Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Unsociable Thumbing Kills…

Unsociable Thumbing Kills…

The last incident in Germany of a young man, with diabolical issues, shows us that social media and bullying will lead to extreme outcomes.

In the last few months, we have seen political organizations take to the Twitter-Sphere, Facebook Frenzy, and Likeable Linkedin.  Throwing as much mud against the wall with truly unsocial media tools, hoping some will stick.

It is only going to get worse!  You must believe at first read all that is stated by others on the Internet.

Traditional Social Media is a "hit or miss" conduit and attracts a barrage of unsociable replies by haters and so-called "clever dicks".  It is not the direct connection you think it is.

Direct connections for candidates is vital, you get one shot and one shot only in this fast-paced unsociable world.

The next Ten Year Social Media Plan is well on its way to being finished.  It is based on the usage since inception and goes back to the first type of email solution in 1982 with Commercial Data Banks and Washington DC.  Instant messaging took ten years to gain a footing before it became popular with AOL.  Now every other week a new form of social or unsocial connecting is being released, used and disused.  Focused on trending fashion and failure, everyone is trying to grab a piece of the invasive communication saga.

As the former President of Commercial Data Banks back then, I had no idea this keyboard and 300 baud modem Texas Instrument device would take us.  We have come a long way from politicians having boxes with messages stored in them to a very unsociable interactive communication service that does more harm than good in some innocent cases.

If you think that investing in Facebook or Twitter is cool, do so, but people are leaving in their droves and young people are not joining.
Let us look at what drove the use of communicating in a different way.  It was the simplicity of not having to use a telephone and being able to type to your friends on a screen in the privacy of your own home.  Then some bright spark said, we can send pictures now and the sexual revolution was born if only we had not we would not have been Weinerized!  Then came video and even more reasons to go back the land-line telephone!

The social and unsocial networks are helpful in many ways but sadly the criminal and bullying element has taken over.  It breeds corruption and leads to the denigration of society.  Insurgents and gang members worldwide are using this means of communicating under the radar more than you think.  That is until now!

It is the hundreds of social networks that are trafficking drugs, humans, child pornography, child abuse and insurgent and gang activity.  We have our beady eyes and ears focused on their activity and enable this diabolical slither of society to be spotlighted and apprehended by their own words and actions.

CommSmart Global has within its toolset, stable solutions to know exactly what these individuals are up to.  Their whole world to us is an open book of connections, friends, and criminal morons. 

Social Medium Intelligence Gathering (SMIG) is in use 24/7 365 days a year and in your neighborhood.  If you have a reason to have law enforcement to have you in their sights, then you will be targeted and the next knock on the door or traffic stop might be your last.

This Black Box (noire boîte) is the vehicle to oversee your crime element, corporate vulnerabilities, insecurities, failures and loose ends before they ever occur.

We have always been told that to be successful you must think outside of the box and from the outside looking in.  Noire Boîte is that vehicle that is always one step ahead, running the defense, so we know what is happening before it can and will occur.

It starts with leadership and core communications, simply because without first-class understanding and a conduit for information, nothing else matters.
Your priority is to run a business and place all effort in that success.  Anything that is a distraction is draining resources that you can ill afford, that is why you have noire boîte.

Internal monitoring should be an everyday occurrence within all companies, organizations and importantly, society.  No one knows the internal workings better than you, your own staff and the community, so we all think.

Familiarity, though, breeds contempt and complacency it is the downfall of all.  Two very worrying events that plague all of the society that is rampant within.

Looking at these from this direction and as a controlling mechanism is one thing, understanding the possible events that are always on the edge regarding policing the status quo, is totally another.  It is your Duty of Care and responsibility for all that is within your corporate walls and boundaries, which are regional and global in reach.

In today’s world, nothing is ever on time.  In the case of an alarm system for protection, it might be triggered by a burglar and the alarm company receives the information that an occurrence has taken place.  It is then, they inform law enforcement, who in turn responds, which is not instantaneous and allows the culprit a further window of timed opportunity.

Our difference is simple, we are gathering information through Atmospheric Noise Collection, chatter if you wish and social medium intelligence.  This is collected, placed within the analytics process in real time and reported to the overseeing principle to be actioned.  It keeps us and legal society ahead of the curve.

Everyone holds some sort of information that is wanted by others and they do not care how they collect it.  Our proven capabilities were honed on the battlefields of conflict and saved thousands of lives.  Information is useless when stored in data silos and brought into the light of day when an incident is reported or suspected.  Time is of the essence in everyday life.

CommSmart Global never lets it get to that level.  It is a cohesive team that works together, that protects all.

WE are in the NOW and
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