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Success or Failure is Not a Mystery, It just eludes those that lose focus, but can be brought back on track.

Success or Failure is Not a Mystery,
It just eludes those that lose focus, but can be brought back on track.

It starts out with good intentions, an innovation, a commercial idea, service, manufactured product and the inner core of a creative business opportunity.  This is an exciting time that we as individuals never forget.  It is a dream that with good business acumen, investment and hard work will and will be a reality.

Now some, have brilliant ideas and sadly lack in several areas, management and manufacturing skills and importantly, finance.  This is where certain conflicts rear their ugly heads.  It is the possessive clasping of the opportunity and not wanting to let go.  Without the money, marketing and manufacturing there is nothing!

There is always a foundation when building a structure, the footings that will allow the building or in this case, the business to actually have stable support and grow.  The momentum is all important and must be adjusted along the way, otherwise, it will slowly wither and die. 

That does not please investors and why they want control of the financial aspects.  Sales, marketing and manufacturing may not be part of their collective attributes, but all are affected.  Your original team can only take you so far, before you absolutely need to make that change. 

Instead of being top down management it has been reversed, it is now bottom up, importantly there had better be a meeting of the minds in the middle. Otherwise it is a recipe for disaster.

As time moves on, just like the romance of a lover and partner, it has to be worked on.  Give and take, flowers, wining and dining, with true dedication to one another.  That is in the real world and we know that it does not work like that at all.  The hic-cups and bumps in the road happen.  We do not always see them for ourselves as we are too close or our energy has been replaced.  We are ignoring the wrong things and can only result in adversity.

In a company, marketing, sales strategy and targeting change over time.

Sometimes you do not react quickly enough or as you have never notice the problem in the first place, you then over react.  The consequences are a recipe for devastating results. 

It is likened to over compensating when driving a car and go into a skid on ice.  Seat belts and airbags have saved so many and your company needs these safety features.

The owner and his board can have a fuller understanding of the issues by authorizing a consultancy to enquire to the real problems and then implement the structure for change.

Our abilities and solutions are not a boiler-plate and a one size fits all scenario.  Preconceived ideas are a road to failure. 

They may sound good, but we are not here to just to voice opinions, we are here to succeed for you, your products/services, customers and employees.

It is bringing this cultural understanding from all directions that is the key.
Yes, we bring a new perspective with a business GPS and road map for implantation to increasing turnover, profit and enhancing the people skill sets of those within.
It is time to Pinpoint and Pivot the issues to move you forward and bring you the profitability and continuous success you wish to see again.

It is time to Pinpoint and Pivot the issues to move you forward and bring you the profitability and continuous success you wish to see again.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Monday...

Super Bowl Monday… 

Super Bowl Syndrome…   

It may have cost $4 million plus to buy a thirty second television commercial in the NBC/NFL Super Bowl, but what is it costing the businesses worldwide on Monday morning?

A heck of a lot more!

Sure, it is a late or early game depending on which part of the world you live in and all the hype means you have to have a Super Bowl Party, with yes, wings, chicken wings, dips of many colors, celery, carrots and chips with guacamole and much more. Oh, washing it all down with beer, more beer and any other liquid you may care to pour down your gullet. It is also a few days from Mardi Gras and that is one more party all on its own!

The party starts as early as you want and goes on after a game, which in a sports format is 4 quarters of fifteen minutes, which if my math is correct, is sixty minutes. Mixed in, million dollar commercials, commentary and more party time. It lasts as long as you can stay awake, remember that you work in the morning, if you make it.

Many will be suffering with ISBS (Irritated Super Bowl Syndrome). This is due to the foods digested during your supposed happy party time. Why do we eat other people’s concoctions for hot wings, dips and sauces that take a layer of the skin from your upper palette? 

Drink drinks that are so over rated and then expect our stomachs to handle it all. Handling it is the most we can expect and then, as the food and liquids mix in our bodies, we are getting excited beyond the norm. 

Not the recipe for a good Monday morning!

  • No fewer than $65 million is expected to be spent on food for The Big Game
  • Super Bowl Sunday marks the day on which Americans chow the second-greatest amount of food. (Thanksgiving is 1st) 
  • Almost 15,000 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn 
  • Some 12 million pounds of avocado are sold in preparation for the game so that Americans may gorge themselves on an estimated eight million pounds of guacamole - California avocado commission 
  • 7-Eleven claims a whopping 20 percent in sales of antacid the day after the Super Bowl. 
  • 36% increase in sales of frozen breaded mushrooms prior to the Super Bowl 
  • 29% Percentage increase in sales of frozen shrimp 
  • $237.2 million spent on soft drinks at grocery stores during Super Bowl week 
  • 30% increase in sales of proceed-cheese loaves the week before last year's Super Bowl 
  • 68% Increase in sales of flavored snack crackers 
  • Frozen Pizza is the top Super Bowl seller at grocery stores 
  • $11.8 million additional sales of beer 
  • 30.4 million pounds of snack food Americans scarf down on Super Bowl Sunday, twice the average daily amount 
  • Pizza Hut expects to sell 2 million pizzas on the day of Superbowl XLV which is 60% or 1.3 million more than an average day.
Tomorrow morning, the water cooler conversations, sluggish attitudes and those individuals that are suffering with over eating/drinking and the mixture that has still to make its way through their bodies, represents individual and corporate attitude.  It is a sorry sight for the bank balance for the business.

The performance of all companies is affected and results in the decision making process is put in doubt. If you are not feeling 100% it means your work ethic is in doubt! How do we change the day and those that woould party to the limit and beyond? 

It is not all about deflated balls, it is about a deflated work ethic...

Planning and understanding what is going to occur no matter what you tell your staff. It seems American Football has an adverse effect on sane supporters, no one is spared, no matter whether you partied or not.

Have you already bumped into a longer line at the coffee pot or the bathroom? Heard more people asking you to keep your voice lower or just having blank looks on their faces? 

If so, then your company is suffering from Super Bowl Syndrome and it can be spread to your clients! 

Extra hand washing, although needed from a hygienic perspective, does not make any difference whatsoever.

So how productive will your company be Monday morning? 


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