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Hunters, Farmers Within Your Corporate Sales Culture…

Hunters, Farmers Within Your Corporate Sales Culture…
Nicholas Ashton, CommSmart Global Group

I remember asking my father-in-law, who was a farmer in Norfolk, England, if, I could help him on the land, his reply tells you more about farmers than you think you know.  He replied, “We have special stuff for that”!

Farmers spend more time fretting in the details, worrying about the weather patterns, making shrewd decisive selections regarding seeds and breeding and working firm and fervently to avoid a dismal crop.

Clearly, farming is entirely different from the activity of hunting. Hunters have long periods of distraction interrupted by brief moments of frantic panic.

Why are we talking Hunters and Farmers?  

Simple, this is new times, although growing unsociable, it is the reality of daily life.  It is all about the cultural cycle which decides how corporations attain success or failure.

When it comes to sales, isn't the first principles for a successful salesperson their personality?  This comes from the general feeling that to be good at sales, you either have "it," or you do not. The truth is, successful transactions are not all about personality (experience, skills, subject matter knowledge, adaptability, and process also play essential roles) but it is a causative influence.

So we ask, are you a Hunter or a Farmer?

  • The Hunter is a person who gleans their sales energy off of the “hunt” for the new opportunity. They are often consultative salespeople who characteristically find and assess a chance (even when there doesn’t appear to be one) within a prospect, and find a solution within your offering that meets the specific need.
They are networkers and completely independent. They generate buzz and excitement. Truthfully, they are not always upright at the follow-through and focus.

  • The Farmer is the salesperson who shapes and nurtures relationships and opportunities, typically within current accounts. Farmers are the salespeople who turn a customer from good to high by the nature of their relationship and loyalty they advance from their labors. They nurture, collaborate with the right team connections and are deemed team players. Sadly, they are not always decent at prospecting new clients.
As the owner of a company, you remember when you moved forward with your corporate ideas, the excitement of the possibilities of success.  The decisions of who you hired were not as clear as it should have been back then or even today.  The immediacy for getting the show on the road clouds our choices of who we hire.

Now, down the road with experience under your belt, you are too close to the internal and external daily format of the business.  It is not the same as your inceptive planning.  Sales are the engine of your company, and just like a beehive, production of the honey is the total goal and remembering you must look after the leadership and the workers.

Increasing your company’s sales performance (growth) is unfortunately not just a matter of finding the right salespersons(s) or sales managers!

Great sales teams work and live in a total environment which enables them to continuously perform well above average.

Such an environment is different for every single company and is a made up from what that company produces, how it is organized, its culture and leadership, it is the internal communications, the logistics of it all.

It is all about the following: 
  • Consultancy time to define the full details of the current situation at your company;
  • Assessment tools to evaluate the existing sales and marketing organization, if any;
  • Talent acquisition services needed for the selection and evaluation of new sales professionals to enhance the sales operations, if any;
  • Training services required to bring the existing sales team up to the necessary level of performance if any;
  • Coaching tools and/or programs to support the sales team during the follow-up phase.

Importantly, it is all about you and the commitment to the desired results.  It is vital to be a top-down commitment, but also the necessity to view from the bottom up as well.

Do not let this scare you!  

So if you are in doubt about your own company and are a Small, Medium Enterprise (SME), you are the owner, CEO or Board Member, you have nothing to lose in stepping back and doing some real thinking!


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The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf' or Breakaway Group Use Various Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message The Leadership States, No Visible Threat?

The Non-Existent 'Lone Wolf'
or Breakaway Group Use Various Vehicles, 
Bombs & Weapons To Send The Message
The Leadership States,
No Visible Threat?

London is under attack again.  Day after day the knife is now the weapon of choice.  Occasionally the tips and Intel work, the majority of the time no one has any earthly idea when, where or how!

After the events, the 'Blame Game' starts...

The reactive press comments of Leadership or other political blow-hards are making political statements in the media and no more.  They have no idea of logical or illogical terrorism, and this only adds to the Fear and frustration of all. 

Comments of irrelevance abound from those that know nothing or little about terroristic threats, whether international or domestic.  Logically, all information is thus reactionary and not built on actual evidence or solid facts and should be ignored at this stage, so they think.

It is terrorism and not accidental, state the simple logical fact.  Even if it is a 'NutJob,' it has instilled terror!

In the US and London, or anywhere in the world,  police departments and other alphabet soup agencies will be sifting through evidence at the scenes and CCTV footage of the area and will not be releasing information until they have a far better picture of the ramifications of the incident.  

News mediums are feeding the Fear Factor without the substance of Why or Who did this act. 

The Westminister 'so-called'  Lone Wolf was inspired by someone and never acted alone.

It is fresh in our minds and the 'Fear Factor' is 'real' with us all.  A 'Comfort Zone' is demanded globally, not just words but solid actions.

A simple incident last year in the US that occurred, this is not the only explosion of the day.  

In the morning a pipe bomb exploded in a garbage can at a Marine Charity Run in New Jersey.  Two other devices were found in the area and failed to detonate.  

The next explosion on 23rd and 6th Ave. in the Chelsea district of New York City was enough to harm a significant number of people with injuries akin to a bomb blast.

Now a second device, a pressure cooker with a cell phone attached had failed to explode and is a phenomenal find for an evidentiary purpose.  

This is similar to the Boston Bombing device and was highlighted in the ISIL "Inspire Magazine" on how to build a bomb.

There is so much more that must and can be achieved for the security of us all.

This is all after the fact information and screams out for the usage of Atmospherics! 

It is all about Intelligence and the gathering of information on a continuous basis.

Reaction to this event is like flying blind with all the instruments out of reach.  It does need to be that way.  Proactive information is always available if you have the tools to reach out and understand.

Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is OUR Key!  Never have these tools been available in this manner, proven and successful in knowing all.  This is the equivalence of people running their mouths and bragging on their dastardly deeds or potential actions, we know it all, photographs, texts, live video all within the event area and importantly, historical of their 'breadcrumb' trail.  

Historically and 'live,' this is PROACTIVE!

Within CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solutions Partner has expertise reaching back to the 1970s and the terrorist bombing by the IRA, Bader Meinhof, the Red Brigade, Al Qaeda and ISIL.  Not only how to protect, understand the 'who' is threaten, but to investigate and solve.  We were involved in the protection and investigations in all of these and other terroristic events globally. The logical flow of 'before and after' is the absolute key to the increased security of 'NOW' and future,


Everything!  If we consider a working definition of the concept of atmosphere as the social “silent language” of a geographical, political, social or criminal circles that can transmit and contain communications that describe the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and intentions, of those within or apart of those circles, then it is absolutely tantamount, that Law Enforcement understand and analyze this portion of the social dialogue, to effectively respond to and prevent crime and terrorism in this modern dynamic, silent atmosphere.  

If this source of information is routinely missing from your department's planning and response to developing a method of operations, conducting investigations, developing community relations and intelligence gathering then you are only dealing with a small part of the evidence/fact acquiring equation.  This also has enormous implications for community policing and problem-solving activities within our communities as a data gathering and analytical tool.

What does this mean for law enforcement? 

Drastic changes in law enforcement are needed and demanded in leadership, technical expertise and the understanding and use of analytics, in the wake of hazardous political decisions on immigration and homegrown terrorism globally. 

A simple start is for political and law enforcement leadership to get down from their 'high horses' and admit that 'private sector' companies have the answers and are willing to investigate the proven solutions that for decades have had the responses!

What is this fear or if someone has a better 'mousetrap'?  People's lives are at stake and for generations have turned to the protectors who have insanely ignored solutions to save those lives.  

Where is common sense?

Political decisions to accept high-risk populations and refugees into their countries without an appropriate, effective and balanced measures and tools to mitigate these high risks, has left law enforcement helpless to respond to the influx of potential terrorist and the subsequent frequent terrorist acts that we are witnessing in Europe, America, and the Middle East.  

In effect, law enforcement agencies were caught without a game plan, and their effectiveness was reduced in this new environment to just what they were accustomed to doing---responding to incidents and conducting investigations in the wake of many lives being lost. 

This doesn’t have to continue! 

It is the proactivity which in turn decreases the cost of operations and harmony within when successes are at the forefront for all.

Today, recognizing this void of information, CommSmart Global Group has built upon our successes in analytics, proprietary predictions formulas and includes social interaction/monitoring techniques developed for military uses in Iraq/Afghanistan and expanded our atmospherics to incorporate social media monitoring, crime analytics, community crime mapping, and predictive analysis, added to the existing street-level human collection tactics enables greater accuracy and completeness in intelligence gathering activity.  

Predictive analysis and crime-solving activity have become more effective when the totality of criminal justice information, social media interaction, the media, and significant data sources are integrated and considered together.  Our data sources focus on what is happening in the streets now, who is doing what with who, where they gather, and the subject of interests, so our customers do not have to wait for something to happen to develop a response plan. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, a simple example, we contributed to the apprehension of the Bearded Bank Robber by providing probable dates and locations of the next robbery to the local and federal authorities working the case based solely on information published in the media.  When they scoffed at the prediction, and the robber hit on one of the days and at one of the locations predicted, they asked if we could do it again.  We recalculated based on the new information and this time they took our predictions seriously and were able to stake out the locations on the dates given and apprehended the robber before entering the bank.  This was using only media information, and yes the predictions are not exact, but what if we could nail down a couple of days and some locations for you, routinely.  The potential for preventing specific crimes is near.

Developed by us in war zones, CommSmart Global Group has honed and expanded the effectiveness and success of these analytic tools, making us all Street Smart.

The critical concept requiring further examination is that of the atmosphere. Social Media Interaction/Monitoring is an absolute key today, but categorically useless, unless you have vast data repositories to analyze, both public and of local, regional and national crime data from the arrests and events, that we have and our clients can have access to.

Additionally, there is few comprehensive, police information sharing consortiums in existences, even after 9-11, that share local police contact data (non-biometric), integrated with RMS/CAD, Jail booking, Criminal Histories (biometric-based) together with large public data that we have at hand. To build these systems and participate in multi-agency networks have taken years and many millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of time to develop. 

In the US, San Diego County in California has such a system, and it was started in 1980 called the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS), and it's still developing and adding a new query and analytical features.  How long can we continue to take this approach of avoidance or waiting for our public leaders or someone else pushes and to implement the next generation of information sharing and predictive analytics?  The cost to build this system would be prohibited in today’s market even if you could find and trust a vendor who could make it. 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers, Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders within our staff.

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.

Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can consider and demonstrate.  

Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand. Afterward, you will understand why.
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How Is Your Liability? Understand Your Duty of Care.

The Duty of Care and 
Why You Need to Know

Since 1998 I have been preaching this necessary characteristic of business, life and social understanding, it is our responsibility to others and always a high priority.  Logically you would think everybody would understand the need for this important factor in our society, Your Duty of Care!

The Duty of Care requires everything reasonably practicable to be done to protect the health and safety of others in the workplace and anywhere basically people gather or live. This duty is placed on all employers, their employees and any others who have an influence on hazards, security, and day-to-day activities in a neighborhood, community or workplace.

The latter includes contractors and those who design, manufacture, import, supply or install plant, equipment or materials used within a workplace.
Reasonably practicable means that the requirements of the law vary with the degree of risk in a particular activity or environment, which must be balanced against the time, trouble and cost of taking, measures to control the risk.  It allows the duty of care holder requiring a change in technology and knowledge to be incorporated but only as and when it is efficient to do so.  The duty holder must show that it was not reasonably practicable to do more than what was done or that they have taken reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence.

Specific rights and duties logically flow from the duty of care.  These include:

v  Provision and maintenance of safe plant and systems of work;
v  Safe systems of work in connection with plant substances;
v  Safe working environment and adequate welfare facilities;
v  Overseeing all persons under your care and recording all information regarding their daily care;
v  Information and instruction on the workplace hazards and supervision of employees in a safe workplace;
v  Disaster preparedness planning and testing of such planning;
v  Security of building and glazing from potential attacks or faults;
v  Information flow at a rate that maintains up-to-date records;
v  Simplification of record keeping with major redundancy capabilities;
v  Auditable records that are accessible and checkable in a reasonable timeframe;
v  System that is usable and accessible by all.
The ‘hierarchy of control’ refers to the range of feasible options for managing the risk to health and safety. The hierarchy normally ranges over the following controls: elimination of the hazard; to choose the most efficient means for controlling a particular risk from the range of feasible possibilities.

The qualification allows those responsible to meet their duty of care at the lowest cost.  It also allows substitution with a less harmful version; its redesign; engineering controls; isolation of the hazard from people at the workplace; safe work practices; redesigning work systems; and the use of personal protective equipment and methods by people at the workplace.

This includes all information to make that right decision.  Gathering and analyzing the data to inform and allow management to be “in the know”, enabling correct and precise judgments.  Knowingly ignoring the capabilities of the information that can be collected is placing all in a libelous position.  Failure to recognize the systems and solutions today does not negate responsibility, it is still your Duty of Care.

In practical terms, you as an employer have the obligation to take reasonable care to avoid causing foreseeable harm to another person or his or her property.  The breach of Duty of Care is the failures to take reasonable care to avoid injury or damage to a person or their property in a situation where the law imposes a duty of care.  It is logical and sadly missed every single day in America’s workplace. 

Due to the activities of our enemies on September 11th, 2001 the responsibility to protect your business, employees, clients, and members of the public has increased by one hundred fold.  The legal liability is astounding and as any competent lawyer will tell you, you had better have taken measures against such incidents or face the consequences.

In a press release issued January 24th, 2002, Gartner Inc. in The Business Continuity Readiness Survey reports that the areas in which companies and government organizations are least prepared in are the same areas that are most likely to incur loss or damage in physical attacks.  Only 13 percent of companies’ report that they are "mostly" prepared for the major loss of life; 28 percent report business continuity plans for addressing physical attacks; and 38 percent are prepared for the loss of transportation infrastructure. Only 36 percent have a plan for the complete loss of physical assets and workspace.

Chuck Taylor, Gartner EXP vice president, and research director said; "Scenario planning is never a pleasant exercise. However, CEOs owe it to their employees, their families and to shareholders to protect their most valuable assets -- their people -- and to ensure that business can continue even under the extreme circumstances. Business continuity should be on the agenda of every corporate board meeting.''

The Duty of Care can be your best ally or worst enemy.  To make sure all are safe from all eventualities is one thing, but to do nothing at all is total irresponsibility, especially in the field of corporate security or public liability.  The ability to secure your company to the best of your capability is available and at hand.    

Today we must document everything, store the information and have at hand for auditors or in the event of a lawsuit, for the legal beagles to sift through in a competent manner.

The instrument used by most to record their daily information is the pen and paper.  It is ubiquitous and carried by all.  Converting that written information to data has never been easier than with the Tracometry Group of Companies and is just part of our circle of fire.

At the heart of our circle is the analytics, the ability to be one step ahead of the bad guys with crime analytics, tracking, Calls for Service, Next Event Predictability, all available in our three level solutions.  Even a 24/7 availability via the Internet for the public of required street level information.  This ties into our community solutions with the Pied Piper Project, rejuvenating communities, removal of social problems, which include utilizing all the laws on the books to spring clean society. Municipalities have monies owed sitting the hallways and streets, court order monies in fines, court charges, and property taxes, we must collect those monies which are in fact owed to the citizens indirectly. 

All this in the CommSmart Group, Circle of Fire and it is Your Duty of Care and responsibility.

                   WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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