Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Failed Cyber Protection, An Everyday Story Of Continuing Corporate Failure

Failed Cyber Protection,
An Everyday Story Of continuing Corporate Failure
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

For they do not know what they do!

Cyber security is of the utmost importance to us all and corporations are failing miserably!  

It is as if the CEO, Board and C-level Executives don't give a toss!

You do not ask a car driver to take control of a passenger airliner do you?  

Should there be some sort of training or a willingness to learn if one is to fly and control a corporation?

Control means control!  All facets of a 2015 and beyond corporation have to be understood from top to bottom! 

What happened to apprenticeships? 

Learning each and every department involved in the make-up of a company.  Gone and causing more castigation than you can imagine!

CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s and Board Members are the hired help at the most and are moving around from company to company like Football managers.  Most have no strategy or ability to play the game.  Their training for the overall running of the company is lacking and seems to be by name recognition only.

K it seems is the only initial that is the perfect example of “who the hell are they and what have they done”?  The Kardashians have all the headlines and have nothing in their stable except media manipulation.  They could never organization a beer party in a brewery!

Target, Sears, K-mart and J C Penny are the perfect corporate example of top management with no knowledge of the overall understanding of how a company should be successfully run.  Each one is reliant on customers and a continuous stream of repetitive buying by those individuals.  The customer TRUSTS those they purchase from.  

In those corporations cases, the TRUST is GONE!

From the Loyalty program to the swiping of a bank card to conclude a purchase, companies have very personal information on their clients and customers and this must be safeguarded at all times!  Top management have not one inkling of what that entails and would rather be arranging their next party or social soirĂ©e!  
Even property management companies, whose regulation is in doubt, which are out there by the thousands, as America is renting their housing rather than attempting to purchase, has very personal information on their desktop computers.  Which includes background check information which includes SS#’s, bank account #’s and more than would ever want someone to get their hands on.

The same computer that Ethel checks and answers her personal email, searches for friends on Facebook and visits the gossip pages.  Totally unsecured data and completely untrustworthy.

Sadly the public is it seems goes it’s merry way until the cyber vermin strike!

Just some humble thoughts…

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