Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Societal Bubble of Tuscarawas County Has Burst! YOUR City/County As Well...

The Societal Bubble
of Tuscarawas County 
Has Burst!
YOUR City/County As Well...

Law enforcement, city councils, and commissions are failing in their duties.

Do they realize they are part of the communities, live within and proved time and time again that their attitudes have gone to hell in a handbasket!

From internal bullying by supervisors to God Complexes are festering within. It has become a 'Them & Us' world. Yes, the law is the law and the scoffers must be addressed. Attitude has a lot to do with results and the attitude is sucking big time.

You have a Sheriff who could care less and should not be paid. He is doing nothing...

His Deputy Chief is the workhorse and is unopposed for the position and he does not want to rock the boat.

Internally his officers have an attitude that is totally wrong and against the mission statement of local and national law enforcement.

It is not just the county, city police have major issues too. The pressure of managing a community is tremendous. Officers are overworked, wear too many hats and like a basketball, being bounced, thrown, kicked and between both good and evil.

This is not a bashing message, it is a reality!

Ask anyone attached to local law enforcement, lawyers, judges, city council etc. to address the issues and they are frightened.

Frightened of what? Telling the truth? Doing their job they were elected for?

Get with the program...

This discussion is not just from me, our global team has discussed the events of the individuals concerned and the attitudes of all that are supposed, leaders.

Particularly cases which have been noted here and will be exposed further regarding a recent arrest and the internal issues of the sheriff's department will be highlighted publicly as they don' think they have an issue.

The discussion is one thing, accepting the problems and remedial actions are another.



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