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A Reminder of Our Collective Duty The Beat Cop & the Nine Peelian Principles The Policeman's Bible

A Reminder of Our Collective Duty
The Beat Cop & the Nine Peelian Principles
Policeman's Bible

The Job of a Police Officer

Whether you are in London, Manchester, Cardiff or Aberdeen or New York, Des Moines, Nashville, Oklahoma, Chicago, Cleveland, Austin, San Diego, Miami, or anywhere else in the world, what makes the job of a police officer remarkable? Is that like any other, the responsibility not only engages the one walking the beat but can only be accomplished with the full support of the family he or she comes home and to the communities he or she patrols?  It is after all the beat cop, the cop who walks the streets and patrols the neighborhoods who answers the calls that ultimately keeps order and restores peace in our socially challenged society. 

He or she is the heart of policing and the heart of every city because, without that presence, we would not be able to be gathered together in peace on any day or evening.

It is the old-fashioned gleaning of street information which is documented, stored, analyzed, and brings the collective knowledge to apprehend and stop criminal acts through crime and predictive analytics.

Hopefully, each community strives for that and uses the Policeman’s Bible and its Nine Peelian Principles, which are the reminder of our collective duty.

Entrical Believes in the Peelian Principles

The Nine Peelian Principles

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