Monday, January 18, 2016

It is Not About Recruiters, It is About YOU!

It is Not About Recruiters, It is About YOU!
by Nick Ashton, (

Get ZoooMeeefied, Take Control!

Job hunting is a pain in the "you know where"!  

Does it have to be?

Growing your company and not knowing if your employees are the right team to attain your goals is a common place. 

Does it have to be?

In this 2016 downturned economy, yet again, survival change is necessary on the makeup of your employees and the corporate goals previously set. Who should you reach-out to?

Recruiters and so called Change agents are thinking of themselves and not YOU individually or even the reality of growth and necessary change for your corporation.

It is all about THEM!

Not Any More!

Firstly, let us start with a job seekers opportunities and disappointments. Searching for a new or change of employment is a monumental task of highs and lows with an overshadowment of rejection.  With more than a tinge of annoyance.

It does not have to be like that from today on!

Job seekers, stop writing resumes to fit the job posted, stop not hearing if your application was accepted, waiting on the non-existent reply on whether you had success or not.


There is a proven European answer to your potential employment and corporate change woes and NOW here in the United States of America:


It is proven and as simple as answering some questions honestly on-line, simple questions, like or dislike questions and ZoooMeee© does the rest.

The jobs find you!

As an employer, to post jobs on ZoooMeee takes a few minutes and even includes your current employees within the ZoooMeee solution.  Human resources now has all details of all employees within the company, making it easier to know who you have and the insight to the existing talent pool.

Never has there been an employment/employer solution this simple and investment effective.

ZoooMeee goes much further, it will direct you to your on-going business growth, letting you know what you have as a talent pool can take to the next growth stage.

In business we all have battles to fight, they are your battlefields and you need the right mix of employees to fight those battles and beat your competition.

The Challenge is today, organizations balance their choices between reducing costs and business development.

It is our Opportunities, whatever the choice, companies have to identify and develop critical competencies to win key battles.

It is the Execution, we identify key battles and define actions to accomplish results within 90 days.

ZoooMeee shows which key battles to fight and what internal employee and management support is present.  It is about the understanding of the tools that are required, not for today, but for tomorrow and if you have the right mix of employee/managerial support to achieve those goals.

Now is the Time

The Time to Get ZoooMeefied!

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