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Balls, Boots & Bribes - How Does Your Company Give Under The Table Bonus To Your Clients?

Balls, Boots & Bribes
How Does Your Company Give
Under The Table Bonus To Your Clients?

What do you mean, you don't?

Come on, the media is full of stories of people being paid off, extra under the table payments to seal the deal!  You would think that dishonesty does pay off and you have to be a commercial hoodlum to do business in this world.

Who would have thought that FIFA would have been involved in this sort of business?  It seems many people, who turned a blind eye to the deals that the Football organizations us to do business.  Blatter, the president for last two decades is in the criminal spotlight, yet again.  Like any human trait, getting away with it once or twice then becomes an illicit lifestyle!

Under the table bribes or using what was termed as a "Slush Fund" is the Western way.  Worldwide it is happening every single minute of the day... it seems it is acceptable until those using it are caught.

  slush fund
: an amount of money that is kept secretly for illegal or dishonest purposes
1:  a fund for bribing public officials or carrying on corruptive propaganda

2: an unregulated fund often used for illicit purposes
It may seem advantageous at the time, the ramifications when caught, are never ending to all concerns, both sides of the bribe.
It is not just money, it is trips, dinners, the bar tab, sex, sports tickets and I hear some of you sniggling right now.  Yes, those things you do and take for granted.  There is no excuse for the phrase: "but, how else am I going to do business, it is expected of me".
How can it be illegal, everyone is doing it!  Just because others are doing it, does not make it legal.

Make your company the best by gaining business honestly, if not, shut the doors or keep going until you are caught, prosecuted and you lose everything.
There is a way to come clean, do tremendous business, make great profits and be able to sleep at night.  How is that I hear you ask?
Simple, get our assessment and be shown how to be #1 in sales...

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