Friday, April 27, 2018

Clowns, Fools and Where Is The Policy?

Clowns, Fools, and Where Is The Policy?

The clown for most of us globally is a character of fun in a circus, they make us laugh with silly routines, empty water buckets, and slapstick.

Then they took on a new persona in a couple of ways, the stalking clown that appears in a place that is unexpected with more of a hideous facial make-up and not the type of face that the students of Clown University in Sarasota, Florida teach.

The objective by these grotesque clowns is to frighten and disturb people's minds, appearing in walkways in parks at night, standing in the middle of the road as cars drive toward them and stepping out the way at the last minute and all the well thinking this is funny, it is not!  They have even connected over the decades to murderers. 

It started it seems in the US and has now gone global.  The UK is now experiencing the same issues of clowns, sick clowns.  

Under Section 5 of the criminal act, they are arrested for annoyance and placing people in a concerned position.  This means they are processed with fingerprints, the collection of DNA, warned and a mark against them is recorded.  
No court appearance whatsoever, just a finger-wagging and slap on the limp wrist.

The other clowns are those that are in the political three ring circus, the candidates, press and those that came out of the woodwork with claims that have not been substantiated. Salacious statements of rape, perversion and health issues are the upfront comments in the US regarding the candidates.

Where are the Policies?  

Fixing the Economy, Taxation, Healthcare. Security of Borders, and a myriad of others that are not being discussed!

There is more clowning by the Press Corp on how they are failing in what we once called journalism and now labeled 'Fake News'.

It is stated that the clowns and fools are front and center and appearing in most of Shakespeare's dramas, the clown or fool figure remains one of the most intriguing stage characters in the Shakespearean oeuvre and has frequently captured the interest of contemporary critics and modern audiences. Taking many forms, Shakespearean fools may be generally divided into two categories: the clown, a general term that was originally intended to designate a rustic or otherwise uneducated individual whose dramatic purpose was to evoke laughter with his ignorance; and the courtly fool or jester, in whom wit and pointed satire accompany low comedy.

Critical analysis of Shakespearean clowns and fools has largely explored the thematic function of these particular individuals. Many commentators have observed the satirical potential of the fool. Considered an outcast to a degree, the fool was frequently given reign to comment on society and the actions of his social betters; thus, some Shakespearean fools demonstrate a subversive potential. They may present a radically different worldview than those held by the majority of a play's characters.

Only days to get back on track and stop clowning around!

Wipe the Smirk of Your Face and get back to the details of the consequence with the Elected president!


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The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy! It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy!
It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

FaceBook Strips You Naked By Removing Your Privacy Cover!  Google Has Even More On You!

You should be thinking "Privacy Above All", yes, your privacy is your responsibility.  I know you think others, like Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other unsocial networks are protecting you.  They are not, they are exposing you every single millisecond of the day and placing your personal and corporate information in harm's way.  

You think they have got your back and they do NOT!

Every single company and government should be protecting any individual data that is collected in doing business today. They are NOT!

You cannot avoid using the Internet of Things (IoT) as everyone uses it for forming filling, banking and health data and every other thing you can think of.

There are No Six Degrees of Separation!  

We are all connected!

This means that any criminal or Cyber Terrorist is using so much of their ill-gotten time to infiltrate any data site they can.  Data silos in the most case are insecure because their IT Department is out of touch with cyber reality.

When it comes to cyber protection, RED TAGGED is Straight Talking!

Cybersecurity has to start at the front door, the servers which contain the data and have checks and balances along the way to ensure we are all protected.  Knowing all the activity in "real time"!

Malware is being used continuously attacking the servers, trying to beat and enter the Information Technology sphere that has outdated security.

Having a database with access to your customers/clients, employees, third-party data centers when not secured is like a red rag to a Hacking Bull!

Giving access to a database like this is like giving everyone a key and having no control over who they share it with.  Passwords are useless and foolish, no matter what their length or alpha/numeric they are.

Using a Dashboard/Portal for authorized access to Device DNA and a secondary code is more secure, especially with a military level encryption.

Your Smartphones are just as vulnerable, remember it is a computer!  Your voice, data in motion, emails, SMS/Text/Chat and documents on your Smartphone can be fully secure with high-level encryption and it should be.

It is all about Privacy Above All!

That is what we do!


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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's Not Just Another Tuesday & Monday Was Yet Another Tragic Day

It's Not Just Another Tuesday & 
Monday Was Yet Another Tragic Day 

Life cannot and will not be taken for granted ever again, but you never thought that, did you?

Waking up, hitting the bathroom, turning on the tap to fill the coffee pot and making breakfast that starts your day, maybe your last.  Waking the kids, getting them out the door to school and kissing your partner goodbye, maybe the last time ever this will occur.  

Guarantees and 'next events' can never be set in stone.

The hatred and wish to harm you and your fellow man and woman has exponentially grown day after day to an insane level. 

I am now in my seventh year on this earth, born in the forties, amazingly reaching here, having been in so many major global events, nothing fazes me anymore.  The experience of these events, knowing the people I know and how we have all made it, shocks me to no end.

Churchill said it best:

"You Have Enemies? Good. 
That Means You've Stood Up For Something, Sometime In Your Life." 

Our enemies come in all formats and today hatred, even in your own family cannot be ignored.  Hatred by organized groups has always been there and today, terror is connected to their goal to harm and kill you.

That does not and must not stop you from going about a sort of normal life.  Difficult as it might seem, changed life must go on! 

Listening, looking, watching all that you do must be integrated into your own daily regime. 

Do not think that police and security forces can stop these collective murderers, they cannot!  

It takes us all to notice, listen and think logically all the time.  We cannot and must not let down our social guard, as you never know what is around the corner or driving down the street.

Recently, the 'The Waffle House Killing', senseless with a long list of knowledge on the killer, not only by law enforcement, his family and friends knew the risks of this individual and what he was thinking.  The signs were evident and for all to see and you would think the police could have done something more, they cannot under the laws of the land.

The murder of pedestrians in Canada by this individual who so far police say he was never been on their radar and have no understanding so far of his motives. 

Simple he is a killer!  It will be his motive that will categorize his defense.  Some lawyer will now have the task to defend his actions and that has to be a diabolical task!

Whenever I hear some official make the statement, "There Is No Credible Threat At This Time." 

How the hell do they know when the majority of people are not on law enforcement's radar!

Security is up to us and YOU on the street have a better connection to your family, friends, and co-workers with prior information that can assist us all.

See Something, Hear Something & Say Something, to the Right People

YOU are the KEY!

Start Now, Your Life Depends On It!


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Monday, April 23, 2018

So What Will Monday Morning Bring?

Let’s test, Six Degrees Of Separation, A Telephone Number, An Email Address And Your Communication Skills

Connections, life is all about connections.  Someone knows someone and gets that all important introduction in one way or another.  We all have information to share, some have no relevance whatsoever and should be ignored.  Then, there is that gold dust of a perfect solution that cannot get through because leadership is bombarded by such a deluge of irrelevant people and companies that just wish to jump on the bandwagon of the moment.  They spoil it for all!

The CEO, President or Vice Presidents then becomes so protected by Gatekeepers, who in reality, are making a corporate decision below their station in life.  Real solutions are not allowed to enter this domain of realistic solutions and the frustration boils and companies walk away in disgust and
move on to low hanging fruit that is easily accessible.

Major corporations in the retail trade and the banking industry are being blocked from protecting their databases, vendors, and customers by internal quagmires of overzealous guardians.  The real loser is the general public who suffer from the security breaches which cost them dearly in the inept internal communications of the involved corporations. 

The facts are extremely clear, computer data is not being protected by internal departments in the manner it should and can be!  They don’t have the time, allocated budget or up to the second expertise at their fingertips.

Across the board, the attacks by the hackers, phishers, and man in the middle morons are the same with slight twists.  The twists are the system they have gained access to and the variances of protection.  Importantly they have been let in!  The rest is pure semantics and manipulation.

We are not looking at a Blame Game, that is just negative and time wasting.  The situation of communications is what it is.  It needs to be recognized, reviewed and rewritten!  Change it, it is not working, it is a hindrance to all!
We are communicators who say it as it is, not what we think you want to hear.  Some will say, we are arrogant in our approach or even know-it-all marketers.  We are not!  Our passion for security is in our DNA and we achieve what we say. 

The message is clear regarding the enormous security problem facing every single computer database that exists.  Vulnerability, clear and simple!

Since the year 2000 CommSmart Global Group have been protecting Europe from these issues and now the USA and the rest of the world can have the same values, cost-effective protection. 

Before we go into some detail that you will understand, that is for management to fully realize the answer, let us address recent and ongoing disastrous security events with computer databases.

The reported Target attack of a few years ago on their retail business occurred because of a lax security of a vendor’s password stated by the media.  If this is the case, under the Key solution, it could have never occurred!  No ifs, buts or wherefores, it would have never happened!

This is Straight Talk...

Every single vendor can, under this KEY Solution, use their own devices securely, safely and be fully protected.  Yes, Bring Your Own Device is a major feature. 

If through bad security, a password is lost or obtained by an undesirable, it does not matter, it will never work with the hacker, no matter what they try.

Let us now address POS and the credit/debit card thefts.  Each point of sale cash register is protected and the information is secure from the point of swipe and input of the pin number.  This means every single retail outlet, large or small can have blanket coverage and we shut down and lockout the hackers.

Big Box, Supermarkets, Mall stores, Mom & Pop operations, Gas Stations and each pump, protected fully and totally an investment which is affordable. 

Simple information on how we achieve this level of security developed leading automated client certificate (X.509) lifecycle management solutions, with focus on client and administration convenience.
  • enrolling or renewing client certificates with newly updated ones, becomes a breeze, using your existing network infrastructure, for any size of the target community.
  • protects against Man-in-the-Middle, Phishing and Brute-Force Attacks. It even enables Multi-Factor-Authentication based on trusted device recognition.
  • The solution is used to secure data transmissions between devices, corporate networks, and cloud applications, enabling secure Single Sign-On as well.

I know, your IT department is in disbelief!  This is their job to protect and why would you use an outsourced operation to do this work? 

Why?  Because we have the ability to achieve your mission and goals.  The investment is minuscule compared to what you are spending reactively on a daily basis.  This is PROACTIVE fundamental common sense!

My original title for this information was:

 Let’s test, Six Degrees Of Separation, A Telephone Number, An Email Address And Your Communication Skills

Some of you work for these operations we have mentioned, so let us see how your skills are! 

 We are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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