never be set in stone.

The hatred and wish to harm you and your fellow man and woman has exponentially grown day after day to an insane level. 

I am now in my seventh year on this earth, born in the forties, amazingly reaching here, having been in so many major global events, nothing fazes me anymore.  The experience of these events, knowing the people I know and how we have all made it, shocks me to no end.

Churchill said it best:

"You Have Enemies? Good. 
That Means You've Stood Up For Something, Sometime In Your Life." 

Our enemies come in all formats and today hatred, even in your own family cannot be ignored.  Hatred by organized groups has always been there and today, terror is connected to their goal to harm and kill you.

That does not and must not stop you from going about a sort of normal life.  Difficult as it might seem, changed life must go on! 

Listening, looking, watching all that you do must be integrated into your own daily regime. 

Do not think that police and security forces can stop these collective murderers, they cannot!  

It takes us all to notice, listen and think logically all the time.  We cannot and must not let down our social guard, as you never know what is around the corner or driving down the street.

Recently, the 'The Waffle House Killing', senseless with a long list of knowledge on the killer, not only by law enforcement, his family and friends knew the risks of this individual and what he was thinking.  The signs were evident and for all to see and you would think the police could have done something more, they cannot under the laws of the land.

The murder of pedestrians in Canada by this individual who so far police say he was never been on their radar and have no understanding so far of his motives. 

Simple he is a killer!  It will be his motive that will categorize his defense.  Some lawyer will now have the task to defend his actions and that has to be a diabolical task!

Whenever I hear some official make the statement, "There Is No Credible Threat At This Time." 

How the hell do they know when the majority of people are not on law enforcement's radar!

Security is up to us and YOU on the street have a better connection to your family, friends, and co-workers with prior information that can assist us all.

See Something, Hear Something & Say Something, to the Right People

YOU are the KEY!

Start Now, Your Life Depends On It!


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Monday, April 23, 2018

So What Will Monday Morning Bring?

Let’s test, Six Degrees Of Separation, A Telephone Number, An Email Address And Your Communication Skills

Connections, life is all about connections.  Someone knows someone and gets that all important introduction in one way or another.  We all have information to share, some have no relevance whatsoever and should be ignored.  Then, there is that gold dust of a perfect solution that cannot get through because leadership is bombarded by such a deluge of irrelevant people and companies that just wish to jump on the bandwagon of the moment.  They spoil it for all!

The CEO, President or Vice Presidents then becomes so protected by Gatekeepers, who in reality, are making a corporate decision below their station in life.  Real solutions are not allowed to enter this domain of realistic solutions and the frustration boils and companies walk away in disgust and
move on to low hanging fruit that is easily accessible.

Major corporations in the retail trade and the banking industry are being blocked from protecting their databases, vendors, and customers by internal quagmires of overzealous guardians.  The real loser is the general public who suffer from the security breaches which cost them dearly in the inept internal communications of the involved corporations. 

The facts are extremely clear, computer data is not being protected by internal departments in the manner it should and can be!  They don’t have the time, allocated budget or up to the second expertise at their fingertips.

Across the board, the attacks by the hackers, phishers, and man in the middle morons are the same with slight twists.  The twists are the system they have gained access to and the variances of protection.  Importantly they have been let in!  The rest is pure semantics and manipulation.

We are not looking at a Blame Game, that is just negative and time wasting.  The situation of communications is what it is.  It needs to be recognized, reviewed and rewritten!  Change it, it is not working, it is a hindrance to all!
We are communicators who say it as it is, not what we think you want to hear.  Some will say, we are arrogant in our approach or even know-it-all marketers.  We are not!  Our passion for security is in our DNA and we achieve what we say. 

The message is clear regarding the enormous security problem facing every single computer database that exists.  Vulnerability, clear and simple!

Since the year 2000 CommSmart Global Group have been protecting Europe from these issues and now the USA and the rest of the world can have the same values, cost-effective protection. 

Before we go into some detail that you will understand, that is for management to fully realize the answer, let us address recent and ongoing disastrous security events with computer databases.

The reported Target attack of a few years ago on their retail business occurred because of a lax security of a vendor’s password stated by the media.  If this is the case, under the Key solution, it could have never occurred!  No ifs, buts or wherefores, it would have never happened!

This is Straight Talk...

Every single vendor can, under this KEY Solution, use their own devices securely, safely and be fully protected.  Yes, Bring Your Own Device is a major feature. 

If through bad security, a password is lost or obtained by an undesirable, it does not matter, it will never work with the hacker, no matter what they try.

Let us now address POS and the credit/debit card thefts.  Each point of sale cash register is protected and the information is secure from the point of swipe and input of the pin number.  This means every single retail outlet, large or small can have blanket coverage and we shut down and lockout the hackers.

Big Box, Supermarkets, Mall stores, Mom & Pop operations, Gas Stations and each pump, protected fully and totally an investment which is affordable. 

Simple information on how we achieve this level of security developed leading automated client certificate (X.509) lifecycle management solutions, with focus on client and administration convenience.
  • enrolling or renewing client certificates with newly updated ones, becomes a breeze, using your existing network infrastructure, for any size of the target community.
  • protects against Man-in-the-Middle, Phishing and Brute-Force Attacks. It even enables Multi-Factor-Authentication based on trusted device recognition.
  • The solution is used to secure data transmissions between devices, corporate networks, and cloud applications, enabling secure Single Sign-On as well.

I know, your IT department is in disbelief!  This is their job to protect and why would you use an outsourced operation to do this work? 

Why?  Because we have the ability to achieve your mission and goals.  The investment is minuscule compared to what you are spending reactively on a daily basis.  This is PROACTIVE fundamental common sense!

My original title for this information was:

 Let’s test, Six Degrees Of Separation, A Telephone Number, An Email Address And Your Communication Skills

Some of you work for these operations we have mentioned, so let us see how your skills are! 

 We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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Man-In-The-Middle, Hacking & Phishing Solutions

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Comfort Care, Includes a Good Glass of Bourbon! Barbara Bush, You Have Left Us With Your Stately Presence...

Comfort Care, Includes a Good Glass of Bourbon!
Barbara Bush, You Have Left Us With Your Stately Presence...

Laid to rest...  Sweet Bourbon & Pearls

Back in 1992, when Jeb Bush was running for the first time for the Governorship of Florida, I had him as a guest on my Talk Radio Show.  Yes, I did talk radio, I was on from 9 a.m. until, Noon, followed by an upstart, Rush Limbaugh.

I certainly was connected with his policies and beliefs but had many questions of him and why he felt that Floridians would vote for him.  That first one hour of an in-studio interview which started a relationship that still lasts.  We have met many times more...

There was a campaign luncheon in Lakeland, Florida at a great surgeon's house, Dr. Mzingo which I was invited to.  The radio show finished at 12 noon and with a short drive, I arrived at the bustle of Secret Service who had been checking everyone who had already entered.  

As I was ushered into the foyer, there was Barbara Bush, waiting to be introduced to the gathered invited crowd. Mrs. Bush chastised me for being late, to which I explained why, she said, 'I know who you are, Jeb has mention the 'Brit'.  To which I smiled and was shocked!  We stood talking and exchanging stories when Mrs. Bush asked if the photographer was still available and asked him to take our photograph.

As we continued to talk, I explained I was going to be with Jeb right after this event and she asked me how I thought he was doing in the campaign.  We shared and were interrupted by the Secret Service, as Mrs. Bush was to address the crowd of Bush supporters.

That was one of many social meetings to which I am honored to have been in her presence.  Truly America's Grand-Mother who was so down to earth.  

Yes, even my Grand-Mother!

Barbara Bush has told this story many times I believe, and I have repeated numerous times also.

Mrs. Bush loathed her Secret Service detail and would give them the slip, whilst they smiled at her comical attitude, they respected her more than anyone.

She states she was going shopping in a grocery store and told the security detail to get lost, yes that directly!

Mrs. Bush gathered her shopping cart and went shopping, which she loved.  Never hid who she was with disguises, just pushed her cart down the aisles.

As she was looking at some products, another shopper came up to her and stated, 'you are Barbara Bush, oh my goodness, so nice to meet you.'  Barbara respond in such a matter of fact manner, ' No, I am not Barbara Bush, she is much heavier than I am!'

That is Barbara Bush, her humor, her presence and I am so pleased to tell the story and remember such great times.  I thank Jeb for allowing me to know his wonderful Mother and exchange some great conversations, ideas and her strength of family. 

Thank you, Mrs. Bush, your passing cannot be sad for me, although it really is, I have great memories which means you are always with us, as the Grand-Mother of America...

Nicholas Ashton
Des Moines, Iowa

Monday, April 16, 2018

It is Not Just Another Monday Morning!

It is Not Just Another Monday Morning!

If the Syria bombings concerned you at the end of last week, you had better be ready for a hell of a lot more concerns to raise, what to some, are their ugly heads.

Maybe the news that Barbara Bush, a great first lady, and everyone's Grand-Mother is not doing too well healthwise brought a sigh to you or a tear to your eye, then you still have a heart.

Last night it was an interview that many are talking about regarding the ex-FBI Director and his claims to sell his book.

It was not just another weekend!

For decades, indecisiveness has been an American illness by former government leadership or lack of it.  The likes of rogue states, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Pakistan etc., have been allowed to do whatever they please in trade sanctions and tariffs, to the detriment of the citizens of America.  

Now, we have a businessman at the helm that has laid out the agenda to make 'America Great Again'.  Defending our rights for 'free trade' is a major part of the ongoing success required.  Then there are the war crimes in using chemical weapons when told to never use them again. 

If you thought Donald Trump just had to wave a magic wand and all would be right with the world, then you must be dreaming that anyone, including Trump, had such a wand.  No, it is not an extension of his successful 'reality show'!

You are right, Trump is not a politician, he is a solid businessman that makes core decisions when looking and analyzing all the facts, listening to his team and only then, the decision and actions are his.

We are seeing the opposition from the spoiled former inside brats, who lost the election and cannot get it out of their head that Trump is president.

This is 2018 and the world is a different place with different players, like children, they have been chastised and will be brought into check.  Their child-like behavior must not be taken lightly, they are not kicking a football or playing stickball, they have powerful weapons in their countries playbox.

The 'Cold War' is back if you play in the same arena.  America is not in the same pathetic arena anymore!  Terms and conditions have been voiced and the 'Red Line' is solid and don't you dare cross it!  

Even America's so-called partners have their own agendas and must be scrutinized every step of the way.  Stability is far away, leadership is not!

All that being said, the business must and will continue, knowing we all have goals and aspirations to achieve for us all.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner and all of our attributes in the world of technology stand tall, have a solid agenda to accomplish our corporate and client goals.  

We do not drive forward by looking in the rear-view mirror.  Focused and aware of all our demanded landscape make us recognizers who continually focus on our achievable collective goals.

No, it is not just another Monday Morning!

Why don't you join us?

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Syria Attack! The Indicators & Facts Proved Our Point!

The Indicators & Facts Proved Our Point!

A world-wide collective decision has to be made on Syria.  Russia or Putin is holding a finger over the World-War Button to save face on his association with Assad.

Assad Must Go!  Who Will Replace Him?  Will we all be around to ever know if vital action is taken?

Recently and over the months and years, CommSmart Global Group has brought to your attention the violence and retaliation of people worldwide.  

The issues and data have been confirmed on the streets, the Chatter, Social Media Postings, Criminal Statistics and Next Event Predictability have sadly, but forthrightly, been on target.  We do not like telling you where events will occur and then the media reports the incidents that had been warned you about.

We knew that the Syria situation was going to happen, especially under President Trump's administration. 

Previous government leadership has caused the actions of Assad and Syria, knowing they could do whatever they pleased against their own people.

It is not that we are a company of doom and gloom, but it is the real-time facts!  It is time to listen and listen extremely carefully.

Our experience within Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Bahrain, the Caribbean Basin, Tunisia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Bulgaria and the former Russian states is vast and we have honed our skill-sets street level techniques and has resulted in our successes. 

As with our expertise in global conflicts, which have brought the abilities to fight terrorism, crime and societal community issues has made a radical difference. This why our crime-fighting techniques are so successful, we know what we are doing to bring Trust & Respect back to a necessary level of understanding.
That is why 'Atmospherics' was developed by us for use in conflicts around the globe.

It is about using common old fashion logic that is the human element intertwined with the CommSmart Global Group's forward-thinking technology.  

It starts with the most basic core value of leadership and communications.  You cannot introduce successful changes unless your inner individuals understand leadership and communication values that protect you and those at your side.  Oil and water just do not mix, we allow for the new personal skill-sets to co-mingle and result in the productive use of resources.

The world is becoming more violent each and every day that goes by and the masses with terrorists are testing the waters of society.  

Syria is the perfect example of the government and rebels trying the patience of global leadership with a disgusting use of banned weapons in the last eighteen months.  A massive attention right now must be focused to alleviate and quash the situation.  This is a perfect example of how CommSmart Global Group makes that difference, we know where to collect the Atmospheric Noise, the social activity via social media and the individuals involved.  

This is proactivity at its best!

This is not a time in history to be working on your own time clock, there is no siesta or napping that can go on.  No meeting should be unattended or missed, this is important and front-line action is required.  It is a time to be proactive and collecting the information, analyzing, reporting and working the plan of action is necessary.

CommSmart Global Group is not one person but a well-oiled international team that cohesively and with precision tackle the pending potential problems.  It is not a job to any one of the international team, it is because they care and know what can be achieved through their collective experience. 

Did you read the news today? 

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…



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Thursday, April 12, 2018

There is No Separation of Information, Each of Us is Carrying the Internet Plague


There is No Separation of Information, 
Each of Us is Carrying the Internet Plague

Stop thinking it is not your responsibility in securing your computers!

This includes your Smart Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Laptops.  Of course, it is a given that the corporate servers are being fully protected.  Right?


Just like we all believed back the 1980’s that our baggage being loaded on to a plane was scanned for security reasons every time we flew to some other place in the world.  Then came Lockerbie and Pan Am Flight 103 (involved in the Lockerbie bombing) it was a Pan Am transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York City that was destroyed by a terrorist bomb on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew on board.  Large sections of the aircraft crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 11 more people on the ground.

Today, April 12th, 2018, we still have major flight concerns as the US and the rest of the Western World tighten security once again with fear of bombers.  Nothing has changed except the restrictions and increased fear that terrorists have placed within us.

Every single one of us worldwide is connected and spreading malicious infections, not medical, but social viruses that can bring a city, state, region or country to its knees.  We are so reliant on the Internet it is uncanny!  

Believe it or not, our corporate and social communications crutch, the Internet, will collapse and cripple us, unless WE, as individuals, take action, which it seems we are reluctant to do.

The mixing of personal and business on our computing devices, which includes our mobile phones is causing the transmission of infected files that we have downloaded from friends, acquaintances and family members, sharing those not so funny jokes and sick pictures.
YOU are the cause, but you want others to take measures to protect you.  Time to look in the mirror and see the wicked individual that is the carrier or mule of these issues.

Yes, it is YOU!

So now we have played out the Blame Game, we must take giant steps to fix it and stop the issues spreading any further.

In recent days it has been reported that Russian hackers are attempting to hack into our worldwide power grids and cause disruptions beyond belief.  If this happens and our electrical supply is disrupted or brought to its knees, it will affect every single one of us in so many services we rely on.  Electricity powers every aspect of the ability to sustain life.

Device DNA as Passwords are Human, lost, forgotten, shared and stolen.  The password does not tell who is typing in the series of letters, numbers or symbols, it only knows that the concise stream is a password and does not know from whence or who is supplying the information.

Meaning that all computers, smart mobile phones and tablets can have a secure connection and stop the hackers, phishers, and man in the middle brutal attackers of inflicting Internet terror on us all.

CommSmart Global Group did not just invent this, it has been in development and in use for over twenty successful years with clients who care and protect their information, data, clients, and customers.

We have not stopped there either, we have additional factors in Biometrics that can have other means of protecting about to be released. 

You see, our worldwide team is passionate about what we do, down to earth and tell it as it is.  If you can’t handle the truth, well you know the rest of the story…

CommSmart Global Group has the solutions and will discuss how we can assist in all facets of your information security.

Be Smart, with CommSmart Global Group


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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Straight Talking... What If He Is Absolutely Right?

Straight Talking
What If He Is Absolutely Right?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

I know some think that I take things to the extreme in the statements and it is all pure marketing hype.  


As I listen to Fox News,  with all the national and international concerns and headlines, it reminds of the silly chatter splurged with profound statements.  It is those statements that make all the difference as they form the structure of conversation and to whence and where it goes.

Many ask the questions of why climbers climb daunting mountains, placing their lives on the line with every move they make.  As the cyber news and terrorism news concerns pierce my ears with the shock and awe, I fully understand why they climb and accept the crevices and footholds of the mountain before and above them.  It is the power of the knowledge that they accepted the risk and professionally succeeded.

It is there and it challenges their human ability to overcome the complexities of mind over matter.  The physical extension of man against nature, knowing one false unprepared move is certain death. They have practiced, trained and making many life-threatening mistakes.  All whilst in a safety harness allowing them to experience and learn from the exceptional mindset of taunting death.

That is the power, to overcome successfully the challenges of life and winning!

Having been at the onset of commercial computing, watching the newborn industry, grow, make mistakes and allow users to become ignorant of what "real computing power" is sickening.

Like everything in life, there is good and evil in all we do.  No one is perfect and never will be.  That does not mean we must give up, cry and feel sorry for ourselves.  It is the drive to be the best at what you do, learning from those stupid mistakes and enacting change.

Cybersecurity is the perfect example of opinions, facts, and myths.  Since I started back in 1976, Information Technology Management has not changed, not one iota! Still, aloof know-it-alls who sadly understand only one way to do things and have never ventured outside of their timid comfort zones.

The black holes of thinking you have all the answers as you waste away in a cocoon abyss. 

Forgive me, for I do know what I say!

We are not here to take IT's pants down and show the zits on their rears.  

Our collective worldwide team has amassed "real-time expertise" in all facets of commerce.  Yes, from analog information to digital data, HR to Production, Sales to Transportation, Customer Service to Change Management and lastly and importantly the Shareholders, Customers/Clients.

Our understanding impacts all.  It is one thing to recognize the issues, it is far different when you can resolve with perfected solutions.  

That is the Red Tagged Difference!

Sure, cyber security of entrusted data is at the lowest ebb ever.  Companies being hacked and compromised each and every day.  Your Information Technology department is overwhelmed, understaffed and deficient in the budget to complete the task at hand.

2017 is the year that YOU must protect all entrusted data, report any compromise or attempted a compromise of your servers. If not, the fines are massive! 

Any company that does business in Europe falls under the EU Data Protection Act.  Meaning you will be fined 4% of your gross if you fail and found guilty.

The positive note is simple, Red Tagged is available.  As Cyber Forensic Anthropologists, we go much deeper in understanding the issues, having the "real-time tools" to fully understand and resolve your cybersecurity issues.

We not only speak English, we speak logic and not gobbledygook! All parties will have a full understanding, the CEO, C-Level Executives, Board and Shareholders alike.  All on one page for the betterment of all.

We await your call and are only restricted by time and availability.

First Come, First Protected...

My Bach is Worse than My Byte...

Red Tagged

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hailing Europe's Rules on Data Leaks and 
the Expansion of Monetary Fine Powers 
for Non - (DPA) Data Protection, in Effect

Facebook Hearings Rise Even More Questions...

Firstly, stop discussing how we increase the security of the information gathered and stored as data! 

Hire responsibly known experts, yes folks like us are out there and are passionate in regard to beating the Hackers.  In fact, we more passionate than the Hackers and have the Logical answers and solutions. 

Just Do It!

Here is the translation of the European Article:

Both private and public organizations that process personal data in Europe are required to report security breaches leading to e.g. theft, loss or abuse of personal data.

So that more organizations are providers of electronic communications networks and services for those under the Telecommunications Act already a notifiable case of theft, loss or abuse of personal data of a subscriber or user.

The purpose of the reporting requirement is to achieve better protection of personal data. The decision enters into force of the law duty to report data leaks and expansion fine power has been published today in the Official Gazette.

Furthermore, Protection Board may (DPA) in more cases, impose an administrative penalty on violators of privacy rules. The DPA can now only impose an administrative fine for a violation of an administrative regulation, such as the obligation to notify the processing of personal data. 

It is also possible for violation of more general obligations that the law imposes on use and handling of personal data. For example, if personal data are not in a proper and careful way are processed or stored for longer than is necessary, but also if the security is not good, the management of personal data is poorly organized or sensitive information about citizens as their political affiliation or belief has been abused.


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Sunday, April 8, 2018

So who do we trust? No one! The Ideology & Cultural Differences

Those that Kill & Those That Do Not!
The Ideology & Cultural Differences
So who do we trust?  No one! 
Cutting to the Chase On the Global Streets

The use of chemicals, which include acid and gas are heinous, no matter where they are used!

The Syrian government and Presidential Thugs, if proven to be the source, must be stopped and removed by a global effort.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, must not just use words and new laws, but act immediately on all fronts!  The security of all citizens is at risk both home and abroad.

London streets run with the blood of their citizens.  Domestic gangs have now increased the killings with bullets and blades.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner blames Social Media, passing the so-called 'buck' down the line.  Parenting, society and law enforcement are front-line issues and have the power to resolve the carnage

This is a time of collective straight-talking and actions from all.  Stop turning your back on the issues and political-correctness!  Show global society you have 'BALLS' to forcibly change the landscape!

Screw the 'Liberal Do-Gooders' who as much to blame as those with the 'Bullets and Blades'.

Globally we must not just understand how we got to this point, an action is demanded to reduce these senseless crimes, capture the killers and criminals and enforce the 'real' laws!

The street crime is just as bad as terrorism and recruitment are just as sinister.

The fear of the inaccurate so-called Lone Wolf or Wolf Pack has returned and did not use technology like a bomb or even a gun.  They used the oldest weapon known to man, a knife or cutting instrument.

Proving that basic methods are effective in spreading terror.  A butcher’s meat cleaver and kitchen knives to inflict death on a single brave man doing his duty for his nation.

Yesterday, terrorism went to yet another level of a Wolf Pack attack.  It can happen anywhere at any time to members of our global society.  

People were murdered in cold blood at the heart of Great Britain in London. 

This morning all Public Safety departments worldwide will be analyzing the situation and the concerning content of this attack and its far-reaching ramifications.

A little background, terrorism on the streets is relatively new in this manner and Muslim terrorism against the West did not only occurred with the New York City attack on the World Trade Center.  It goes back much further and deeper.

Since the 16th century, there has been a sectarian conflict of varying intensity between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. This religious sectarianism is connected to a degree of nationalism. Northern Ireland has seen an inter-communal conflict for more than four centuries and there are records of religious ministers or clerics, the agents for absentee landlords, aspiring politicians, and members of the landed gentry stirring up and capitalizing on sectarian hatred and violence back as far as the late 18th century.

William Edward Hartpole Lecky, an Irish historian, wrote: "If the characteristic mark of a healthy Christianity is to unite its members by a bond of fraternity and love, then there is no country where Christianity has more completely failed than Ireland".

Reactions to sectarian domination and abuse have resulted in accusations of sectarianism being leveled against the minority community. It has been argued, however, that those reactions would be better understood in terms of a struggle against the sectarianism that governs relations between the two communities and which has resulted in the denial of human rights to the minority community.

The period from 1969 to 2002 is known as "The Troubles". Nearly all the people living in Northern Ireland identified themselves as belonging to either the Protestant or the Catholic community. People of no religion and non-Christian faiths are still considered as belonging to one of the two "sects" along with churchgoers. In this context, "Protestants" means essentially descendants of immigrants from Scotland and England settled in Ulster during or soon after the 1690s; also known as "Loyalists" or "Unionist" because they generally support politically the status of Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom. "Catholics" means descendants of the pre-1690 indigenous Irish population; also known as "Nationalist" and "Republicans"; who generally politically favor a united Ireland.

Sectarian violence between the two major sects of Islam, Shia, and Sunni, has occurred in countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Lebanon etc. This violent conflict has roots in the political turmoil arising out of differences over the succession to Muhammad. Abu Bakr, a companion of Muhammad, was nominated by Umar and elected as the first Sunni Rightly Guided Caliph. 

However, another group felt that Ali, the cousin, and son-in-law of Muhammad, had been designated by Muhammad and is considered by Shia as the first Imam.

Abu Bakr was followed by Umar as caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate, then by Uthman ibn Affan and finally by Ali. Ali's right to rule was challenged by Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan, governor of Syria, who believed that Ali should have acted faster against the murderers of Uthman. The situation deteriorated further when many of those responsible for the death of Uthman rallied behind Ali. 

However, later on, both the parties agreed to have someone as a judge between them. This led to the separation of an extremist group known as Kharijites from Ali's army, which pronounced the judgment belonged to God alone. A member of this group later assassinated Ali. At the demise of Muawiyah, he appointed his son Yazid as his successor. The credentials of Yazid were challenged by Ali's son Hussein ibn Ali (and grandson of Muhammad). A battle of Karbala in Iraq led to the martyrdom of Hussein and dozens of others from Ahl al-Bayt (the members of the family of Muhammad).

This tragic incident created deep fissures in the Muslim society. The conflict that had started at a political plane intervened with the dogma and belief systems.

Those who considered Ali to be the true heir to the Caliphate split away from the main corpus of Muslim society and traditions. They developed their distinct sect, known as "Shia" referring to Shian-e-Ali. The majority of Muslims are known as "Sunni" meaning "followers of the Traditions of The Prophet ". They are of the view that the bloody conflict between Ali and Muawiyah was a result of a tragic misunderstanding and regardless of who was wrong, the matter should have been solved peacefully.

Most probably the first real view of the issues and how you must understand the background.

We are in the NOW and

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