Friday, March 31, 2017

Crime, the Climb That Can & Will Be Stopped

Crime, the Climb That Can & Will Stopped
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

This report is damning in oh so many ways.

BBC Reporting on crime report:

Statistical evaluation is not going to solve the criminal issues!

It is understanding society and the policing thereof.  Yes, real police work from passionate and dedicated professionals.  Who, daily use their honed hard and soft skill sets.

With CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner and our full proven crime mapping, crime analytics, predictive analysis and social media monitoring, will bring you the vital information NOW, not next week or in a report that is out of date the day it is published.

Many will think this is a brave or egotistical statement, it is not, it is fact!

Visit our website, read and then call with your questions and if you wish, a demonstration of our proven cost effective solutions that are demanded to reduce and resolve the crime.

With our logical, down-to-earth approach and experience of law enforcement requirements globally, we not only speak your language, we coach and mentor your officers to have these professional tools that will protect and serve your communities as we should and are demanded.

Become Part of the CHANGE and Make the Difference All of Us Deserve...

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Peel Back the Social Issues of Contempt

Peel Back the Social Issues
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The Blame Game is killing people, community leadership with the liberal overtones have failed and all they can do is pass the depleted buck on to whoever wishes to accept the responsibility.

In the middle, those that must uphold the law, police officers, who each day place their life on the line and their families and loved ones know not if they will return home.

Policing is nothing new, it started formerly in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel and has progressed, failed and brought mayhem to the forefront by those miscreants who wish anybody harm, especially law enforcement.  That element of violence is socially unacceptable and the groups who roam from event to event can be stopped when you know exactly what they are doing, planning and attempting to act upon.

When we review what Sir Robert Peel started and thank goodness he documented his thoughts and aspirations, he gave us the Nine Peelian Principles, the Policeman's Bible, which, today, still is the foundation of policing and upholding the laws of the land.

There is a major difference, we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, have, over decades, combined both the Nine Peelian Principles and Digital Technology (Crime Analytics) without isolating those that are not computer savvy.  

Allowing an information flow through proprietary dashboard technology at the start of every shift,  having the flexibility to add and subtract issues and concerns to their particular beat or ward at anytime and anywhere securely.

It is about having information at your fingertips, both billions of public records and your local agency RMS/CAD crime data.  Our proven ability for Crime Mapping, Analytics, Predictive Analysis and importantly Social Media Monitoring is second to none!  

That is not a marketing statement, it is a fact!

That is why the department of defence selected our predictive analytics for use in Afghanistan for the protection of our forces from IEDs. 

This is more than an officer safety factor, it makes common sense to know what you being called to when a call for service comes in.

With our logical, down-to-earth approach and experience of law enforcement requirements globally, we not only speak your language, we coach and mentor your officers to have these professional tools that will protect and serve your communities as we should and are demanded.

Become Part of the CHANGE and Make the Difference All of Us Deserve...

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Pssst... Snitchers Wanted...

Snitch or Not To Snitch?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Snitch is to Inform...

I thought I knew what the word and expression, “snitch”, meant. I was right and oh so wrong!

It is a problem both socially within families, neighborhoods and in the workplace.  With so many with mental issues, families and friends must speak up on the problems, it will save lives!

Snitching -- and its sibling, witness intimidation -- is much in the top of the news these days, the result of a series of high-profile killings and shootings. But there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about it, not just among people in the community or the workplace, but also among law enforcement and government officials and the media.

Nobody wants to be a snitch -- not even in an environment that's supposed to define what exactly snitching is.

Business is a breeding ground of gossip and snitching. Mostly to get a leg up on the ladder of success. Tattle-tales, nosey narks, and other such labels that are applied to such people, really do not describe the issue. For a business to be a success, all information must be on the table and in full view. Hiding information or situation does nobody and good whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with laying the facts out in front of everyone and moving forward. Knowledge is power and known knowledge is even more powerful.

Snitching sees no color, except it seems in African/American communities. Everyone has snitched, told the truth, shared concerns and information at some time or another.

In speaking with community and business leaders, we must deal with realism: 

You are never going to get black people to agree to snitch, I was told emphatically. The reasons are rooted in history and culture, and the realities of so many inner cities, where human life is cheap.

On the dark (criminal) side, those on the other side of the law will say, that if you work at it, you can persuade witnesses to violent crime to come forward and tell all.

For those that live in high-crime areas, there's nothing new about witness intimidation, it is part of everyday life. Criminals threatening or even killing citizens who could testify against them. Several recent incidents have brought wider attention to this issue.

A gentleman I met to discuss the problem, told me, that explaining to young people about snitching, if they see someone killed, it's their obligation to help make sure that the killer is punished. “The government works for us, and together we can hold it to higher standards.”

He continued, “Words and connotations are powerful". And to many of us, the word "snitch" brings to mind a distant memory of a house slave telling the master when another slave tried to escape. We're a long way from the days of slavery, but the adversity that those of us trapped in communities with little money, education and police protection share has forced us to create our own codes and coping strategies.”

“So often, even law-abiding residents try to close ranks and deal with our problems on our own instead of working with law enforcement, which many of us consider the enemy. It's a code…”

As we spoke more, he went further, “This is the true definition of a snitch: someone who commits a crime but then blames an accomplice so that he can negotiate a lighter sentence or even go free. Often he tells lies and incriminates the innocent. People like that are the real snitches and they are cowardly. Snitching is a way for criminals to play the system.

But not everyone who talks to police is a snitch. If you're a victim of a crime and you or someone you trust cooperates with them, you are not a snitch. If you try to get rid of negativity in your community, you are not "hot" or a snitch.

I blame the hip-hop industry for spreading confusion about the definition of snitching. I also understand that the artists are just trying to sell records by glorifying a criminal and prison culture they often know nothing about.

Understanding snitching is not just a theoretical exercise. It is critical to the survival of our communities.

Just as we have a right to be safe from drive-by shootings, murder, intimidation, and disrespect, we have an obligation to uphold the laws that ensure public safety. When a citizen witnesses a crime and decides to be civically responsible, this doesn't constitute snitching; it's doing the right thing.

Police also need to be more sensitive to the culture of the streets. Showing up in uniform and knocking on someone's door could get an innocent person killed. If police are clumsy in their investigations and let the word out about who is cooperating, that can also lead to more bloodshed.

Among the responses: "Kill them." "Cooperate." "Retaliate." "Go tell the police." And something that I have seen all too often: "Already happened. I would go look for them and talk to them face to face and ask them why."

People in the community want peace, and they want justice. They just don't want to be anybody's snitch.”

It is not telling tales, it is about building safety barriers and stopping the violence in the streets, homes, and workplace. Bullies, killers, and overall rotten people feed on their actions and further their intimidation by the silence. This signals their success and feeds their want, to do more. No matter who it harms or kills.

I believe we have a problem, Houston!




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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stop Being In the Middle & Blooded…

Stop Being In the Middle & Blooded…

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Whether it is in London's Houses of Parliament, the US Capitol or Europe's Belgian HQ, liberal politics and supposed “do-gooder” politicians have generated a huge social, cultural, community safety, economic and homeland security difficulties, without increasing our countries internal safety measures to respond or even deal with these increased violent exposures. 

Brexit, Trump care or EU kindergarten antics, it is leading us all down a garden path to shed that has been visited many times before.  We still do not learn fro history or the mistakes of our forefathers. 

What we are experiencing in the United States right now, (soon to be the repeated experiences of Europe’s mayhem) is a growing imbalance of increased risks as compared to safety measures to mitigate these increased jeopardies!
It is as if, the politicians and leaders, could care less for the chaos they have created and warning signs that have been ignored for decades.  

The fact that sections of society who are expectant of entitlements and what their pathetic leaders have promised them is the prime example.  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and the supposed gospel believing preachers that do nothing but instill hatred in those that are dumb enough to listen and hang on every word they espouse.  It is the incited anger that is triggered by ill-informed individuals looking for any excuse to be violent and destroy their own neighborhood.

With them not having the foresight or intelligence to know what is really going on the streets and beats of the public safety officer is a total shame and failure of humankind.  Stop taking the easy-way-out, passing the buck and lining your pockets.  Your pockets and wallets are being filled with the shame of your actions.

Once upon a time we had early warning systems for the possible nuclear attacks from the Russians and children were taught to hide under their desks at school if the heard the siren.  The societal siren has been whaling and you not only have turned a blind-eye, you have tuned out the sounds of disaster.

As a nation we spend more time on the weather forecast and sports then we do on festering issues!

So you have unrest on the streets and beats of every town USA, Europe, and the Middle East with the mislead communities attacking what they think is the cause, as politicians look on, rubbing their hands at the visual anarchy below.  In the middle is law enforcement, who, the politicians see as the battering ram to force the rioters back to their ghettos and beat and kill those that step out of the liberal created political lines.

Law enforcement is bearing the brunt of miss created banter by those that cowardly hide until the unrest has been quelled.  Then, they step forward to the media microphones and television cameras and commend themselves for taking the actions to stop their own created mayhem.  

Whilst the police are being bludgeoned by indoctrinated miscreants and their hidden for-profit leadership.

Let us return to that early warning system, CommSmart Global Group, who is a Risk Solutions Partner of LexisNexis, has one, a working one that gives you all the information/data of all that is happening on your beats and streets and across borders. 

No, this is not some cockamamie sales pitch by the slick salesmen who are striving to be liberal politicians and line their pockets with ill-earned gains.

It is a productive passion that drives our abilities to work beside you in changing your communities and upholding the laws, solving crimes, maintaining the status quo on levels.

We are a group that has street level global law enforcement experience, proven decades of reality in both Europe, USA and Great Britain.  The experience that is straight talking, logical and we leave the Bovine Slurry at the door!

It is all about CHANGE! 

Stepping up and being coached and mentored in old fashion basic policing and usability of cutting edge technology that all understand, use and will change their lives and those they serve.

It is an overall monitoring system, which includes street smarts, crime mapping, analytics, predictive analysis and social media monitoring, collectively giving you a Dashboard of incidents, opportunities, and solutions, which are the key, when you are visually and academically in control so you are not flying blind in this scary encroaching disastrous environment.

It's law enforcement’s duty to restore some level of balance at the community level to prevent crimes and terrorist influenced attacks if possible. We fully understand that security is never 100%, but by taking advantage of years of experience from the lessons learned using analytics at the national level, combined with your local RMS/CAD data, local organizations can access and share critical information focused on their communities and not be dependent on the willingness of federal agencies.

It is here, loud a clear with a simple direct message, stop being just second rate and guessing, although you have the smarts, CommSmart Global Group gives you and maintains the advantages that are demanded for today. 

Importantly I know the questions are always cost.  Affordable and if you like, simply less than the price of a cup of coffee per sworn officer, per week.  Yes, that cost effective and does not leave a bitter taste in your budget.

Contact and discuss, societal safety is running out of time and that means your safety as well.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stupid In-Fighting Detracts From the Problems & Logical Solutions

Stupid In-Fighting Detracts From
the Problems & Logical Solutions
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmart Global Group

Every company, family, and community have one, two or maybe more.  Who?  That absolute curmudgeon, pain in the ass and the one who stirs the mire, just because they can and are oblivious of how they are acting.

Male, female, old, young, ill-informed and just an all-around nitwit!

They themselves cannot see that they are not a true team player and damaging all that surrounds them.  Behind their back, the comments regarding their derogatory attitude are loud, cutting and prove they are not team players as they have not been included in the discussion or chit-chat.

Possessiveness is fine when it is your own personal Teddy-Bear, but when you start fighting with your own team, family and business colleagues, then we have more than a problem.

It is hard enough to communicate with for us all, but possessiveness, which turns into aggressive foot stomping and endless emails and that “I will not take No for an answer attitude” is a deal breaker and socially imprudent.

If this continues, in my case I will turn my back and walk away, having nothing to do with them and the issue will be left lying there on the table, as I will not participate in argumentative, nonsensical dialogue.  The potential client or family member suffers and does not want to know about the internal hissy fits of dumb individuals. I am too old, to waste time, effort and money on those type of people.

There is nothing that replaces solid experience, long-time relationships, proven track-record and a listening ear.  Maybe I and our team are different, we do not think so.  Sure, we do not agree on how some corporations and individuals present their business, we steer clear of disagreeing with them and walk out of the room, so to speak, it is our way.  If they don’t like it, they know the door they came in is also their exit.

Globally the wasted words and actions of individuals are literally killing society.  
Knowledge is King, sadly most in these city issues, like the legal death of a criminal who scoffed the law is twisted by those that just want trouble.  Those that start the reactionary violence are normally dissociated, they are from out of town who goads the community, especially those that are of a lower education level, unemployed and easily led to be the frontline of violence against the community and law enforcement.

Law enforcement has become “Piggy in the Middle”, which has gone beyond deadly.

Today, it is the informational attributes of a community, individuals that will save the day.  Why? Simple, the proactive approach enables the understanding, social patterns and key issues that can be predicted and resolved.

Yes, data that is accessible to use now, social media monitoring, crime mapping, analytics and predictive analysis for all.  That includes the officer on his or her beat.  Not only at the start of each shift but updating and sharing with other officers on adjacent beats.  Proactive information for officer safety when going on a call for service.  Enabling local and public information to establish and verify what has occurred previously at the call for service location.  Never has this level of professionalism been available all the way to those that matter most, the street level officer.

CommSmart Global Group is innovators of record with a full understanding of what the street issues are.  Former law enforcement officers who globally have dealt directly with the concerns.  It is from a Change Agency perspective that we have approached our community problems.  As a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, the access to public records and data enables a level of proactive predictive analysis like no other.

From our openness of what we like in communication shows you we are down to earth and will work alongside you to discuss your local problems and the resolutions at hand.

Yes, we will work beside you using our skills and passion for adjusting our societal issues.

Contact and discuss…

Or call… +1 (330) 366.6860

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Policing, although 188 years old, is an ever moving social target.

Policing, although 188 years old, is an ever moving social target.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing certainly had the forethought in his Nine Peelian Principles, which still stand firm today.

As time has moved on, so have the social issues and size of demanded policing.  The citizenry has also changed, drastic moves of populations and ethnicity have become so dire and incredibly difficult to maintain and control.

Defining community policing by some as:

Simply it is knowing your people, activities, and thoughts.  You have to be among them to know all of these categories.  Peel had his ‘Peelers’ on the streets to collect information and show the communities of their presence.  Back then, communication was a little different.  Fingers and thumbs were used in a very different manner, some legal and illegal manners!

Community policing is not a new concept. It has been seen for decades in patrol cops walking their beats.

The community policing era in the United States began in the 1980s. Public satisfaction with the police both decreased trust with law enforcement and increased fear of crime.

In the United States, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 established the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) within the Justice Department to promote community policing. Today, it continues to evolve as new technologies become more widely used and high-profile law enforcement events capture national attention.

Community Policing is at the very heart of our daily duties to protect and serve the 300,000 people who live in, work within and visit the City of London. Police officers and PCSOs work with City communities across three specific teams – Residential, Business and Street Intervention.

This is mirrored across the full London Metropolitan Police Boroughs and the rest of Great Britain.

From major metropolis to US tribal police departments, which are small, self-governed communities, they generally serve and are particularly well-suited for the community policing philosophy.

Sadly, tribal policing has changed due to an increase in entrepreneurship and a major growth of casinos and hotels on tribal land and increased financial and social crime issues.

Tribally operated law enforcement agencies provide a broad range of public safety services such as responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, enforcing traffic laws, executing arrest warrants, serving process, providing court security, and conducting search and rescue operations.

Tribal crime has grown at an alarming rate in the following areas and not in any particular order:

*    Property Crime
*    Rape & Sexual Abuse
*    Identity Theft
*    Credit Card Fraud
*    Money Laundering
*    Drug Usage & Trafficking
*    Human Trafficking

The statistics are so far behind it is abysmal time-wasting to even view or review!

The fact that data is collected, sent straight to a data silo without having street level officers have the opportunity to even review, let alone touch.

Times have changed!  Digital Policing Portfolio has been operational for 21 years and just released is our Virtual Crime Center which includes the following modules:

  • Community crime mapping
  • Crime analytics
  • Predictive analysis
  • Social Media Interaction/monitoring
  • Data Access with used databases
  • Facial Recognition for Stop, Interview, Process (SIP)
  • Implementation
  • Full Professional Services For Coaching/Mentoring

The ease of operation for street level police officer usage starts with a Dashboard, which brings all the crime data to a single screen on a Smartphone, tablet or computer screen.  Knowing your prior historical events before the shift briefing maximizes efficiency for all.  These dashboards can be updated and change as you personally wish.

For a safety factor, the access to all data/information by a single name or address is right in the palm of your hand.  No more ‘Go Fish’ for information with phone calls and faxed information.  It is productivity personified!

21 years ago our entrance into Digital Policing started!  Progressed with our law enforcement capabilities and developed analytics tools that grasped the eye of law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Department of Defense with our unique ‘predictive analytical tools’.  Which was purchased by DoD and used in Iraq & Afghanistan for predicting roadside IEDs.  Working with British & American troops, saving an extraordinary amount of lives. This working environment allowed us to hone our skills which had to be, no demanded to be, precise, as lives were at stake.

All within in the team are ex-law enforcement from differing divisions, we have an overall perspective of crime today and the methods being used to attempt to control the ever growing issues.  This also includes a remarkable ‘Red Tagged’ team of computer engineers who know so much regarding the Dark web and White and Black Hat Hacking.

You may hear or see from our keystrokes we have major concerns. We are not angry on how budget reductions, overworked staff, and government, who have failed to listen and understand policing is not politics is festering on the vine as each day that goes by as the procrastination continues, is another blockage to solving the issues with proven technology and street smart policing.  It is a deep passionate concern that you see and hear.

Why are we so confident that we can achieve what no other seems to be able to implement? 

Simple, we already have completed in over 800 agencies!

Conversing with CommSmart Global Group, either face to face or electronically will show you in one fell swoop of our proven capabilities and success. What is so important is, we do not know it all and nor do you, we have something in common already.  Together, we will achieve the targets, goals, and aspirations to succeed for the betterment of the agency.

LexisNexis, our Risk Solutions Partner is no small company, part of the RELX Group which is a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries.

Helping scientists make new discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives and insurance companies offer customers lower prices. We save taxpayers and consumers money by preventing fraud and help executives forge commercial relationships with their clients.

Our goal is to help our customers make better decisions, get better results and be more productive. We do this by leveraging a deep understanding of our customers to create innovative solutions which combine content and data with analytics and technology in global platforms. These solutions often account for about 1% of our customers’ total cost base but can have a significant and positive impact on the economics of the remaining 99%.

The Group serves customers in more than 180 countries and has offices in about 40 countries. It employs approximately 30,000 people of whom half are in North America.

CommSmart Global Group was chosen as a partner to serve law enforcement globally because of our full understanding of world events and law enforcement procedures, failures and demanded changes in a major transformational time.

Really, we are conversational pussy cats with extremely long claws, who are straight talkers and never commit to something we know is impossible.
Transformation of Policing is actionable NOW!

That is if you are willing to take a deep breath and exchange conversation with us.

 It is productivity personified!


For more information, please converse with us via telephone or an email.