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You May Possess The Keys, But Who, Has the Illicit Second Set?

You May Possess The Keys, 
But Who, Has the Illicit Second Set?

Key holders might believe they are in control of every door.  

They are NOT!

Keys are not pieces of metal anymore, they are more flimsy than that.  It can be as simple as a thumb print or an iris scan.  In fact, even your veins, yes the very carriers of your blood, as a biometric security object.

The lock has always signified that there is something of value being secured. From the vault in a financial institution to the shed at the bottom of the garden, something inside is being guarded by a simple lock.

Every American Super Bowl in years past, had a padlock manufacturer spend their marketing budget on just one commercial all year long.  The ad showed the lock being shot at, hit, and still working, securing whatever was being protected.  The power of their padlock against the energy of a bullet.

How things have changed and have they changed for the better?  Are we more secure in today's world or is it all a misnomer? 

Technology has taken over and some bright sparks believe that technology and technology alone is the protector of all.  In theory it might be, reality paints a totally different picture.

Somewhere along the line passwords were introduced and were a technology change to the old rotating numbers on the bottom of a key-less lock. 

Passwords, a combination made up of letters by a human, that thought they were more clever than their friends and inquisitors.  They are not and are hacked so simply and we still continue to use them, knowing they are a pain in the rear end and really useless.

As it turns out, the man who invented the computer password back in the early 1960's agrees. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, 87-year-old Fernando Corbato said that the password has become "kind of a nightmare."

Access Control for that is what we are talking about is not as secure as we really think.  Keypads and passwords are used for the majority of access entry methods.  The crux of the issue is the unstable, hackable password.  It is not just the hack, it is the way we humans treat passwords!  Forget them, loan them out, post them on a wall or a post-it note for all to see and then the ultimate, stolen or phished.  

The poor password needs representation as it is so misused and abused!

CommSmart Global's Red Tagged Team has the positive approach, in sympathy of the password, retire it to a greener pasture and replace with Trusted Remedy, Device DNA.

As the majority now carry and use Smart Mobile Phones we can authenticate the individual wanting access by their device and if you wish still use a password or biometrics.  This means the main means of access is the devices DNA with a secondary means of identification.  

With the ability to use cameras via the Internet we have a visual method as well.  This combined with Facial Recognition will be your secure gatekeeper. The digital logging and cross checking all being completed in milliseconds.  Any issue will alert those at a master control or even in the field.

With Access Control we are addressing:
  • Authentication 
  • Authorization 
  • Effective Strategy
The combination for your situation, employees, public access and corporation need to be discussed in a more private forum, we would like to do so.

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