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Clowns, Fools and Where Is The Policy?

Clowns, Fools, and Where Is The Policy?

The clown for most of us globally is a character of fun in a circus, they make us laugh with silly routines, empty water buckets, and slapstick.

Then they took on a new persona in a couple of ways, the stalking clown that appears in a place that is unexpected with more of a hideous facial make-up and not the type of face that the students of Clown University in Sarasota, Florida teach.

The objective by these grotesque clowns is to frighten and disturb people's minds, appearing in walkways in parks at night, standing in the middle of the road as cars drive toward them and stepping out the way at the last minute and all the well thinking this is funny, it is not!  They have even connected over the decades to murderers. 

It started it seems in the US and has now gone global.  The UK is now experiencing the same issues of clowns, sick clowns.  

Under Section 5 of the criminal act, they are arrested for annoyance and placing people in a concerned position.  This means they are processed with fingerprints, the collection of DNA, warned and a mark against them is recorded.  
No court appearance whatsoever, just a finger-wagging and slap on the limp wrist.

The other clowns are those that are in the political three ring circus, the candidates, press and those that came out of the woodwork with claims that have not been substantiated. Salacious statements of rape, perversion and health issues are the upfront comments in the US regarding the candidates.

Where are the Policies?  

Fixing the Economy, Taxation, Healthcare. Security of Borders, and a myriad of others that are not being discussed!

There is more clowning by the Press Corp on how they are failing in what we once called journalism and now labeled 'Fake News'.

It is stated that the clowns and fools are front and center and appearing in most of Shakespeare's dramas, the clown or fool figure remains one of the most intriguing stage characters in the Shakespearean oeuvre and has frequently captured the interest of contemporary critics and modern audiences. Taking many forms, Shakespearean fools may be generally divided into two categories: the clown, a general term that was originally intended to designate a rustic or otherwise uneducated individual whose dramatic purpose was to evoke laughter with his ignorance; and the courtly fool or jester, in whom wit and pointed satire accompany low comedy.

Critical analysis of Shakespearean clowns and fools has largely explored the thematic function of these particular individuals. Many commentators have observed the satirical potential of the fool. Considered an outcast to a degree, the fool was frequently given reign to comment on society and the actions of his social betters; thus, some Shakespearean fools demonstrate a subversive potential. They may present a radically different worldview than those held by the majority of a play's characters.

Only days to get back on track and stop clowning around!

Wipe the Smirk of Your Face and get back to the details of the consequence with the Elected president!


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