Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Changing World - Really?

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

How many times have you heard that it is ‘Changing The World’?  Certainly not always the ‘change for the better’ in all of our eyes.  In business, corporations have to set rules and these guidelines will change as necessary.  People, opinions, and society have radically changed over the decades and what was acceptable 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 years is not acceptable today.

You could say it started when, in 1776, the British were removed from the Americas and the whole new constitution was signed and still stands, with some amendments today.  There are within this monumental document, Freedoms, and Rights, some say that they are not as relevant today, but they are the law of the land.

Certainly ‘Freedom of Speech’ is one that is in the spotlight.  Is it viewed and used in the same manner as our forefathers placed in the document?

Political correctness has wiggled its way into everyday life, which includes actions and words.  It used to be we could have face to face discussions without getting into each other’s face and having to be pulled apart.

When someone dislikes something it was settled between those that were disagreeing and that was it.  Today, with the onset of social media, the world is informed and voices their opinions and comments without knowing the facts.  This causes a finger firestorm of sorts and all hell breaks loose.  The truth or the ‘real event’ is lost in the thumbing, texting, and Facebook postings.

It is amazing how, in the melee, lies, accusations and downright falsehoods that are stated, as if they were true.  In fact, statements with no relevance are thrown, just like mud and they hope it will stick to their social wall of fantasy contention.  

False facts or those posted on the Internet of Things, you know, unsocial media, cannot be believed. 

The lies posted by bullying miscreants hiding behind their thumbs, Smartphones, computer screens and tablets fuel the fire.  People, like sheep, follow what they believe is true, it is not.

It is time to be SMART! 

From a corporate point of view, your employees and leadership must understand the way of the world today regarding communications.  Reactionary statements always lead to a more explosive issue.  Although we must empower our staff, we must have a set of diversity and cultural rules of engagement.

Yes, there is a demanded requirement for training and setting corporate rules.  Does not matter what business you are conducting, the perception of the public can be broken by a single incident which becomes headlines in seconds globally.
Your legal department must assure all, including the shareholders that the rule book is current and has been explained to all and not just once!

Cultural and diversity training is not a hiring stipulation that all employees attend when they join you.  It is on-going and revised continually.  That is why you have ‘Outside Change Agents’ present and train your staff.  Remember you never really listened to your parents, but you listen to an outsider…

Every company is on stage in the spotlight, no matter what they do.  Staff represents the company in all their actions.  Including posting statements out of work hours on their personal social media accounts.

The Walt Disney Corporation is a prime example of maintaining their image in the public’s eye and they even have issues.  From a liability point of view, you must train and retrain on diversity and cultural situations.

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