Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Enormous Cost Of Being Reactive As Opposed To Being Proactive!

The Enormous Cost Of Being Reactive 
As Opposed To Being Proactive!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The corporate world is seeing that reactionary plans regarding the computer database attacks is expensive beyond belief.  In fact, they cannot protect you in the manner, you, as customer expect and demand.  It is not for the want of trying I can assure you.  It is so frustrating for all concerned and needs immediate attention, if not sooner!

These corporate attacks are being defended internally by methods that are outdated and archaic.  No disrespect to those IT department managers, but the enormous challenge they face each and every day is beyond belief.  There has to be a mindset change and a trust that there are those out there that are passionate to do the right thing and cohesively obliterate the vermin that is cost you so much time, money, effort and aggravation.

As corporations, such as banking, financial institutions, stockbrokers, commerce, including retail and industry are being attacked by similar, if not the same hacking, phishing and man in the middle issues which are depleting budgets, people and the view it is a losing battle. Individually they working on the same issues and at a cost their budget and mindset cannot afford.

They do not have too!

Trusted Remedy has centralized securely the solution and the answers required!

Trusted Remedy developed its leading automated client certificate (X.509) life cycle management solutions, with focus on client and administration convenience.

With Trusted Remedy enrolling or renewing client certificates with newly updated ones, becomes a breeze, using your existing network infrastructure, for any size of target community.

Trusted Remedy protects against Man-in-the-Middle, Phishing and those Hacking Brute-Force Attacks. It even enables Multi-Factor-Authentication based on trusted device recognition.

The solution is used to secure data transmissions between devices, corporate networks and cloud applications, enabling secure Single Sign-On as well.

There we said it!

Europe has been on-board for over a decade and America, we have ramped up to assist and defend your data, customers and eliminate those customer service nightmares.

We do not just talk the talk, we are Trusted Remedy and walk the walk!  Join us and stop these issues in their tracks and save time, money and effort as one team!

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