Saturday, July 7, 2018

Positive Cause, Effect & Outcome with Digital Policing

Successful Analytical
Finger & Thumbing Interaction
with Positive Cause, Effect & Outcome
Digital Policing Personified!

How lives have changed in such a short period of time.  Lawlessness has increased at a rate that the statisticians cannot keep up with.  Statistics are out of date with historical blunders that cannot be rectified until it is far too late.

This is not our approach at all!  We deal in the Now, with up-to-date revolving data at your fingertips.  In fact, right in the palm of your hand! 

Proactive Predictability Productivity

It is all well and good at collecting data, writing reports and circulating the information, but if it is out-of-date, what good is it?

Our community crime mapping, crime analytics, predictive analysis with social media monitoring linked to public data is second to none.  

Not a marketing statement, pure facts!

We are conversationalists

We have two ears and eyes, we listen, review and then, with that assessment will use our collective skills to implement what we believe is right for your corporation or agency on all levels.

Then we coach and mentor you to understand and use the proven and fluid techniques of proactive social, analytic interaction and subsequently, change the horizon.

Times have Changed, Even, how Presidents communicate and so should you!

Empty the Data Silos or at least allow Translation Access

Storing data, then at years end starting to create the analytics is barmy!  It is always outdated, takes months and fails those that need the information NOW!
CommSmart Global Group with our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner is logical regular business people who are opinionated, direct and listeners, who implement the changes with a solid competence and aptitude.
Social Media is the new form of bragging, informing and bullying.  All have the connection of people, digital people and how we can productively know so much more, analyze, police in a proactive manner and solve the crimes.

Officers have the information in the palm of their hand on a digital dashboard and at the start of the shift, in the briefings are ahead of the curve on all issues that have occurred on their ‘beat’ or ‘ward’.  That is how current we are all for the price of a cup of coffee per warranted or sworn officer per week.
You can afford to purchase a cup of coffee per officer, per week to serve and protect the community, which includes you!


Dedicated to implementing necessary change due to the decline in society.  There is an aggression toward authority. Police are being attacked, maimed, killed and confronted by a section of society.  It is a core element that we can identify, understand, follow and quell if need be. Cops are part of the community!

Sir Robert Peel stated that “The People are the Police and the Police are the People”.  We must have all the relevant information and data to protect us all.  Safety is a prime factor for our police officers and the business world.  

This is Us!

Community Crime Mapping, Crime/Predictive Analytics
and Social Media Analytics & Interaction. 

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