Friday, September 1, 2017

Des Moines, Iowa Just Became Proximity Beacon Tracking Analytics Ground Zero!

London, Amsterdam, Kiev,
Des Moines?

Des Moines, Iowa Just Became Proximity Beacon Tracking Analytics Ground Zero!

PRESS RELEASE – September 1st, 2017 Des Moines, IA

There is definitely an opportunity to assist in this world of more reliance on technology and real-time gathering of information, with the ability to share with our communities.

Whether it be a realtor using proximity beacons to feature a home for sale, a charity reaching potential donors or subscribers, a bar or restaurant reaching out to their patrons or that have just passed by, to a government or municipality that wants traffic data or foot traffic information, we have developed and competently installed these abilities and much more.

It is all about being able to capture movement digitally or broadcast as a notification a 'call for action', then to have the analytics to understand it all, that is our down-to-earth difference. 

Why?  The Smartphone, which is carried by over 82% of the population has a mass amount of information, which is publicly available without compromising privacy.

Android is the #1 Smartphone with 62% of all Smartphones, Apple has 30.1% and diminishing.  We know without any equivocation that we reach over 60% of all Smartphones, from a survey or marketing potential this is huge. 
Meaning your marketing reach to Smartphone technology has gone from zero to sixty percent!  

Oh, for as little as a monthly investment of 41 cents per device per day!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, and our Proximity Social Marketing Adaptable Solutions has developed and implements technology to glean and garner this data/information and enable our clients to have it at their fingertips to make those relevant decisions effectively and affordably.  Our clients include public safety, supermarkets, airports, museums, deep mining operations, all retail types and local governments.  In most cases, because of Non-Disclosure Agreements in place, we are unable to name, only discuss the usage.  Again, the privacy of our clients is vitally important to all of us.

It is one thing to know that we have solutions, it is another be on the same page as your needs and requirements.  Our over 41 years of immersing ourselves in computerization, data collection and the capability to understand what has been collected and how it can make the difference is key. 

We are a global company, this means some parts of the world who work with us are ahead of the curve and we bring all these solutions and ideas to all.
Let us unlock your requirements by conversing and not marketing. 

Listening is the 'Art of the Possible', so let us talk!

Contact Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner

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Collectively Labor Day is a fun time, too much food, drink and annoying family members.  Right?

It is catch-up time, on all the news, views, and gossip between bites of over of undercooked burgers, weird tasting coleslaw, and punch.

What is missing is information storage, understanding or the analytics of what has just happened.

Law Enforcement cannot work unless we have information flow and the ability to analyze what we have learned...

Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

It is the CommSmart way to present our information to you or through our Super 1829 Symposiums which are powerful mentoring and coaching full day events.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

That is the CommSmart Way!

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Burying Your Head In The Sand Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!

Burying Your Head In The Sand 
Leaves Your Ass As An Even Larger Target!
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Does not matter what part of the world you are in, the problems are the same.  What happens in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Monrovia, Rio, Port of Spain or Provo, the same social situations will manifest themselves at different levels, times and severity.  

Every city worldwide has a drug, gang, and murder rate with growing societal situations that are a cause for concern.  Gangs or insurgents all work in the same manner.  If it is Afghanistan or Akron, Ohio, overall it is the same issue, it is criminal.  No matter where people are crimes are committed and law enforcement has to solve the crime.  It could be called a vicious circle of fire that must be extinguished before it becomes too big to handle.

Why do some events grow to an out of control status and it takes more resources, effort and time to attempt to control?  

How about pigheadedness! Even the skill-set that does match the situation, like no experience in the matters at hand whatsoever. They are burying their heads in the sand and believe they know it all.

The failure to listen to others with far more expertise in these types of affairs is foolish, but then again we are all human and think we know it all.  Thinking that the individual knows it all is like traveling a road to doom for those that are relying on that person in charge.  

There is nothing wrong in asking for help!

Not only are they failing the people who they are there to protect, they are failing the surrounding team and themselves.  The aftermath is even worse when you do nothing and then you express, “I should have asked for help”.

Look, the human mind has many layers of wanton perfection and in many cases the ability to see what they, as an individual are missing is impossible, unless you look in the mirror and ask very personal questions of one’s self. 

Those that surround the individual allow them to create a failure for all.  It is like the celebrity melt downs and disgusting behavior that hits the headlines and we all say why did no one stop them or told them of the destructive path they were on.  Simple, those that surround are fearful of the individual and what the reaction will be and the consequences.  Normally it is a financial reasoning.  It is personal protectionism at its worse!

There is nothing wrong in asking for help and assistance.  

CommSmart Global likes to hear the words “Help Me”.  Our team did not just suddenly and magically come together, it has taken decades to find the right match in all departments and each individual is part of a large jigsaw puzzle that portrays the picture of success that is required.  

No one likes failure and those that do not ask for help are exacerbating the problem.  “Can You Help Us”, is an easy phrase to say when there is a well-oiled team ready and waiting in the wings.

Ask our team for help and work cohesively to solve the situations that are at this time a bone of contention.  Tracometry People have no ego to take charge, we merely examine, advise and bring together the solutions and resolutions.

Sorry… what did you say?  

Sure, we can help you…

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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