Monday, January 11, 2016

Innovation & Ingenuity - All About Change...

Innovation & Ingenuity

In the beginning, making your notes of how you are going to win over the world have been scratched on a napkin or a scrap of paper, rewritten in Microsoft Word and many a spreadsheet created, compared and settled upon, it is ready and wanting that important air to be infused.
It is just like having baby!  It is your child and you want the best and will go to whatever lengths to make sure that it will happen.  The possessiveness is extraordinary and rightly so, it is your flesh and blood, your DNA!  The difference with the company birth is simple, there are more people involved in the now overcrowded delivery room, although exciting, and it is an overwhelming experience.  Everyone wants in, taking “selfies” and being at the inception of a journey.
It is now moved from the drawing board and possibly the garage, to the real world of not just you.  Thinking we can do it all ourselves is a fallacy, which brings us to the next step, the start-up, hiring people and bringing it all to market.  Spending and investing our own money in an opportunity we personally believe in.
Now some, have brilliant ideas and sadly lack in several areas, management and manufacturing skills and importantly, finance.  This is where certain conflicts rear their ugly heads.  It is the possessive clasping of the opportunity and not wanting to let go.  Without the money, marketing and manufacturing there is nothing!
Angel Investors or even the bank will demand their large percentage as they are placing financial risk.  You, on the other hand, are only allowing them to participate without spending a dime in their eyes.  None of these are wrong, it is just the traits of humans and attempting to do open a business.
It is taking the next steps that is more difficult.
So many turn to sports analogies, which do not get me wrong, have their place.  Coaches review what the full potential of the players are and create a playbook.  Do they stick to it?  No!  It is the adaptability of their mindset that is the difference.  Being proactive, not reactive, and fully understanding all aspects of the game, physical experiences and the players.
Football, with round ball, is a perfect example, trades, changes and practice.  This must be introduced to your company and it is always from the outside in.  Fresh eyes, thoughts and market changes, must be recognized, acted upon and this comes from the top down’s blessing, with a bottom up introduction.  It is all about getting the right message to the right people!  Just like a football manager, he trades players and ideas, as it is an evolving playing field.
Unless you have been through it yourself, you have no idea of what it takes and the endurance that is required to maintain a business.  The paperwork will bury you and those business licenses, you now know why you need outside help!
It is all about Change.  Believe it our not we are all indecisive and the Weakest Link, as we are too close to what we dreamed and stifle the growth factor.
Possessive is an understatement!
To move forward and enhance your original thoughts and plans takes Cultural Change.  No, not retraining as you do not want someone espousing their thoughts and you making notes. 
It is all about Cultural Coaching Change!

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