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Complete Tossers!

Complete Tossers!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

British Police and Crime Commissioners have neither made Police forces run better nor made the public safer. Complete waste of time, effort and money!

Why on God’s green earth would you elect someone that has no knowledge of what the job entails or the commonsense to even try to understand the situation? It is like playing Fantasy Football and not understood the reality of the game in the first place!

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reports, “'We're a £100m waste of money': Top crime tsar's withering report on own colleagues for 'failing to cut crime or build public confidence, says Bob Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands”

Jones has confessed that in their first year in charge of police forces, Police and Crime Commissioners have neither made them run better nor made the public safer.

The Labour PCC for the West Midlands said their planning was vague and that many of this new breed of politicians, who earn up to £100,000, had remained generally unknown rather than building public confidence.

In a withering assessment published to coincide with the first anniversary of the PCCs’ election, Mr. Jones gave the flagship law and order reform ‘four out of ten’ overall and condemned it as ‘£100million spent so far on making police accountability less effective.

His comments provoked anger from Policing Minister Damian Green, who said: ‘Across the country, Police and Crime Commissioners are driving reform and holding their forces to account. And it’s the public who’ll decide how well they’ve performed - at the ballot box.’

In his ‘school report’, Mr. Jones gave PCCs three out of ten for cutting crime, claiming the rate is now, at best, flat, and at worst rising again after years of decline.

This is the same situation that faces America and most civilized countries of the world, when you mix politicians and those that have fully trained in law enforcement their whole life.  It is Oil and Water!  The so called “Do Gooders” who have not one inkling of community policing or moral that is required to balance the good, bad and ugly of human life!  

The Mayor's and council/commissioners are always worried about re-election and not what the real issue of the day is.

The Daily Mail goes on:

Since the election PCCs have become embroiled in a series of scandals, including:

  • ·         Kent’s independent crime tsar Ann Barnes appointed Paris Brown as the first ‘youth commissioner’ without carrying out basic checks that would have revealed that the teenager had made offensive comments online.

  • ·         Cumbria’s Tory PCC Richard Rhodes took two chauffeur-driven trips to meetings, costing taxpayers £700, and when the news was leaked to a local paper, the whistleblower was arrested. 

  • ·         PCCs in Gwent and Lincolnshire forced out their chief constables. In each force only one person applied to take over the top job.

  • ·         At least a dozen PCCs handed out well-paid deputy roles to friends and allies without advertising them. 

  • ·         Four PCCs have already been investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for alleged criminal misconduct. Lancashire’s Clive Grunshaw is facing charges, while Durham’s Ron Hogg is still under investigation.

  • ·         Several PCCs have caused controversy over expenses. Just this week it emerged that Norfolk’s Stephen Bett had declared his home as his place of work, allowing him to claim mileage for driving to the force HQ. He has agreed to repay £3,000.

You might say, typical governmental wasters who were elected by the unknowing populous. Believe it or not the election only gleaned 15% of the people to come out and vote on this issue, meaning 85% could not care less!

Let the professionals that were hired, do their job and remove the political

interference forthwith! Sir Robert Peel’s original policing manifesto was and is totally correct still to this day. 

Keep the Tossers out or throw them in jail for meddling in matters that they have no idea how to resolve. In fact, it is their meddling that is the crime as it always comes down to extracting something that benefits them in one way or another. Leaving the poor electorate to suffer, whilst they line their pockets, no matter what it takes!

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