Saturday, August 27, 2016

Locke, Stock & Barrel

Locke, Stock & Barrel

by Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

"Liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others."

John Locke 1690

"The choice is not between order and liberty. It is between liberty with order and anarchy without either."
- Robert H. Jackson 
Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, 

Your Security is Up to YOU and Who YOU Choose To Assist YOU!

Corporate Entrusted Data and Financial Information MUST BE Protected.

Protect YOUR BRAND, Shareholders and Importantly, YOUR Clients/Customers.

Red Tagged can only inform you, the next step is all yours.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

WOW! What Exceptional Positive Responses...

What Exceptional Positive Responses

We know our side of the issues and your voiced concerns via email and phone calls, the expressed problems that you have suffered at the hands of Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Department, cities, and their officials.

We have not verified any of them as yet and will not comment on individual statements that have been made to us.  They vary from deputy sheriff attitudes, wrongful arrests, domestic violence cases that were heard by courts and the magistrates or judges comments and findings to simply elected officials connections to strange business dealings.

The myriad of responses is truly shocking if true.  Then, 182 communications cannot be untrue or just people wanting to slight the county and its issues. 

Even if one is correct, that is one too many!

The published story we are referring to is:

The Societal Bubble of Tuscarawas County Has Burst! 

A call to the Sheriff's department's Deputy Chief has yet to be returned.

One city official stated in an email that it was 'an interesting article', it is not interesting it is concerning!



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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Societal Bubble of Tuscarawas County Has Burst! YOUR City/County As Well...

The Societal Bubble
of Tuscarawas County 
Has Burst!
YOUR City/County As Well...

Law enforcement, city councils, and commissions are failing in their duties.

Do they realize they are part of the communities, live within and proved time and time again that their attitudes have gone to hell in a handbasket!

From internal bullying by supervisors to God Complexes are festering within. It has become a 'Them & Us' world. Yes, the law is the law and the scoffers must be addressed. Attitude has a lot to do with results and the attitude is sucking big time.

You have a Sheriff who could care less and should not be paid. He is doing nothing...

His Deputy Chief is the workhorse and is unopposed for the position and he does not want to rock the boat.

Internally his officers have an attitude that is totally wrong and against the mission statement of local and national law enforcement.

It is not just the county, city police have major issues too. The pressure of managing a community is tremendous. Officers are overworked, wear too many hats and like a basketball, being bounced, thrown, kicked and between both good and evil.

This is not a bashing message, it is a reality!

Ask anyone attached to local law enforcement, lawyers, judges, city council etc. to address the issues and they are frightened.

Frightened of what? Telling the truth? Doing their job they were elected for?

Get with the program...

This discussion is not just from me, our global team has discussed the events of the individuals concerned and the attitudes of all that are supposed, leaders.

Particularly cases which have been noted here and will be exposed further regarding a recent arrest and the internal issues of the sheriff's department will be highlighted publicly as they don' think they have an issue.

The discussion is one thing, accepting the problems and remedial actions are another.



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YOU Are In Control? That is, If You Understand What Control Means...

YOU Are In Control?
That is, If You Understand What Control Means...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Each day you are bombarded with so much chatter, talk, data, information, and crap, that no wonder you look for the easy life and the best way out to stop worrying.

Communication overload has damaged you and your shutoff valve are stuck closed.  Too much and your ability to disseminate, understand and know what is true or false is overwhelming.

The basis of all is law, logic, and ability to leave in so-called harmony.  Being a product of the late nineteen forties, I have lived through radical years and decades of change.  The gradual claw back from austerity, rationing of food, clothes, even furniture.  The increase of a family owning a car and employment and manufacturing booming at unheard of rates.

Then, social change at the exact same time as social mediums was created.  Cable television, the Internet, social media, such as AOL Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.  Whispering between friends was acceptable, gossip was life itself.  The actions on the sharing of the gossip were never taken to the levels of group hatred, spite, and violence that we are seeing today.

Do not get me wrong, the technology is wonderful when used for the right reasons and we embrace the growth with the proviso that security is taken into consideration and implemented.

Data and information are bombarding us at levels that send some’s minds into turmoil.  It does not have to be!

It is impossible to know it all or even read what is created every second of the day.  We must have our computers and algorithms complete that for us.  We are in control and the machine acts upon our commands.  Not the other way round.
Back to laws and those we ask to enforce them.  Police, law enforcement, public safety and YOU and expected to play by the rules and maintain sanity by respecting the laws and those asked and paid to enforce.

“People are the Police and Police Are The People”.

Yes, the Peelian Principles in conjunction with technology is the answer and is proven.

Law enforcement is the basketball that is being bounced, thrown, and dunked between sanity and unsocial morons.  The police are charged to uphold the laws on the books, making arrests and bring those that scoff the law in front of the courts of their peers.

Groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ are a vindictive, bait racing collective that have only one end game, violence toward police officers, society, especially ‘whites’ and garner headlines in a ‘liberal’ media, who take the easy story without investigation.

CommSmart Global Group is not your normal company, we are passionate, concerned and have the solutions and proven answers.  No one wants to continue in this downward spiral of decension of societal values of life itself.
It starts on the streets, knowing who is who and what is what.  That is achieved by using the tools of today and tomorrow, Social Media Monitoring, Crime Mapping & Analytics, and Predictive Analysis.

No, this is not some dream of Artifical Intelligence, (AI).  It is here and been created and working for over twenty years.

Please read and then reread, call us or email, the CHANGE is IN!


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Insanity of Court Communications

Insanity of Court Communications
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We live and breath on communications and even die with their failure.

The following is a brief overview of failed communications of August 23rd, 2016.

This has been sent to all parties and publicly on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Tuscarawas County Court & Sheriff's System Fails... Filing of Court Documents is Not Timely and Results in a Wrongful Arrest and Incarceration. 
Case Heard by Magistrate Karen Zajkowski
Case of yesterday August 23, 2016, heard by Magistrate Karen Zajkowski
Pam Engle
Protective order removed by Magistrate Karen Zajkowski .
Pam Engle was arrested at midnight for violation of the removed protective order after a phone call by Rex Brown to Sheriff's office.
On his word, which was a lie, they arrested Pam Engle as there is no record of the removal of the protective order within the court system. She sits in jail as we post this.
They do not have access to current paperwork, so they have to go on what is currently filed. (Failure of access to current daily filed cases is a major concern.)
Friends of Pam Engle stated to law enforcement that they were there and were informed by Patrick Williams, her attorney, that the protective order was removed by Magistrate Karen Zajkowski .
Engle went to her house today and was confronted by Brown, hours later, in a well-intoxicated state Brown called the Sheriff's dept. and reported that Engle had broken the protective order, which you removed, Brown lied.
The failure of the paperwork being sent to the Sheriff's dept or filed in the court system has caused harm and suffering to Engle.
Brown gave a false statement, one of many he has given to the court and law enforcement and is using you both for his ill-gotten gain.
We understand the Sheriff's department must go by filed paperwork. The failure is that they believed Rex Brown and failed to question him on the court hearing and ask if he was there.
Is it just a man's world, even with lies?

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Monday, August 22, 2016

You Have No Bloody Idea Of What The Life in the Day of a Small City Cop Is!

You Have No Bloody Idea Of What 
The Life in the Day of a Small City Cop Is!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It does not matter what size your city is, the crimes are the same.  The fact is, the majority of criminal acts are drug related in some fashion or another.  The criminal thread when followed, will touch or finally rest with a drug-related reasoning.

I joined the morning shift of New Philadelphia Police Department halfway into what they class as the quieter shift, this was not to be!  

Upon arrival, signing paperwork, I was hurried out the door by the officer of the day, Captain Paul Prossi, just a 'come on' and hurrying out the police car.

Prossi was not talking to me and was on the radio immediately regarding the call that had just come in from the local shopping mall of shoplifters plying their wares and stealing items which would be of small values, but a theft is a theft.

One suspect apprehended, the rest left in a vehicle, so the chase or sighting of that vehicle was on.  Several units were dispatched and I saw how immediately these officers intertwine their skill sets in working a potential case.

The car was not found, but one suspect was now going to be interviewed.  The report of the crime was made by the loss prevention department of the store and although they have good intentions, communications are in dire need of revision.  Law enforcement anywhere can only act on the information given and it seems global, loss prevention sadly lacks in that department.  The hiring practices for loss prevention which is a billion dollar plus problem, that we, the public pay for, needs not only a fresh coat of paint, it requires pulling apart and redesigning in this electronic digital age.

That being said, that is why I was out with officers. Our crime mapping, statistical analysis, and predictable capabilities also include a network of retail operations nationwide that report the crimes and patterns emerging.  That is for both the retail operations and local law enforcement, so they can act upon the information and be prepared for the schemes shoplifting gangs pull off.  

It is our proactive approach that is making the difference, cities like New Philadelphia and all other cities and villages within Tuscarawas County will be rolling out this new Smart City technology shortly.

So a fast start to the day for me to see the local force in action. Then it got even faster!

A wanted suspect had been seen in the local McDonalds and we were dispatched forthwith.  Armed and dangerous, so several units sent.  McDonald's was directly called and... no one was picking up the phone!  Called again and officers were now in the parking lot and out of sight.  No answer yet again.  

Then finally, they answer and state that the suspect had left and was walking in a certain direction.  White male, dark hair, white shirt, dark pants and a backpack.

One officer spots the individual and parks out of sight across the street where the suspect is sitting with his back to the road.  Captain Prossi drives directly toward the suspect, jumps out of the car, draws his gun and commands the individual to place his hands above his head, which he complies with immediately.

You could by the actions of the suspect, he knew the system well!  He rolled over and lay down on his stomach whilst another officer removes his wallet to check identification.  He was not the man they were looking for with outstanding warrants.

Our next was in opinion sickening. This warm weather makes us do stupid things! Going shopping to the local supermarket, taking your dog and leaving it in the car whilst you shop, is stupid and criminal. Pets have no place being in a hot car, where the heat builds like a pressure cooker. Have respect for your pet or don't have one!

It was as we were driving back the station that a comment over the radio was made regarding the latest stop.  'Thank him for his cooperation, I think he understands and let him on his way'.  It was stated in a courteous manner and showed me that officers are people as well and as it should be.

We returned to the shopping mall where the female suspect had given certain information regarding who she was with and that they were from Akron, Ohio. 

They think they come to another city, like New Philadelphia and rip off stores. WRONG!  People like this stand out like a sore thumb and all retail is informed of 'like incidents' immediately.

We were cruising the parking lot and other local business and did not find the vehicle.

As we were just patrolling the main streets, a car with a cracked windshield pass us, Prossi, sensed something, pulled in behind and turned on his lights as we followed. Called in the license plate and got back his information that the owner was a woman and we saw a man driving. He pulls over, Prossi approaches the car, the driver gives him his license and Prossi steps back and radios in the details for a check. He was clean, a current license was and Prossi reproached and sent them on his way.

In our conversation regarding that stop, on the noted the attitude of the passenger, the owner of the car whose license was suspended, she raised and stretched her arms outward in a manner that suggests she and law enforcement have differences.  Prossi then informs me that when questioning the driver, when asking have you had any other instances of law enforcement, he replied he had just got out of prison when Prossi followed up with the 'what for the question', the driver replied murder.

That is why officers have to be on guard at all time, you never know who you are approaching!

When the next call came in, a domestic case of a woman being restrained inside a house by her possible boyfriend.  Lights, sirens, and a tactical drive were made to the location. 

One side note, Capt. Prossi dislikes traffic and New Philadelphia, in my opinion, has no traffic issues or maybe it does!

We are first on scene and woman crying is outside as is a baby in car seat on the grass.  The back of a vehicle is dented as if someone had run into it.

The baby was the daughters who were and is having issues.  The boyfriend/father had taken the baby away from the girlfriend and driven to the girlfriend's mother's house because of unstable suggestions that had transpired between them.

The girlfriend drove her car into the back of the other vehicle.  She stated that she was going to hit the tree and kill herself and this apparently was not the first time she stated this.  

This is where I saw four officers working as a team, listening, questioning and establishing what had really occurred. The young lady was certainly in a very hypertensive mood.  Her actions showed this.  

After twenty minutes and phone calls to Child Protective Services and other professional departments, it was deemed that she was a danger to herself and needed evaluation.  They call it 'Pinked Slipped'.  

She was cuffed and placed by a female officer in a patrol car ready to be transported to the local hospital.

A very sad situation that is being seen so often in the neighborhoods of our cities.

An interesting three hours of what is normal the quietest shift of the day.

In speaking with Chief Mike Goodwin regarding the morning, we discussed the events and I see why this teamwork is so important from the top down.  They all, as individuals communicate as a logical team to maintain the safety and security of New Philadelphia, Ohio.

So if you live in New Philadelphia, Ohio, be thankful you a great team. Next time you are close enough to shake their hand and say thank you. Oh, if you are stopped by one of the 'finest', just comply, listen and answer their questioning logically.


The People are the Police and Police are the People